Dr. Phil peddles lies, manipulates guests for TV fame

Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil, has committed various acts of deception throughout his career as a popular talk show host, such as setting up guests for public ridicule, promoting con artists and endorsing false advertisements for weight loss supplements. Courtesy of Jerry Avenaim/Wikimedia Commons.

As Phillip McGraw, or Dr. Phil, once stated, “Every choice you make—including the thoughts you think—has consequences. When you choose the behavior or thought, you choose the consequences. If you choose to stay with a destructive partner, then you choose the consequences of pain and suffering. If you choose thoughts contaminated with anger and bitterness, then you will create an experience of alienation and hostility. When you start choosing the right behavior and thoughts—which take a lot of discipline— you’ll get the right consequences” (DrPhil. com, “Dr. Phil’s Ten Life Laws,” 07.13.2003).

McGraw is a television personality, selfhelp guru, author, entrepreneur and selfstyled mental health expert. Currently in its 16th season, the TV series that bears his name has aired well over 2,000 episodes and has gained immense popularity over the years. In August, his show celebrated a major achievement: It has ran 100 straight weeks as the number-one rated daytime talk show on television (Broadcasting Cable, “Syndication Ratings: Dr. Phil Hits 100 Straight Weeks as Top Talker,” 08.14.2018). McGraw is, if nothing else, influential. And for good reason: He’s charming, down to earth, a straight shooter and has a talent for discussing difficult and upsetting topics, ranging from addiction to mental illness to crime, in a way that the layman can understand. He has built an incredible persona.

Sadly for Phil McGraw, however, every choice you make has consequences. If you drive drunk, you do so knowing full well that the risk is that you could get into an accident and seriously hurt someone. If you don’t study for an exam, then you implicitly accept the possible consequence of failing the course. And, if you run a beloved television series—one that provides to its viewers advice on a variety of mental health issues—and you choose to break the basic ethical code of your occupation, promote bad psychology, publicly humiliate vulnerable people and willfully put your guests’ health and safety at risk, then you choose the consequences of these actions. Specifically, you choose to be “Dr.” Phil McGraw, a fake psychologist and host of a pop-psychology program that actively hurts its guests and its viewers. Like McGraw, I believe you choose the consequences of your actions—he has made his bed; now the time has finally come for him to lie in it.

First, it’s important to understand that Dr. Phil is not a real doctor. While he does have a Ph.D. in psychology and used to have a license, he is no longer a licensed psychologist and cannot legally practice in the state of California, where he lives and films his show (Everyday Psychology, “Is Dr. Phil actually a psychologist?” 01.29.2008). Why did he leave the profession? We’re not sure, but his career was marred in 1988 by serious scandal. Sara Jane Morrison, a 19-year-old client of McGraw, alleged that he carried on an unprofessional sexual relationship with her, would touch her inappropriately and intentionally kept her “totally dependent” on him (Salon, “Who’s your daddy?” 11.25.2003). The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists investigated the accusations, along with claims that McGraw inappropriately provided her with part-time temporary employment while still carrying on a therapeutic relationship. Their findings never referenced the accusations of sexual misconduct, but they did discover that McGraw sustained an improper dual relationship with Morrison by acting both as her therapist and employer. The Board issued him a letter of reprimand, assigned a psychologist to monitor his practice and required him to take an ethics class and a complete psychological evaluation (Casewatch, “Disciplinary Action against Phillip McGraw, Ph.D.,” 12.12.2009).

Whatever the reason may be, Phil McGraw is no longer a licensed psychologist, nor has he been for some time. McGraw told the American Psychological Association that he does not see himself as his guests’ therapist, and he does not consider what he does on his show to be psychology. He also doesn’t claim that his show is a serious substitute for therapy. He acknowledged, “We do not labor under the false impression that we are doing an eight-minute cure.” Instead, he believes that the series’ primary goal is to let people know that it’s okay to treat problems and get help and deliver understable information about how to live one’s life (American Psychological Association, “Behind the scenes of the Dr. Phil show,” 10.2006). That’s a fine goal, but Dr. Phil’s show regularly exploits people with serious mental illnesses and disabilities for financial and entertainment purposes. He humiliates his guests, many of whom he and his staff put in physical danger, as exemplified by the case of Kaden Mahaffa.

In 2019, Mahaffa filed a lawsuit against Phil McGraw and CBS after what she deemed to be a disastrous appearance on the show. According to the lawsuit, Mahaffa appeared on “Dr. Phil” in 2017 to seek help for her boyfriend, who had been abused by his family. Instead, after finding out in a preshow interview that she had been suffering from significant mental health disabilities, the show spent much of its time making fun of her mental health issues. Mahaffa now accuses McGraw of aggressively interrogating her and inviting the audience to laugh and jeer at her, causing such a significant mental breakdown backstage that she was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. Mahaffa claims that she still deals with harassment as result of the show to this day (Courthouse News, “Dr. Phil Guest Claims He Exploited Her Mental Illness for Profit,” 02.08.2019).

“[Mr. McGraw is a] powerful Hollywood celebrity who uses his fame and credibility as a mental health professional to gain the trust of mentally-ill psychiatric patients, only to turn around and publicly humiliate them for the sake of good television ratings and advertising dollars,” argued Mahaffa. Her lawyers also stated, “Any reasonable person—let alone a clinical psychologist like Defendant McGraw—would immediately recognize that Ms. Mahaffa was a mentally-ill individual in crisis, not someone to be exploited on a national TV show” (Courthouse News).

This blunder is bad, but it is far from the most high-profile case of Phil McGraw exploiting someone’s mental health disability for his own benefit. In 2016, McGraw’s show tracked down famed actress Shelley Duvall, most well known for her work on films such as “The Shining” and “Popeye.” However, it became clear during their conversation that Duvall’s mental health had been deteriorating. The interview got slammed by the public for exploiting her mental illness for cheap laughs and ratings, and many people demanded that McGraw apologize to Duvall and her family. Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of Stanley Kubrick, wrote that the show was, “purely a form of lurid and exploitive entertainment.” Journalist Ronan Farrow tweeted seven times about the interview, which he called “shameless” (Variety, “Dr. Phil Shelley Duvall Interview Prompts Criticism for Exploitative Entertainment,” 11.18.2016).

In addition, his treatment of addiction is also horrendous. In one instance, Todd Herzog, a former winner of the hit reality television series “Survivor,” appeared on McGraw’s show in 2013 to discuss his drinking problem. However, he was so drunk that he had to be carried onto the set and lifted into a chair. Before you wonder why a supposedly trained psychologist did something so cruel as to put a man too drunk to walk on national television, first consider the horrendously immoral and unethical actions that led to this situation. According to Herzog, he was set up: His dressing room came with a full bottle of vodka. After drinking all of it, a staff member supposedly handed him a Xanax, which he took before he came on stage. Herzog also claimed that, when he appeared on the show again in 2014, he once again found vodka placed in his dressing room (STAT, “Dr. Phil says he rescues people from addiction. Others say his show puts guests’ health at risk,” 12.28.2017).

McGraw, of course, denied the allegations, but the claims are backed up by staff accounts. Leah Rothman, who accused McGraw of locking employees in rooms and screaming at them over leaks to the media, said that, “His primary interest was not about helping people on the show, but rather, done for the sake of ratings and making money. Dr. Phil often embarrassed guests on his show in their darkest hour, leaving the staff to pick up the pieces of the broken people who had put their trust in Dr. Phil” (STAT).

