Campus Climate As org treasurer, how has your experience been with VSA Finance and the rules and regulations that govern Finance?

Big Night In Treasurer Leven Cai ’19

BNI does weekly programming for students, and we host large events on Halloweekend and Founder’s Day. Thus, we need a substantial budget to meet the needs and goals of our org. Thankfully, VSA Finance was generous with our 2018–2019 budget. Moreover, the finance chair, Mendel, in particular, is consistently helpful with making invoice requests and addressing questions or concerns regarding purchases and special purpose funds. Regarding rules and regulations, I don’t have much criticism for them. The application for special purpose funds is straightforward, and we hear back from them quickly. At a collab fund meeting last month, the committee was willing to listen and receptive to the reasoning behind fund requests. The main disadvantage with VSA Finance is that capital items have to be purchased only through capital funds, which may hinder or postpone certain events if not planned ahead of time.

Quidditch Treasurer Phoebe Murray ’21

Quidditch has had a fairly positive experience with VSA Finance this year! We were able to receive capital fund and collaboration fund allocations, which was very helpful to our org. The only thing that has been difficult is navigating spending caps—we often have to rearrange our monthly and single transaction limits, and it can get complicated and confusing. It is also hard to understand what makes these limits specifically necessary (within reason—obviously blocking enormous transactions is important). Generally, more transparency on issues like this from the VSA would be helpful, but our overall experience with Finance has been positive!

Philaletheis Society Treasurer Michelle Kang ’21

As a theater org, Philaletheis often requires uncommon items, ranging from prop weapons to (empty) alcohol bottles. Strict regulations on purchasing these items is understandable, yet often inconvenient. Another more commonly reoccurring inconvenience is online purchases. Money paid with PCards are tax exempt and treasurers are welcome to use VSA’s tax-exempt Amazon account. However, it would be significantly more efficient if our club were able to have an account of our own. Despite these few grievances, working with VSA Finance has been a pleasant experience overall—although this may in part be due to our generously large budget, a privilege that most clubs do not have.

Burlesque Treasurer Philip Macaluso ’19

My experience with VSA Finance as a treasurer for the burlesque org has been a smooth process for the most part, but it hasn’t been without its hiccups. At the start of the year, since I and many others were new to the job, it was difficult to meet the early deadlines for budget and fund applications (especially since some of them need to be completed a few weeks in advance). While our introductory training was thorough, there were important forms and information that needed to be more clearly conveyed, rather than giving a wash of all the treasurer responsibilities. However, Finance was mostly understanding of this tricky transition period and after a couple months in, I would say most treasurers understand the rules and regulations for their job. These rules have overall been helpful when it comes to keeping my org organized, and I believe my org’s good relationship with the finance committee is based on our history of proper budgeting and fund allocation. I can also say that the VSA chair of finance Mendel Jiménez has always been prompt and committed in his emails to me and been very helpful with general reminders for treasurers.


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