Faux gamer girl discloses secret steps for securing your own lady lover

Hey, guys! It’s me, your favorite Tik Tok star wannabe and faux gamer girl. I was browsing Quora and Wikihow the other day for strictly academic reasons when I stumbled across MULTIPLE threads regarding the conquest of gamer girls and the how-to’s of getting your very own gamer girl. The advice was not in any sensical order, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor. I present to you a compiled list of how to attract your very own gamer girl from the opinions of Quora, Wikihow and men. Yes, real men still follow this advice.

Step 1: Join a gaming guild or a gaming community. Maybe you’ll find some ladies there whom you like who will end up liking you back. Get into social media. There’s a large population of female gamers on Twitter (hopefully they have #gamergirl in their bio). Follow them, chat with them and get to know them. Join their private Discord network. Check out Twitch streams for your potential lady lover. Try some online dating sites and look for potential partners with shared interests—games! Hangout at places that sell games and gamer gear: Gamestop, Hot Topic, Spencers, etc. Play an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), focus and git gud on it,be a leader of a Guild or a Clan. Arrange a meetup in real life, and organize your members! Although unlikely, there might be a girl that shows up. Find a way to involve her in the arrangement of the next meetings. Get to know her by working together. Maybe ask her on a date when you have gained some trust. I know it’s especially hard for PC and console gamers to balance gaming with somehow getting out there to meet gamer girls. You can do what most hardcore gamer boys do—become a moderator in her Twitch chat. Donate those bits. The more you donate the more likely it is that she’ll notice you, so you better have some big bucks lining that wallet!

Step 2: If you’ve gotten this far, you now have the gamer girl’s attention. Great! Make sure your Steam library is vast. Ensure that your Xbox game collection is hefty and your living room walls are covered in posters. Talk about the many activities you’ll do together once you’ve become a couple IRL. Discuss how hot she is, or how much you think about her during the day. It seems like every guy gamer wants a perfect girl gamer companion. With all that testosterone building up in all these gamer guys, you’d better bet that the gamer girl you just met has already been “sweet-talked” (harassed) by many other guys. If you try to pull anything, she will likely shrug you off and move on with her game. So, instead, I recommend showing her that you’re different from the others and that you actually care about her and will treat her right. But, be wary. Giving a girl gamer too much help and buying her in-game gifts (hoping that she will like you) will backfire. Some girls do not want to be burdened by an expectation that they should repay your kindness. Worse case, she will slowly avoid you because she thinks you’re trying a romantic approach.

Step 3: Once you have your gamer girl, you need to be aware of the delicate dynamic of your relationship. Say you have your raid nights with your guild from Tuesday to Thursday. Your gamer girl should understand this. She should see why it’s important to you, and she should understand the fact that you have dozens of people relying on you being there and doing your part. She shouldn’t shame you or get angry about this time commitment.There’s simply no greater feeling than cuddling with a woman and then, in the post-cuddle phase, chatting about what you’re going to raid that week. Always take care to encourage her to play, not just sit and watch. Even more important: play together. Whenever a game has a co-op mode, play it. With any luck, she might become your gamer wife.

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