In another case, Kaitlin King-Parrish appeared on the show in 2016, hoping that McGraw would help her with her heroin addiction. As a six-months pregnant mother, she expected the show to provide her with medical supervision for her detox. Instead, she was left to fend for herself. When Kaitlin tried to go to the hospital, she didn’t receive any attention from medical personnel, and ultimately left after waiting for four hours. Then, a “Dr. Phil” staffer accompanied Kaitlin as she went into the city to buy heroin. Before the show, staffers told Kaitlin’s mother not to question what McGraw tells her. If she did, they warned her that McGraw may not provide her daughter the services she needed to recover. So, she shut up and let herself, her daughter and her unborn granddaughter be manipulated by a predator (STAT). McGraw abused his power over an addict and her family for ratings, and in doing so put not just Kaitlin’s life in danger but also the life of her unborn daughter.

That doesn’t even scrape the surface of the accusations of misconduct and bad psychology that have followed this man throughout his career. In 2012, he promoted the “psychic medium”—otherwise known as a fraud who exploits grieving people, kind of like our good friend Phil—John Edward on his show (Dr. Phil, Skeptics Beware: The Psychic Intuitives Are Here,” 08.02.2012). In 2003, his weight loss supplement line, “Shape Up,” resulted in a class-action lawsuit against him as well as an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for false-advertising (Los Angeles Times, “Class Status Sought for Dr. Phil Diet Case,” 08.03.2005). In 2008, a staffer for his show bailed out a Florida teeanger who brutally beat up another girl and posted the video on YouTube, just so that she could appear on his program (NY Daily News, “Dr. Phil staff bails out Florida girl charged in videotaped teen beating,” 04.14.2008).

In the era of of the #MeToo movement, it is time to call out all kinds of predators. McGraw is a predator, one who preys on vulnerable people who look to him for guidance. He likes to tell his guests that they choose the consequences that come with their actions. Well, Phil, let’s look at your choices and your behavior throughout your long career. You chose to engage in an inappropriate relationship with a client, and thus, the consequence of getting yourself in serious trouble with Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. You chose to make a career humiliating mentally ill people on live television, and therefore chose the consequence of leaving them with emotional scars that may never heal. You chose to put addicts in serious danger, and chose the consequence of causing them severe injury. You chose to feature John Edward on your show, and thus the consequence of supporting a known swindler. You chose to peddle a fake weightloss supplement, and thus chose the consequence of a class-action lawsuit and federal investigation.

Phil McGraw has chosen to make the world a worse place. He has chosen to make a career exploiting and hurting people. In turn, we need to choose what the consequence for his actions will be. Will it be 16 more years of success, fame and money? Or, will it be finally getting what has been coming to him for a long, long time?


  1. Bullshit! Dr. PHIL is liget and this angry beaver needs to get a life. Trying to make money as a victim doesn’t work in this era. Liar! LIAR!

    • All you have to do to find out how big a fraud Dr. Phil is is Google his name. I appreciate your opinion,, But you are the one full of bullshit !! Not the author of this very factual article !! John

          • Dr. Phil could teach Jerry Springer a thing or two. I never watched the show until today. What an abusive egomaniac. On top of embarrassing a young girl with an obvious mental illness and fragility, he shamelessly took time out to plug his podcast. What really convinced me he is shear human garbage was his semi threatening manor aimed at the poor girl in the last 5 seconds of the interaction. Basically ” if you don’t do what I say you’ll be human trash forever”. The only reason he’s still popular is people have a sickening fascination with watching others suffer. It’s the fuel he needs to get rich of rubes.

          • I just wish people would STOP referring to him as “Dr”
            He’s ” Fraudulent Phil Mcgraw ”
            He’s only out for his ratings and for those who believe otherwise… as he always says it…
            is missing their towns idiot!

        • Dr. Phil is scum. He takes vulnerable people and exploits them. I saw him shame pregnant mothers for taking an opioid replacement drug when going off and into withdrawal could have killed the fetus. He knew nothing of their medical conditions or pain issues and just shamed them and wounded them in front of a national stage. He takes sides in issues when he doesn’t know the situation. Once he shamed a man for wanting to divorce his wife who had treated him badly due to her eating disorder. She would throw him out of the house at 7:00am on his days off so she could be alone to purge. Granted she was sick but he had every right to get out and make another life for himself. You would have thought Dr. Phil was the pope. He is the worst excuse for a human being that ever existed. He refused to visit his wife’s family or allow them to visit because “that is not who I am” and then has the nerve to grill others about their family situations. He is the lowest form of life and he deserves to be sued into bankruptcy for the terrible things he has done to people.
          she never gets to see them for holidays and neither do her children get to see their grandparents. Once he even shamed teenage girls for being “mean girls” when he didn’t know the whole story and even if he did, they were children. He is a pig.

      • I am working on my Ph.D. and I can tell you Dr. Phil is an embarrassment to the field. In his most recent episode, he suggests a 14-year-old, who was accusing her father of sexual assault, is lying. Whether the allegations are true or not, the way he handled it was unprofessional. He is no more than a talk show host. He claims to be an expert in forensic psychology, addiction, etc. and he is a complete fraud. Even the idea of using a lie detector test is ancient. Someone isn’t continuing their education.

        • Which episode was that? I’ve been taping the show, but only for a few weeks. I’m curious to see that episode. Thanks

          • His wife is pathetic too just sitting there at every single show like their marriage is absolutely perfect with no problems. Her ugly plastic surgery face just sitting there agreeing with every word he says. She’s only there to promote her shit and make money. They can all kiss my hairy big ass

          • oprah, dr. phil and dr. oz are the three headed dragon of hell. most of the people in the audience are mindless sheep

          • He o s so rude and too “ggod” for everybody. I agree with the previous text. I wont watch him again!# Get some manners Phil…not a Dr!!!

          • I’m no Dr Phil fan, but he does have a valid PhD, but let his license lapse. That being said, he’s so full of himself I can’t bear to watch 1 minute of his show. Shameless plugs and Robin has had so much plastic surgery she looks like a barbie.

          • I was a guest on the Dr.Phil show. & went on national tv & told millions of people the truth about being addicted to drugs. Deeply personal things I had never told a soul about, bc I was so ashamed. I did not do this lightly. I knew that in doing it, I was putting myself in an incredibly vulnerable position, that would surely have rippling affects on my life. My kids still get bullied at school for having a “druggie” mother. Ive never worked a day since, & that’s not for lack of trying. Its one thing for your loved ones to know, but its quite another to make it public record. I am “unemployable”, even though I’ve been clean for years. I chose to do it for 1 simple fact, it was life or death. I knew it was the best chance I had to get help, that I would of otherwise not had access to. The way I was willing to humiliate myself, + my family, shows you the level of desperation I had reached. I was promised treatment for myself, & therapy for my family on air, but in reality I walked off the stage from filming, & the only interaction I had with anyone in that building was the way out the door when they were rushing us to the airport, and was asked “did he  offer you treatment or any aftercare resources?”. The producer of the show wasn’t even aware of the resources I was promised. That suggests they had no  serious intention on genuinely helping me, not only was it not a priority, it wasn’t even on their radar. I told them what was offered & she handed me a business card & said “email me to get it set up”. I left from their to the airport to come home, & that was the last correspondence I ever had with them. I emailed them 3 different times, I called & left a voicemail. & they couldn’t be bothered to entertain the treatment that was promised to me on national tv
            The only thing that had changed from the time i was offered the treatment, to when I tried to access it, was the cameras had stopped rolling. 3 years later I wrote the show again & said my mom (who had also appeared with me on the show) needed help. She went from disowning me for MY addiction, to gain one of her own to alcohol. That was a dramatic plot twist, that would surely get viewers. The person who belittled someone for something, and when on to experience it herself. Low & behold, they suddenly freed up at the Dr.Phil show. I was called several times, left several voicemails, sent multiple emails trying to get us back on the show immediately. It was PRESSING business. They wrote “We would absolutely be interested in having you + your mom back on the show to get her some help.” If it’s the same “help” they gave me, then it would never come. The only thing that Dr.Phil did for me, was give me a platform to advertise that I was a drug addict & the ONLY thing I was when I left, was WORSE OFF. Bc not only was I still a junkie.., now the entire world knew it. I made all those sacrifices for the “greater good”. Believing the ends would justify the means. Instead i was put on display like a zoo animal for the intentional exploitation of my traumas, secrets, & mistakes for profit. Ive been punished for doing what the entire world tells drug addicts to do…. “ASK FOR HELP!”.

