Death! Welcome: A Playlist for the Last Weeks of Hardcore Work

The Internet: “Come Together”—Start off strong with this fun tune with a catchy beat and mesmerizing vocals. “Come Together” will motivate you to put together that pesky outline.

Thunderpussy: “Fever”—My wonderful friend Zsa Zsa Toms recommended this one to me, and I am forever grateful. Imbued with full riot grrl vibes, lead singer Molly Sides’ voice will fire you up and entrance you.

Julia Holter: “Les Jeux to You”—We love a gal with an angelic voice and avante-garde lyrics. Whether or not you were alive then, this song will reminds you of the ’70s. It also rhythmically explodes in the middle. Truly a wonder. Listen to this when you are in the final stretch of typing a paper.

Amen Dunes: “Dracula”—Sure, this track is dark and pretty, but it might also make you want to dance weirdly. You will fall in love with this man’s voice.

Daisy the Great: “The Record Player Song”—This jam is an angsty delight. With lyrics such as “I’m just crying for attention” and “All I think I’m ever doing is try to convince myself I’m alive,” any listener is sure to relate during this finals season.

Destiny: “Orange Blossom”—Ok this one is for when you need a break. It is sexy and has the catchiest beat.

Grimes: “Zoal, Face Dancer”—This track is ghostly and wintery but also beautiful. It might match your mood when you are walking to Express from the library in a dissociative state.

Cat Power: “Stay”—This is when you reach your low point and can’t continue…but must. Take a moment to cry to this cover by the utterly heartbreaking Cat Power.

Deradoorian: “Moon”—With a dark, droning beat and powerful lyrics, this track is at once a satanic ritual and feminist wonder. Would recommend if you have to write a paper about any type of oppressive system.

Helado Negro: “Please Won’t Please”—We ! love ! his ! voice ! This song is pensive and will help you think through a mid-week breakdown. You will relate to the lyrics “Will anyone come rescue what’s left of me.”

Loving: “Bowlly Goes Dancing”—It’s a little melancholic, very chill and reminds me of being on a cold beach somewhere far, far, far away.

Chilly Gonzales: “Gogol”—If you are in the mood for a song without lyrics, check out “Gogol.” The rich piano notes have an urgency, but also an undeniable beauty that is sure to interest, yet relax, any stressed-out student.

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