Day: February 6, 2019

Students all ears for ‘Baby Driver’

By Holly Shulman – 1 year ago

In the era of Netflix and Hulu, the idea of leaving the comfort of home and watching a movie with a room full of strangers can feel daunting and unnecessary.…

Nostalgic showtunes delight, cabaret engages audience

By Delila Ames – 1 year ago

Cabaret is a unique style of entertainment in which performers interact more heavily with their material than a performer might in a typical concert. A technique called “patter” breaks up…

Myth busted: Posse Retreat isn’t for training Bald Eagles

By Francisco Andrade – 1 year ago

Vassar College: a bustling melting pot of various ideas, backgrounds and Retreat sushi (take the “retreat” as a warning, trust me). Amongst all of Vassar’s many different groups and organizations,…