        • We have been talking to the producers for the past month about going on the show to get help for my teenage son who has been disrespectful to both my husband and I. Has some anger issues. All of my children have all been in touch with different producers, sending in submission videos and such. Earlier today my daughter sent me screen shots of them telling her to talk about what an unfit mother I am. Trying to create drama. I’ll never trust those ppl again. It’s all for TV. They don’t want to help anyone. All for ratings. I use to be a huge fan. Not anymore

          • Be careful. He only puts certain type of people on his show. The kind where he can find fault with them and then yell and insult them. If you Watch his shows back to back you can see that he almost always yells at everyone on that stage. You don’t see educated people on that show either do you? He wants Everyone on that stage to be flawed so he can yell ,insult and criticize them.. He then panders disgustingly with any celebrities he has on his show. He is arrogant self-righteous and an insult to therapist everywhere. You are allowed to disagree with your therapist without getting insulted. Not with Dr. Phil

          • Dr. Phil has thousands upon thousands of people worldwide vying for his professional assistance. It is hard to fathom your claim that show staff afforded your family the many hours and much required investigative work for an entire month to help a son who has been ‘disrespectful’ to his parents.

            What makes your claim less believable is that you provided no screenshot or link for others to locate these alleged screenshots of Dr. Phil’s staff telling your daughter to go on national television and parade a made up story that you are an unfit parent. Surely, she would be asked to elaborate on this story and how would the conversation go then?

            Dr. Phil has been heavily involved in the mental health field for decades. His approach is spot on. He’s seen it all and provides expert advice/instruction. Countless people worldwide have changed their lives for the better because of him. Countless more than the handful here on the opposing side. That tells you something.

          • We also almost got tricked into being on a show about anger and his producers tried to get me to take video of my husband after I purposely pushed his buttons. She told me to make it tv worthy and dramatic and to make sure we cuss. Not going to get into the details of who we are, but let’s just say that my husband grew up as the scapegoat child of narcissistic parents. He had an awful childhood filled with abuse and neglect. My husband used to struggle with feeling accepted and PTSD emotions. They were trying to portray him as a mentally abusive and violent person. He is so not either of those!! We’ve been married 19 years…together 23 and let me tell you all that I’m not sure how a man coming out of his childhood can be such a loving, dedicated and awesome husband and father of 4. Yes, we’ve had our struggles, however we seeked help and overcame with the help of real medical personnel who cares about us and not ratings. I have no idea why he is still on. I’ve heard these claims before and believe them 100%. You can even see it in how he words his questions and then back tracks to cover his butt. Don’t even get me started on Robin. Bottom line…I 11110% believe everything in this article.

          • That’s absolutely appalling! Of all the negative things about his show that I’ve read, that is the most telling.

          • I agree. I used to be a fan as well. Even though I knew he used his show more for entertainment than actual help, I thought he actually did help people for the most part. However, I’m finding out more and more that a lot of these people don’t get the complete help that he offers. Not to mention, the embarrassing abuse they get from him while on stage.

          • People choose to co e on the show. He is very clear that he is not doing therapy. Grow up. It’s television. Find a mental health professional for your family, not a television advice show host.

          • I am so sorry that happened to you. I so hope you decided NOT to go on the show, and I also hope you DID find the help you needed and that things are better in your family now.

          • I sense that your comment rings true. On one episode, Phil stated that Robin was an “Industrial Engineer.” How can she achieve that with only a high school diploma? When she graduated from high school, she may have taken typing or chemistry. What knowledge or credentials does she have to create beauty products or a compicated app?? The show is simply self-promoting.

        • I couldn’t agree home When I was working in community mental health, I don’t remember therapists belittling and berating people with such arrogance as he does. He’s having another “blame the parents” show this afternoon. It’s NEVER the kids fault!! Doesn’t he know that parenting has changed??? More issues to deal with. He acts like it’s the 1950s!!!

          • How many therapists end a session by hawking their wife’s skincare crap, their latest book or fad diet. Yup, Phil is the P. T. Barnum of psychology.

          • I caught on to him yrs ago he lost his license in Texas n California, he does not deserve to be called Dr. He puts his pants on just like we do n his show is for ratings degrading people poor parents that need help it’s all there fault maulking them audience laughing people need to wake up every show I been doing this for 40yrs yeah using the show to make money n advertise his books wife’s skin care now its his son dr on demand

          • Pam, I agree with you 100% As a trained first responder with additional training in crisis management (domestic disturbances, hostage situations etc) This guy is an idiot but also a danger to folks in a crisis. Note how his demeanor changes during the last “infomercial” parts of his show. I cannot believe that NBC or CBS or whoever produces and airs the show leave themselves open to such a huge liability. And don’t get me started on phony Robin !!!! She is as bad/worse than he is.

          • Well it usually is the parents. Parents don’t get to take all of the authority and then none of the blame. Do you have estranged offspring or something?

            Phil’s crimes are fraud based.

          • This man is a tyrant, a bully, and a shameless promoter of any potential money-making venture he or his family members get involved with. He twists what people say so he can make faces at the audience showing his disgust and loves to belittle his guests by telling them “Do you think this is my first rodeo? I’ve been doing this for 34 years, blah blah blah.” Now and then you can see him reigning himself in a little when he thinks it’s time to show a little nurturing, but it comes at a price for the trusting guests – long after he has made fun of their choices, their beliefs, their perceptions, and left them utterly humiliated. I am HORRIFIED by some of the abuse he has handed out to people who are so desperate that they are willing to expose their lives to millions of t.v. gawkers in the hopes of getting some help. Do I think he is 100% evil? No, like all of us, he has his good points. But his gigantic ego prevents him from seeing that he is NOT a wise man and certainly has no talent for dealing with damaged human beings who are entangled in situations they don’t know how to navigate. If anyone needs therapy, it’s good ol’ self-righteous Phil. Apparently, he’s still carrying around a lot of anger and judgments from his own past. One gets the feeling listening to him that his disdain for dysfunctional people comes from a “Hey, I came from a shitty past and look how rich and famous I am. So don’t talk back to me and give me your version of why you messed up, Loser. I’ll be telling you what you need to think from this point on.” God. It’s called “projection”, Phil. Take a couple of classes. The psychology courses you attended must have been decades ago because you don’t seem to have the slightest clue that your brand of therapy is medieval! Too bad his wife is so addicted to her cushy life to tell him the truth. Clearly her ego is just as enormous. It amazes me that they are both so blinded by their own belief in one another’s magnificence; all that sickening fawning and the treacly anecdotes about their marriage – yuk. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were just pathetic; unfortunately, they have the platform to cause and extend much pain. And that they do.

