VSA Updates

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Updates from the VSA meeting of Feb. 10, 2019


Consensus Agenda – Passed

  • Pre-Approved Allocations:
      • Pre-Approved Allocations:
  • 250/250 from Discretionary to Burlesque for increased security costs for Burlesque Shiva Spectacular
      • Allocations:
  • 0/10,000 from Discretionary to Traditions: Founder’s Day Music
          • Finance Committee originally approved the full allocation, but upon review, Senate tabled the allocation to allow Traditions more time to seek out opportunities collaboration with other orgs.
  • 2010/2160 from Speakers to Students for Justice in Palestine for Che Gossett lecture Abolitionist Entanglement: Ending the Grammars of Capture
  • 500/500 from Community to Chinese Students Community for students to attend Lunar New Year Celebration with MHCCA
  • 975/1950 from Discretionary to Equestrian Team to cover fees for one of two shows requested
  • 999/999 from Capital to Asian Students’ Alliance for multiple language karaoke machine
  • 4100/4300 from Speakers to South Asian Students’ Association for a lecture and performance by Mallika Sarabhai, a noted Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam dancer


Finance Committee

The Finance Forum has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 20, and will be held in Rocky 300 at 6:00 PM.


Organizations Committee

Pre-org applications and full-org certification applications will be available the week before spring break. The committee will begin reviewing applications in the week following break and will make final decisions before annual budgeting begins.


Academics Committee

The Committee is planning a majors fair to be held on either April 1 or 2.


Residential Affairs Committee

Chair of Residential Affairs Jenny Luo ’20 recently attended the Committee on College Life (CCL) meeting. CCL has announced that Raymond will be renovated over the summer.


First-Year Programs Committee

The committee is discussing ways to incorporate programming around Student Employment and the Poughkeepsie community into the first-year experience.



Associate Deans of the College Luis Inoa and Wendy Maragh Taylor will attend the Feb. 24 VSA Senate meeting. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend this forum.


—Julian Corbett, VSA General Intern


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