Show us your best stickers!

“This is my favorite sticker because it’s a Sunrise sticker about a movement of young people working to stop climate change.” -Melissa Hoffmann ’21. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.

The mosaic of colorful stickers on students’ laptops radiate personality through study-spaces like the

“I need more laptop space.” -Annika Rowland ’20. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.
“This is a quote from ‘Slaughterhouse Five,’ one of my favorite books ever.” -Eli Wassertzug ’22. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.

Bridge, Deece and library. Such beauty brightens even the bleakest study session. These small tokens of individuality affixed to our belongings, be they MacBooks or HydroFlasks, offer microcosmic glimpses into the minds of Vassar students. This week, we Features Editors decided to shine a spotlight on these small, though mighty, artistic statements. Below, six students show off their finest aesthetic adhesive arrangements, ranging from literary gems to pop culture icons.

“I would die for Zuko.” -Heather Nguyen ’20. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.
“Live your best life with your best spuddies.” -Annie Xu ’19. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.
“I love reading.” -Cassidy Kuebbeler ’21. Duncan Aronson/The Miscellany News.

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