          • Is it NOW the Dr. Phil AND “Robin” show?? I am soooooo sick of her being on there between her supposedly writing a book, her skin products, her apps on the phone if you need help, now she is even doing ads for people to be on the show. THEN, lets not forget her darn “pod cast” that is a total joke. Is SHE even qualified to give advice?? THEN there is her voice itself omg, I use to turn the sound down, but now I just tape ALL the shows so that I can fast forward as soon as I see her.
            Robin, have you no other life other than following in your husbands coat tails!!!!

          • His wife seems like she is self-righteous & above everyone else. But I do enjoy the stories especially about addicts. Dr. Phil seems helpful as he offers a rehab for them.

          • Have you ever noticed he seems to respond with common sense to people’s problems.?!?
            What does his wife do anyway?

          • You are so right Peter, The show is all his family, So who the HELL CARES

        • I agree. I just watched a past episode today and he was shaming someone who became a serious alcoholic within a few years. Of all people, he should understand that it is a disease and an addiction. Dr. Phil yelled at this guy and that doesn’t help anyone with addiction or mental illness. It’s the first time that I was ever completely disappointed with the show.

        • I’ve been a patient for 45 years……I’ve been in and out of thearapy and hospitalized with medication…..and as a patient covering that span of time in va and private facilities…..what I watch Phil after awhile …I feel not okay…I of feeling as tho…a blame must go some dire….n ..and I’ve personally felt like a criminal since I was 4 or 5…..
          I don’t believe Phil is able to help…

          • I agree. He’s got a huge ego & if parents or someone looking for answers says too much he really gives it to them. Just watched a show where these parents has a very unruled 12 yr old. He was terrible to parents – they left getting nothing – not even 10 free calls to his other business On Demand which is owned by he & his son. His son just got a reality start pregnant after just being with her a few months. He’s in a band covered with tattoos. His other son married a playboy bunny. So it’s not like his kids are squeaky clean.

        • What disgusts me is how he is always peddling his wife’s skin care line on his show, as well as featuring his “good friend” doctors selling drugs. And now he is advocating masks, which are useless and even sympathizing with BLM. Obviously he is employed by big pharma.

          • Actually, masks do work, not that it has anything to do with this article. Not sure what BLM has to do with the article either.
            I do agree he spends a lot of time promoting his wife and son Jay’s business adventures.

        • Whynis still on then? I don’t know what his REAL credentials are, but I believe he has some in the fields he states he does. He is not a talk show host, and everybody has a nickname.
          He does help a lot of people, makes people happy. I don’t always agree with him, or his tactics, but he’s a positive and good man. You all are out of line. If he is fake show us he is by reputable sources. Get his degrees and schools he attended. Show us the facts.

          • Try talking to past guest and maybe you’ll see the whole truth!
            Do you remember the episode where a stepmother came because they were worried about mental problems and molestation scares concerning her stepson? Most every one was impressed because she wasn’t his bio mother and were surprised to learn she is his step mom.
            Anyways he decided to help and planned to do everything to help the family… First stop he said was P&P center… Guess what? That was the ONLY thing he did for him! Nothing else, not even a phone call! Maybe you’ll open your eyes if you talk to past guest. Look on social media, mostly Facebook, the family members usually post on there and if you’ll message them most of them will be happy to tell you their experience with him

          • I agree Tee. Common sense is not common now days. Most people are entitled, ignorant, bitter, and delusional. I really like the guy because I’m not dumb.

        • In light of your grave misinterpretation of the show you watched, you probably shouldn’t be misstating events here. You obviously haven’t watched enough of his shows to know that he is ALWAYS right!!!

          • ????????????????
            There are not enough emojis in the world to express how ridiculous your comment is. Are you the love child of Dr Phil and one of the women he has had am affair with?
            This is what’s so scary about what he peddles, people think it is genuine advice. This BS would have barely stood up, whe he got stood down in 1988. In 2021, it is just archaic and the harm it causes is endless.

          • I agree angela. People are so nutty, dr phil is amazing. The amount of delusion and density in our society against good people scares me lol

        • In light of your grave misinterpretation of the show you watched, you probably shouldn’t be misstating events here. You obviously haven’t watched enough of his shows to know that he is ALWAYS right!!!

          • That is absurd. Not only is is always wrong, he is evil. No LCSW would ever recommend counseling on the Dr. Phil show. He is abusive and dangerous. I am surprised no one has ever left the show and committed suicide but many have had to be involuntarily committed. That is not counseling. Counselors are fiercely protective of their clients as are clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. He is none of those things. He is a lawyer and a quack.

          • Impossible de continuer de regarder ce farfelu et sa femme avec leurs petits des doigts quand le jeux commence ..Et je dis bien le Jeux ,Horreur ,ce qui compte pour les deux le poignons et c’est tout .Réveillez -vous et bloque cette horreur

        • Heather: I have a PsyD and have been in practice for 30 years. I absolutely agree with you that he is an embarrassment to the field! Also, I personally believe the reason he gave up his license is because he doesn’t want to do that required continuing education…I mean, he already knows everything anyway, right? And he clearly never plans to practice again, so why keep it up? Why give up the fame and fortune for our measly-by-comparison salaries? However, he DOES have an earned doctorate and HAS been an expert witness as a forensic psychologist in the past. So, we can’t really call him a “fraud,” per se, though there are plenty of other words I can think of to call him! lol

          • We can absolutely call him a fraud because it is completely accurate. Fraud is the wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. He deceives his guest promising counseling pretending to be a practitioner when he is planning to belittle, humiliate and cause mental anguish for the purposes of entertainment and personal gain. If I call myself an accountant and I have a CPA but I take all my clients and exploit them, and ruin them financially then I am a fraud. That is exactly what he does. He promises to help people as a psychologist and then he psychologically harms them. He is a fraud.

        • I cannot stand Dr. Phil. I’ve always felt that he acts very self righteous, continually humiliating hurting families, and constantly blaming the parents of out of control children for their actions. He gloats about his perfect family while broken families are suffering on stage. In my opinion, Dr. Phil is a bully.

      • It’s true. It’s sad because those who are wounded and hurting gravitate towards a strong personality who claims to have the answer to their problem. Vulnerable people are trusting him, when he is nothing more than a swindler and a fraud. His concern is for how he can make the most money. Not how he can actually help people to heal

          • Hi karen.. my name is Blair. I can’t even believe what I have recently learned about Dr. Phil. I was hell-bent on the fact that he was a great guy… And now I learn what a creepy guy he is.

          • No, he harms people for entertainment. He humiliates desperate and vulnerable people for personal gain. I have seen him crush innocent people on his show. He deserves to go to prison.

        • Why is this person who uses & abuses people who by no fault of their own either grow up in an abusive environment/ inherited the addictive gene which they try so hard to overcome & control, but then here comes along someone who sees people who are genetically disposed, a ticket to bring himself into the spotlight as a caring professional who they think will help them yet is nothing but a greedy money grabbing individual who’s sole purpose is to obtain wealth at other people’s expense. A true parasite.

          • He is always promoting his other ” businesses “, books, Podcasts, his little perfect wife’s skin care line etc. And he is always saying ” our
            good friend, ?? Some Famous Movie Star or Singer” always trying to be a Celebrity. I wonder if he & that little wife of his, has had the ever so perfect marriage that they are always saying they have. I cannot stand Robyn, I think she is very fake. He is so far up himself it’s not funny. I think he is borderline a Narsacisst.

