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Courtesy of Kelsie Milburn.

Senate Agenda and Updates for November 18 and 25, 2018

Consensus Agenda—Passed

Pre-Approved Allocations:

  • 50.33/50.33 from Capital to Ultimate Frisbee for 28 collapsible training cones
  • 10.98/10.98 from Pre-Organizations to Korean Dance Crew for two AUX cords for rehearsals
  • 1875/1875 from Discretionary to VSA Programming for transporta- tion costs for UV Ray event at the Chance
  • 230/230 from Speakers to Gender Inclusivity in STEM for food for Careers in STEM From the Per- spectives of Women event
  • 319/319 from Discretionary to Town Houses for bonfire at the THs open to all students


  • 100/300 from Collaboration to Business Club for STEM Career Day collaboration with Gender In- clusivity in STEM and Healthcare Industry Club
  • 150/150 from Pre-Organizations to Healthcare Industry Club for Breaking into Healthcare Panel as part of STEM Career Day
  • 750/1500 from Social Conscious- ness to The Underground for a three-day event focused on raising awareness for human trafficking and using art for promoting social issues to a larger audience.
  • 231.13/643.50 from Discretionary to Contrast for transportation to Hearst Fashion Group Office Tour/ Q+A in NYC


• Drew Hardin was appointed as 2019 Board of Elections and Appointements (BoEA) Representative
• Francisco Andrade was appointed as 2022 BoEA Representative

Programming Committee:

In collaboration with ViCE and WVKR, the committee is hosting UV RAY, which will be held at the Chance Theater this Friday, Nov. 30. Tickets are on sale this week in the College Center for $5 and will be $8 at the door. The event will run from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Buses will be running be- tween campus and the Chance, picking up students from Main, the TAs and the THs. It will be a night of black lighting, dancing and music from student DJs!

Academics Committee:

In response to several inquiries by Sen- ate members, Chair of Academics May Venkat communicated that all academic departments should have released and disseminated changes to their major pro- grams by February 1, 2019; that the College will, after the curricular rebalancing, only accept two pre-matriculation test-based courses (e.g. APs) per student; and that she will inquire with the Office of the Dean of Studies about laptop policy in classrooms.

Courtesy of the VSA via Facebook.

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