Misc Quiz: What kind of flatware are you?

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

a. I go brush my teeth.
b. I check the weather and plan my outfit.
c. I troll the internet for the dankest memes. d. I press snooze a time or two.

2. How long does it take you to respond to a text/ email?

a. Less than two minutes.
b. Whenever I see it.
c. Instantly if I like the sender. Like three weeks if ever, otherwise.
d. Long enough to formulate a thoughtful response.

3. If you could choose Global Kitchen’s menu, what sort of cuisine would you want?

a. Eating at Global takes too long, so I don’t really have an opinion.
b. Whatever they called it with all the soups.
c. As many kinds of pasta as we can afford.

d. All breakfast all the time.

Mostly A’s: Fork. You’re totally Type A, the person everyone comes to when they need an opinion about any given topic. You’re somewhat utilitarian, but you also like to have fun when your work is done. Focus your mental efforts on occasionally chilling out.

Mostly B’s: Spoon. You’ve got a well-rounded personality. You might not be the most popular person around, but you are amazing, and we’d all be lucky to have you as a friend. You could improve your social skills a bit to connect more with others.

Mostly C’s: Knife. You really enjoy roasting people and making sarcastic, witty remarks. You tend to use brute force and have a set aggressive tactics to overcome your problems. That’s fine (and fun, in the right context), but you might want to be a bit gentler sometimes.

Mostly D’s: Spork. You might seem a bit intimidating, but you’re actually a softie. In fact, you have a hard time with confrontation and difficult conversations. You could work a little more on being assertive and standing up for yourself.

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