          • Umn yeah, about 20 years ago when I first started watching the show and I was a young woman without a voice or much life experience…I thought people needed tough love AKA Dr Phil’s denigrating, abusive “therapy”.
            As a married mother with a lot more life experience, and lots of experience in mental health, I am horrified and know most of what he says is not helpful and based on his own ego…he is actually the one who needs extensive therapy.
            Like all areas in health, science and medicine, research has meant that there is a greater understanding and things that would have once been thought of as gold standard treatment, are no longer used.
            To put on perspective, of we were still sending people to be lobotomised in the 1980’s people would have been horrified. Thin analogy sums up where Dr Phil is in the world of psychology in 2021

      • Yeah….because we all know that “Google” is the most reliable source for truthful information on a topic ? That would be equivalent to citing “The Enquirer” as a source for ANY research ? ?
        So yeahh, think I am with Sherry Schafer on this one….I also call BULLSHIT. Anybody with the slightest training in the medical field and has ability to retain the least amount of knowledge possible, can EASILY read through this article and see the holes in it.
        Even the author is VERY aware the accusations are simply just NOT TRUE. And how do I know this? The play on words so OBVIOUSLY rearranged throughout the article. For example, and being my FAVORITE among the tactics used here, stating he is not a doctor or a psychologist. Well, news flash here folks….even the author, in an attempt to be somewhat honest I feel, openly admits that Phil Mcgraw DID in fact graduate with a doctoral degree AND it was in PSYCHOLOGY. That means he met ALL requirements put forth by the state of Texas in order to sit for the licensure exam. This fulfillment was ALSO met…..That IS, in fact, a DOCTOR.
        Just because he has allowed that license to expire does not mean he no longer retains the information he learned and used in the field. He did not just suddenly become a different person. He simply did not renew them. And why would he? He has a very successful show, that will continue to be by the way, and, therefore, does not have a need to meet the “continuing education”, among other things, that is required to renew ?
        I will not elaborate on the remaining accusations and how they also are lacking in truth….. I don’t find it necessary, my point has been driven home ?

        • >>>>>Yeah….because we all know that “Google” is the most reliable source for truthful information on a topic ? That would be equivalent to citing “The Enquirer” as a source for ANY research <<<<<

          Not an accurate analogy? Google is a search engine. It doesn't create news, it brings it to you via articles like this. Google didn't write this article, it's the result of you searching a name or subject.

        • Ted williamson ring a bell?? Phil McGraw is the biggest fraud ever!! He’s not a dr. he just plays one on tv!! Find out what happened in kansas too!!

        • Lmao Google is a search engine so what you’re saying doesn’t even make sense and makes you look like on of those paranoid conspiracy theorists. Google is not out to get Dr. Phil lol. You don’t have to believe everything said here but some of this stuff is well documented. He’s been disciplined by the board twice and that’s well documented as well. I could kinda understand if you were saying “Yeah, he’s screwed up and made mistakes but everyone makes mistakes and I think he really does want to help people” because that’s at least logical. I don’t agree with it, but it’s logical. But to completely deny things he’s done even though they’re easily verified and well known facts just makes you look like a crazy fan.

          • To me if was kind of a good guy he would make jokes and was more light hearted now he’s just become a nasty old man. The way he puts down his guest and he has told people to go to AA for 30 days and prove you’ve gone I’ll let you get help. That’s not help at all He’s become very demeaning as for robin and that big head she has on the little body of hers just looks weird

        • Any idiot with sight can see what a fake he is for themselves by watching the show and yes he may have a form of a doctorate but he was never licenced or qualified to prescribe meds! Every episode has a small disclaimer at the bottom of the show prooving most of what this author just said! I am a mental health patient and an ex addict and I can tell you none of my healthcare providers would dare speak to me that way or say any of those things and when they have I reported them to the state! It disnt end well for them! He’s a bad name for real people trying to help others out there and its a shame what he does to those people! God forgive him and his wife

          • Obviously, no one on this site no the difference between a “medical doctor” and a “PhD who is a doctor”, but a different type of doctor. A medical doctor is a person who is licensed to practice medicine and can prescribe medications. Just like a psychiatrist, is doctor who can practices medicine and can prescribe medications. Medical doctors have different specialties, like a cardiologist, a orthopedic surgeon, is a medical doctor who specializes in bones, Dr. Phil has a “doctorate of philosophy” aka PH.D, which basically is the highest degree someone can get in a particular field, but PH.D’s can’t prescribe medications. A person can get a PH.D in a number of subjects and Dr. Phil’s PH.D specialty is in psychology. These people basically take the deepest dive into their specialty, they are constantly doing research for journals in their field and writing books. So now you all know the difference. I Don know Dr. Phil, but I can make an educated guess that he aloud his Texas PH.D license to expire because he knew he wouldn’t need it anymore when he moved to California to have his own show. Also, he was coming towards the last part of his career, so why not trade in what he was doing in Texas being a trial scientist for the big bucks in Hollywood? Oh yea, people with PH.D’s are considered scientists too!
            It really makes me sad to think that Dr. Phil really does not care about his guests who come on his show and I can’t imagine that he tries to make a fool of them and degrade them. When I watch his show, I see him as a straight shooter and tells his guest’s the truth w/o all the bullshit of the “I know, buts” and excuses he always gets from his guests! He only has about 35 minutes to talk with them on the show and it’s not like he’s trying to be a therapist, he’s just trying to get to the truth so he can get the help the guests’ need, but we have to remember that he’s there to do a show too!
            Yes, he’s making a ton of money, but he was pretty rich before he came to Hollywood
            , just not Hollywood rich!

          • Yes, he WAS licensed, and practiced, for many years. And, as others have pointed out, NO licensed psychologist is qualified to prescribe medications…this is not unique to Dr. Phil.

          • “Then why does he have so many followers. And so many people who search him out to rectify their problem(s).”
            You honestly have no idea what a laughably bad argument that is.
            Please look up ‘argumentum ad populum’ or ‘bandwagon fallacy.’

        • I am watching an episode right now about a woman who thinks Vladimir Putin is in love with her. I can’t understand why he ( Phil) would have someone like that on his show. This woman needs help. Not to be made fun of and exploited.

          Just watch 5 minutes of one of his shows. He’s a dick. A real attention whore.

          Everyone enjoy your day!

          • I never knew there were others who had similar opinions or sentiments as mine – hallelujah!
            My concerns were so adamant, that I literally felt anxious; after coming across this site during this very restless night of mine, I am so relieved.
            On any given day this guy is an attorney, phsychologist, a banker, a baker, a candle stick maker – he has been doing this for 25, 45, 30, 48 years.
            Go ahead people, expose the narcissistic self righteous bully for the FARCE he is.

          • Dr. Phil has people such as this person on his show to bring information to others out there who may also be in a similar mental heath situation or know someone who is.

            Delusional thinking is a serious mental disorder that this woman could very well be suffering from. It is irrelevant who the guest believes is in love with her. She could think her next door neighbor was…the treatment plan would still be the same.

            You mentioned his guest needed help. Obviously, this is the first episode of the Dr. Phil show that you’ve watched as if you were familiar with his show, you would know that most times, his guests are offered treatment at top facilities nationwide. At no cost to the guest.

            The comments here from those using foul language truly makes their opinions less believable.

        • Hi my mom is clinical phsycologist and his practices are illegal. First of all he hasn’t renewed his license since 2006, which makes him actually NOT A DOCTOR. Also, in therapy there is a thing called CONFIDENTIALITY which is EXTREMELY important sooo…. he is exploiting mentally ill people for television. A regular observer can tell. Misling people into believing that this is therapy and what a doctor looks like is abhorrent. Frankly, he disgusts me. Try to take away your bias and look at the facts.

