What’s your ~FiNaLs WeEk~ Vibe?

1. How many times have you checked your exam room on the registrar’s website?
a) It’s on the registrar’s website?

b) Once or twice.
c) Once or twice a day.

2. Have you started your final papers yet?
a) I’m not sure if I have final papers.
b) I’ve made the Google Doc.
c) I have detailed outlines, and my Works Cited pages are done.

3. How much water have you drunk today?
a) I don’t do water; I imbibe only caffeine.
b) Like three glasses, maybe? I don’t keep track.
c) Exactly 64 ounces. Hydration is very important to me.

4. When did you last do laundry?
a) I’m not sure, but my shirts smell okay.
b) This week.

c) It’s in the dryer now, and I’m about to fold (and iron) it.


 Mostly As: Casual Nihilist
You’ve accepted the inevitable heat death of the universe, so exams aren’t really that big of a concern for you, and I admire that.

Mostly Bs: Well-Adjusted

You’re not quite ready for exams yet, but you have a plan and probably some flash cards.With a bit of effort and a little luck, you’ll come out of finals week in one piece.

 Mostly Cs: Super Studier

You take your studies seriously (maybe too seriously, but hey, there are worse vices). You’ve got a snack stockpile and will be holing up in a secluded library carrel for the next few days to go over the study guide you made during syllabus week.

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