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In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Miscellany News would like to express its appreciation to the many people that fill the Vassar community with love and joy. Members of our staff have written short Valentines to folks on campus who particularly brighten their college experience. On Valentine’s Day, and every day, The Miscellany News encourages students to express their gratitude for the incredible individuals that make Vassar so special.

“I really appreciate all of the effort put in by Safety and Security and other Vassar workers to keep this campus a safe and pleasant place to live. From shoveling snow at an incredibly early hour to to addressing issues with our rooms, they keep this campus running from behind the scenes. Students don’t often get to see these workers in progress, but their mark is still there in the salted pathways and working electricity, among many others. One time, the light in my room went out, and although I put in a request, I changed it out with a bulb that I knew was the wrong type. I left a note explaining that I had put in a replacement, but that I wasn’t sure what kind of light bulb was appropriate. Not only did they fix my light, but they also left me the original box so I could find the right bulb again if I needed to. The thoughtfulness and hard work of these Vassar members never ceases to amaze me, and I know that other students feel the same way. Thank you!”–Laila Volpe, Contributing Editor

“I was almost loath to contribute—I’ve had so many wonderful, attentive, accessible professors that I couldn’t possibly thank them all in less than a page. I’d like to give special shout-outs, though, to my boss, who has offered me an invaluable chance to research fascinating subjects about which I otherwise never would have learned; my thesis advisor, who is bursting with brilliant ideas but not an ounce of pretension; and my major advisor, whose engaging teaching style and high yet realistic standards drew me to choose my course of study in the first place.” –Talya Phelps, Contributing Editor

“During the college search process, some four or five years ago, it became clear that I wanted a small school such as Vassar. I liked the idea of not being one of tens of thousands. I had an image in my head of being on a first name basis with, like, the Career Development Office. In reality, it hasn’t been school offices with which I’ve made ties but rather the various college workers with whom I interact on a with day-to-day basis. Those little relationships are what I’ve valued most. Relationships with people like Majlinda in the Retreat, who always warmly greets me by name and always asks how I’m doing and, recently at least, reminds me that I don’t have much time left. What a gift to be able to have little laughs and little moments of connection as I rush around our little campus. So thank you, Majlinda. And thank you all.”–Myles Olmsted, Sports Editor

“The promise of accessible professors drew me to Vassar, as I’ve always learned more from connecting with instructors. Already, I have enjoyed so many wonderful experiences. But one professor has truly become a mentor, even in the short while I’ve known him. Professor Osman Nemli stays engaged when I sit in his office for three hours rambling mostly about my problems and a little bit about philosophy. Whenever I have questions, whether or not they have anything to do with his classes, he takes the time to listen and offer thoughtful, helpful responses. In my musings of what college would be like, I never expected to gain such a fulfilling, lovely bond,and I am extremely grateful for it.” –Frankie Knuckles, Features Editor

“No one has helped me more in all my four years at Vassar than my major advisor, Professor John Long. Ever since I took his Perception & Action class—which is tied with Professor Ken Livingston’s Intro to Cognitive Science class as my favorite course of all time at Vassar—I felt inspired to pursue the complex yet amazing world of cognitive science. I knew that he would be an important person to me the moment I learned that his research interests align perfectly with mine. After meeting with him regularly to talk about everything from course schedules to fun tidbits about our lives, I soon found myself seeing him almost every day. No joke, I honestly think that I have spent more time with my major advisor than I have with any of my Vassar friends. It came to a point where I would regularly do homework in the workspace right outside his office, and he would routinely offer me tea and chocolates. It’s because of him that I got the chance to meet so many incredible people outside of Vassar and learn more about the world. People have told me that they were envious of my connection with John, and I don’t blame them—he has done so much to enrich my experiences at Vassar, and I owe him for all of my successes here.” –Steven Park, Opinions Editor

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