          • Your comments do not hold weight. A doctor who has not renewed their license only makes them a doctor who cannot practice medicine legally. They did not somehow lose their vast knowledge of medicine the day their license expired. Their expertise and knowledge can still benefit others.

            Say for instance a licensed doctor chooses to let their license expire, decides to shut practice and becomes a licensed real estate agent. He is at lunch and a man at the next table falls from his chair, begins seizing and goes unconscious. The real estate agent begins to dash for the door when a former patient of his who was also there for lunch, grabs his arm and says, “Doctor, aren’t you going to help that man?” The real estate agent continues out the door replying hastily, “I don’t know what help I could provide. I no longer know medicine or possess the skills to help the man. Now please excuse me as I am late for a house showing”. I’m not sure about you, but I would trust the real estate person to treat me.

            Many people are aware that Dr. Phil is not a doctor. People have referred to him as Dr. Phil from his earlier career and he has made it public knowledge that he is not. You ‘cap’ this as it is a secret.

            Dr. Phil’s guests are not held to confidentiality laws the same as the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Pimple Popper, Life in the ER, Mystery Diagnosis and many more aren’t.

            Lastly, if you look at the facts as you mentioned, you will note the fact that almost all of Dr. Phil’s guests are offered treatment at some of our nation’s best facilities. For free…

            I wonder if your mom has covered the cost of extended mental health treatment for some of her patients or gotten them admission into some of our nation’s best, private facilities?

          • Doctorates do not expire. DR. PHIL has a doctorate in Psychology, therefore making him a DR.. FOR LIFE. The only thing not renewing his license means (degrees and Licenses are two very different things) is he cannot work inside a practice. Dr. Phil is brilliant. Anyone that disagrees has never really watched nor listened to him in his element. When he is really hard at work, and this man works, and CARES about people.
            That is all.

          • Dan
            Say somebody whose first name was Rachel had Doctorate in Medicine but let her license to practice expire. Then Rachel started her own television show where real people with real medical problems come and talk to Rachel about their medical problems in front of an audience. Say Rachel was constantly giving medical advice, along with other advice about subjects she has no expertise in, to the guests on her show and calling herself “Dr. Rachel” all while claiming that she is not providing medical care to her patients. Say Rachel even had certain medical tests done on some of her guests, albeit by appropriate professionals, but then analyzed the results of these tests on her show. Say the advice Rachel was giving often contradicted the advice of most licensed practicing medical doctors. Say Rachel had an Obese woman on her show and mentioned her exact weight and when into embarrassing detail about how obesity affects this woman’s life all while making faces and laughing along with the audience. Say on another show Rachel talked to a man who thought he was there to talk about his diabetes but once got there Rachel brought up the fact that he has a Micro Penis in front of a laughing audience. Say these guests experienced regular harassment from being on this show. Say this kind of thing happened all the time on the “Dr. Rachel show”. Say that Rachel claims to offer her guests great treatment options for her guests but it turns out that at least one of the places she regularly sends sick teenagers to has had allegations of abuse. Say Rachel was notified of the abuse allegations and even said she would look into it but she never brought it up again. Would you defend “Dr. Rachel” and her show like you do “Dr. Phil” and his show? I could go on and on with comparisons but this is already too long.

          • OK Maryann,
            I don’t know what planet ypur on, but his primary concern should be for the mental health of the guest, with education as a by-product.
            While it might seem amusing to the average person that someone could have such delusions, as a “psychologist “, he should be aware that ridiculing on an international level could lead to disastrous consequences.
            I suppose your one of those people who thinks you can scare/brainwash the “gay” out of someone too.
            Please enter the 20th century! Oh.and that invitation is extended to Phil the dill as well

          • I’m sorry but, yes, he IS actually A DOCTOR. He earned a PhD and that makes him a doctor for life. What he is no longer, however, is a licensed psychologist. That said, I agree that he is merely exploiting vulnerable people for ratings and financial gain.

        • So, you are saying you would let a surgeon that has no license operate on you just because he can check off all the required boxes on paper? There are many doctors that retain all the information they acquired at some point, but they have lost their license for whatever reason (malpractice, inappropriate behavior, etc). Dr. Phil is claiming to help people with mental health issues, addictions, etc. Do you not think having continued education is important to do those things or is having a popular television show with the title Dr. in it more important? Whether or not Dr. Phil is a licensed psychologist is easy enough to find out, if a person so desires. I do not need to do so because no reputable, sincere doctor needs to get ratings on a talk show in order to help others…period. Dr. Phil, in my opinion, is nothing more than a snake oil salesman that peddles his wares and his family’s wares for a profit. He helps himself only. He uses the misery of others to garner ratings, then discards them like old trash when he is done with them. He should be ashamed of himself, instead he is quite arrogant and self serving. A final thought, why can’t he help his wife with her eating disorder, as she is one of the worst I’ve seen on his show.? You can continue to defend and praise him if you like, but if you need a real doctor at some point, I would look elsewhere.

          • I dont know what show you are watching but Dr. Phil does help the people’s that goes on his show. He always have the best Dr. On staff I don’t remember his name but he is top on his field coach Mike etc.. and he makes sure that he send that person or sometimes help for the whole family to top places in the U.S.A. FOR FREE!! DO YOU DO THAT? his picking on Robyn make you feel good? Whatever you accuse him of doing your doing yourself! Your are and not just you throwing a stone at her. ( feeling better )? If he bugs you then don’t watch the show and move on. So many of you seems so jealous of his success. NOTHING has been given to him. He came of nothing and made it but he had to work and work to be where he his today. You don’t have to like him all of you but for me I am proud of his success and of all the help he does for others.

          • All Phil McGraw is, is a creep, manipulating, lying fake fraudulent creep! Even if he WAS licensed!!! He is not an informed, educated and up to date on laws, meds, practices etc! You have to consistently follow your education!!! Even in Real Estate! ? People don’t know what they are talking about!

          • Nathalie you should really talk to some past guest…. Maybe then you’ll open your eyes. Do you remember when a step mother came on about her step son and most everyone thought she was his bio mother because she loved him so much? Anyways they sent him to P&P center for 1 test ONE!! and then NOTHING else! He promised all kinds of help, if you watched it, I’m sure you’ll remember.

          • I agree totally about Dr. Phil and also about Robin. There are some serious problems that are so apparent, I don’t see how they can be ignored. I appreciate your observations and insight.

        • I would just like to say that I do agree that Dr Phil even though no longer licensed anymore, yes still retains all of his knowledge as a Doctor. He has a way with getting through to people like no other. He definitely has the intelligence, he can throw it out in a hard ass common sense way with amazing charisma, and an ability to use psychology in a common sense way getting through to people that even if they don’t admit it…. I know, subconsciously Dr. Phil is still hitting it on the nail with them….. however, now I am going to tell you the bad part…. I am actually in the process of being interviewed by Dr. Phil’s staff right now and that’s actually why am looking through all these blogs. I’m not going to go into my story but I’m extremely disappointed and I’ve only always thought extremely highly of Dr. Phil until now. My daughters wrote in about me wanting me to get help. I have been on the phone with his producers every day for the last week it has been the most stressful week of my life practically. It seems like all they want is dirt dirt dirt. The first guy that I talk to was wonderful and was more like a counselor that made me feel really good and agree to come on the show. From that point on all I felt is pressure!! they are asking me to lie they are asking me to switch dates and timeframes to make things seem more extravagant or something??? I’m not really sure? (I shouldn’t say they, it is the one producer Andrea) I let them know that I am not mentally ok and if I gave a wrong date at first that I refuse to go on the show and lie. She said, well that’s what we told Dr Phil so that is what your going to have to say! She also kept trying to get me to say that the reason for my suicidal attempt was for this one specific tragedy in my life that happened and I said but that isn’t why, I let her know it was a build up of that and many other things, and she acted like I didn’t say that and again said well we told Dr Phil….. so that’s what you need to say when you go on the show…….. Also they want me to get more dirt and police reports on someone in my family that I love and do not want to humiliate and hurt, I would honestly rather see get help…. and quit frankly it is public information so why don’t they get it themselves? Just so they can make it sound like I AM THE ONE THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS TO GET MYSELF HELP??? I’m scared…. I am not like that. I would never intentionally hurt someone else for my own benefit. So what are there intentions?? I have given them plenty of information, that I am already feeling ashamed of. I have to be honest this is turning into something that I now am feeling is going to be more like a shit show, that I’m going to turn down. A week ago for the first time in years I was feeling so much hope…. now I am feeling sick to my stomach and like an idiot for falling for this. My family doesn’t have money, we’ve all rearranged our work schedules because of this. Our jobs rearranged their staff schedules…. we humiliated ourselves saying we were going on the Dr Phil show! We were supposed to fly out today and I was told LAST NIGHT that they switched to a different producer for our show, and they need more police reports and now our show isn’t going to be for a couple more weeks!!

          • So very sorry MS that you went through all the things you did with Phil McGraw’s producer. I am glad that you know not to go on this show and lie and humiliate yourself and your family.

            I wish you the best of luck finding help for yourself and for your family.


          • Well you lucked out if you ended up not going on the show. I did earlier this month and although I think the producers handled us all with care, never made us lie or do anything we were uncomfortable with, they did use us for their story line and offered no help! I was so hesitant to go on the show and I haven’t slept at all tonight because I often replay what happened on stage in my head and I get so angry. Dr. Phil was supposed to help my family. We exposed a very hurtful past and painful experiences that I was willing to share in exchange for help. Real help. Instead he turned everything around on me as the mother and although I took accountability for all my actions, he was shaming me and trying to humiliate me in front of the world. I definitely stood up for myself but I doubt that will be aired. Why take advantage of people who come to you for help? Why kick them when they are down? Who does that? If anyone is thinking about going on this show, please know you are NOT in his best interest. Even if the producers, camera men and everyone else tell you he can really help you, because they do, he doesn’t! They are just as brainwashed. These young producers work hard, I was on the phone with them til after 1am and then up at 7am getting travel booked. They are friendly and I think they probably THINK they are doing some good, when really they are working for the devil. During COVID when your suppose to quarantine yourself for 14 days after flying from out of state, they let my family on stage and around all their staff. We were tested each day, but I guess you can break the law when you’re trying to film a TV show. Dr. Phil was rude, made up lies about me which I hope is either deleted or my response is shown on air. He threw out some damaging and slanders words that can affect the future of my family. We are in the middle of a court case with another person who we were told he would not talk about, and he did. My minor had to change her name and we were told we were not going to talk about some very serious abuse that was also under police investigation, but he did. He offered no help with the exception of his shameless plug for his online counseling app that we were gifted a handful of sessions. Yeah like I trust talking to anyone connected with this show. It’s disgusting how he used my family. I hope people considering going on this show will see this and know that there is no help given, your used as a pawn and your story sold to the devil in exchange for nothing. I’m embarrassed I wasn’t smarter to pull out when I could. Please
            Pray by some miracle of God my show does not air!

          • I don’t know how much you know about the medical field, but I would venture to say, not much.
            Retaining knowledge is great when you talk about spelling grammar, basic maths and the ABC! BUT, if you work in the medical field, as a practitioner of any kind, the evidence and therefore, the best practice, is fluid. That is, what was considered to be a great treatment 10 years ago, is not necessarily the best treatment today.
            Research has led to huge advances in the study of science, neurology, gumN behaviour etc. and along with that, we have learnt that some previous techniques in psychological therapy can do more harm than good.
            In my country, and I assume.e it would be similar in the States, health practitioners are required to continue their education by gaining accreditation points through online and inperson seminars etc. which further their knowledge and keep them abreast of the latest research and advances in treatment.
            Dr Phil is light years behind and any psychologist who believes humiliating people (oh, sorry, “giving it straight” ?) , is helpful, is delusional.
            How about we just start marching people through the street and stoning them? If you think this is an exaggeration, just think about the smug expression on Phils face and the way he encourages his audience to laugh and belittle some of his guests?

          • Well, I am a retired ICU nurse for going on 2 years. No, you don’t retain your knowledge when you are not practicing. That argument doesn’t fly. And, I still have my license. I was disgusted by a show I saw yesterday. It concerned parents who were afraid that their 19yo daughter is being brainwashed by her boyfriend. Texts from the bf to the parents were shared at the onset. They were vile and violent. He says she belongs to him exclusively and needs no one else. In other words, he was isolating her and disallowing her from doing what she wanted to do if it went against his wishes. He was extremely controlling. So, I thought they’d be talking about abuse potential. But, Phil spent the hour cross-examining the parents and consoling the brat daughter who had had a good life with great parents before she met the bf. She was being gas lighted by the bf. What happened to “end the silence on domestic violence?” Why wasn’t Georgia smiling while Robin just sat there? I guess he wasn’t in the mood for that kind of show. It was disgraceful! So the daughter went home to the bf without any warnings about certain abuse. It was disgusting!

          • I am so sorry! I hope you decided not to do it, but I also hope you have found the help you need. Looking at the date you left your comment, I see that the pandemic hit RIGHT after you wrote this and the whole world turned upside down! That certainly could not have helped matters. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

        • Dr. Phil is a psychologist not a psychiatrist. He is not considered a medical doctor. He may have a PhD. But is not considered a doctor. He has lost his license. With his education he can go into philosophy or clinical and counseling psychology. He has studied mind and human behaviors. Many of his observations and suggestive therapy is not acceptable by the Association.

          • With his Ph.D. Dr. Phil is a REAL doctor: “doctor of philosophy” the highest educational attainment possible. This has nothing to do with being a medical doctor, or being a licenses practictioner of phychology or psychotherapy. Licenses expire. His Ph.D., and thus his title “doctor” is forever.

          • If Phillip McGraw lost his license, or gave it up he is NOT eligible for clinical counseling in psychology or any other avenue of mental health. When his show first started he seemed more genuine and helpful. Then he quickly morphed into the arrogant, shameless man he now appears to be. He did, way back in the past, actually do some therapeutic techniques that appeared to be helpful. I’m curious to know if anyone filed a complaint with the CA licensing board for practicing without a license? The law requires anyone practicing counseling/therapy to have a current license without a restriction to practice (board sanctions can result in suspensions to practice). His eye-rolling, derogatory comments to guests and raising his voice seem to be his attempt at being a funny guy. He’s not. Psychologists, social workers, and other educated licensed counselors have a code of ethics, in which his antics are highly inappropriate. We are required to “do no harm” and put the well-being of the client first. Even if that means you have to refer to someone else. Now we have this arrogant guy contaminating the entire field of counseling, possibly causing people to avoid needed therapy out of fear of what they see him doing. Most clients that have never been in therapy are anxious and fearful anyway of what happens in therapy. It is the professional’s job to help them feel comfortable, establishing a rapport. This is what facilitates change, and gives people insight into their problems, not yelling and belittling them – especially with an audience he is encouraging to laugh with him at the expense of wounded and humiliated individuals. The guests on his show are captive – some scurry to leave while he and the audience laugh at their fear. Then he smirks indicating that they will be back because they can’t get out that way. They do have to come back to the stage and he tells them to leave through a different door (walking through the laughing audience). Phil McGraw is a business man making a lot of money. He has set his wife and sons up financially, using his platform to advertise them and their businesses, shows, pod-casts. Has anyone seen the TV series, BULL? Have you heard Phil tell his guests and audience “that is me!”? He has his name in the credits repeatedly, which he produces, executive produces, etc etc. He states it is about him and the work he used to do. Michael Weatherly (formerly of NCIS) plays the good doctor – a handsome young man with all the answers to save the day. I believe Phil has romanticized his own history believing he is the only one who has all the answers to save the day. I have a work history as a forensics expert with the courts. It’s not at all what he portrays, but he did find another money-maker with the TV show. (And maybe an alter-ego?) Phil’s big break was when Oprah began openly idolizing him on her show. Of course, she was being sued and he “helped” her (along with many others) win. In return I believe she funded him ’til he took off on his own. Now we see a man (and his wife) at a level of narcissistic proportions. He appears to have an exorbitant need to control, to make others look and feel bad, and he uses his audience shamelessly against his guests. He often states to guests “This is my show! Is your name Dr. Phil?! No it’s not! Do you see your name up there?” BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! He takes time away from guests with his “infomercials,” advertising his wife’s, or sons’ latest endeavor, – He touts the personal history and “success” of himself and his family often. This is also contraindicated of a professional in his line of work (too much self-disclosure) – but again his focus is obviously on big business, not helping others (except family members?). My professional opinion of Dr. (he does have a Ph.D.-vastly different from a medical doctor’s education) Phil is that he is a money-oriented tyrant who appears to think he is entitled to say or do what he wants at the expense of others. Have you noticed the difference in personal treatment people more educated receive from him? Oh and Please! The name-dropping of his famous “personal friends”?! He’s trying to impress others to the point of making himself look foolish. It is somewhat pathetic really. PS: I’m not “jealous”. I’m educated in the same field, have 30 yrs of experience, just like Phil. People who go into this field usually do so for the desire to help others, not to get wealthy. Dr. Phil appears to have lost his own insight. Every time I hear “this is a safe place to talk about your problems” I cringe! He kind of seems to act like he is some kind of a guru to the masses. Enough.

          • Margaret, just a small correction: Dr Phil IS considered a doctor because he earned a doctorate (PhD). That doesn’t go away simply because he allowed his license to lapse. What he is NOT considered is a licensed psychologist. He would be considered a “retired” psychologist or something along those lines. That said, most of us i the field do not think highly of him or his exploitation of vulnerable people for the sake of ratings and his personal financial gain.

          • Terri, I, too, have a doctorate in the field (PsyD) and have practiced for 30 years.

            When Margaret stated, “With his education he can go into philosophy or clinical and counseling psychology.”, I don’t think she meant he is currently qualified to practice. I think she simply meant that he has the qualifications to pursue licensure again, if he so chose…though I’m not so sure he’d be successful in that pursuit.

            As for his CA licensure, he simply allowed that to lapse when it expired. It was not suspended by the CA Board. As for what he does on the show, the CA Board has ruled that what he does is ‘entertainment’ and not therapy, treatment, etc. and, therefore, a license is not required. Frankly, I do not agree, but I’m not on the Board!

            Thank you so much for your clear, compassionate, and insightful comment. I could not agree with you more on pretty much every point. Oh, and I also would cringe whenever he said that!! I just wanted to scream through the TV screen “No, it’s NOT a safe place!!” I stopped watching any episodes of the show years ago as I find it so disturbing.

        • Anybody that calls human beings a idiot on national TV is what you say is what you are ,therefore Dr. Phil is not only a fraud but the biggest idiot of them all. I have no degree but sure would like to go on national TV and tell him exactly that. IDIOT, Fraudster and a un-American.

          • Oui bravo bien dis .Idiot fraudeur ,autant que ça femme avec sa face hypocrite et ces fausses larmes .Honteux honteux ou il y à du fric plus ils en veulent ,ils se foutent de la classe moyenne .Doctorat mon œil .Réveillez vous cesser de regarder cette merde .cela fait longtemps que moi et mes amis ne les regardent plus .Cela me faire chier quand je le vois lui prendre la main .BULL SHITT

        • Ugh thank you reagan for youre comment, I agree. Arguing is a waste of time now days because people are so beyond dense and delusional. sad but true.

          • Dr. Phil is so money hungry he will stoop at nothing to make a quick buck – he should be utterly ashamed and as for his SECOND wife – well wow is she cashing in on his fame. I cannot understand how people are taken in by their total bull – he doesn’t have a licence to practice for good reason. Now 2022 he is promoting a Google game “Harvest Solitaire” – WOW OMG – let’s get all the gamblers involved – disgusted from Ireland ?? and no wonder Judge Judy hates him. Robin and himself are so fake but yet making millions on subjecting unsuspecting guests to even worse mental health problems. Get off the TV and retire disgracefully!!!!!!!

        • Well said! I agree 💯 Thank you for driving the point home on behalf of me . 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏

      • Some of these people are so convinced Dr. Phil is real that nobody can male them understand that they are drinking way too much of his Coolaide. He might be famous in Hollywood, but the smart stars steer clear of the BS he peddles. Every show has to end with him pushing his podcast, his wife’s beauty line, or his sons app Doctor on Demand. If you are a parent he blames them for their child’s bad behavior no matter what. A smart person would avoid his show or learn to record every conversation with his producers or anybody else that show has contacted you with.

        • What makes me so upset, aside from his vulgar self promotion, and “ I am the least judgmental person you will ever know” rhetoric, is how he treats people. Especially when parents come on and are trying to help their kids. He always seems to turn it around and attack the the parents. Of course, there are times when parents are a big part of the issue, but there are many times when I have seen mothers come on the show, desperately looking for help and he turns it around and makes the parents feel like inept people. He is so condescending and the show is more about Robin and whatever joint adventures they are advertising because god knows they need more money. It makes me sick. He preys on the less educated and people who may not know better. Rarely do you see educated people on the show. They would never allow themselves to be treated the way he treats them. I wonder what the kick back is for every time “Mike” the best life coach ever (lol), gets a client. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this….

          • Absolutely, I watched an episode where a child has suffered abuse, and what did we get at the end? Did we get a list of emergency help for children, a thoughtful and serious summary?
            Nope, he hawked his wife’s skin care.
            Abused, beaten, suffering? Well look good while it’s happening with my wife’s skin care line.

      • Oh really lies? A woman was abused by her mother and the daughter asked specificity not to let her on the show. Ehat does Phil do? Durrrrrr….you don’t get to tell me who I can and can’t have on my show….
        So if the mom sexually abused her guess what…he’d still let her on. The guy is a balding a****le nuff said.

    • I can’t accept the opinion of somone who can’t spell the word “legit”. You’re not a smart man are you Forrest? What the hell is a “liget”? Fuckiing self righteous dummy.

        • Hahaha let’s make fun of a guy who can’t spell . Who the fuck does that fr? Maybe the guy has some kind of learning disability or has some educational issue . I hope that made you guys feel good & put a smile on your faces. Fucking losers.

        • Yes, Exactly! I used to think.Dr Phil had great advice and loved that he gave it to those on his shoe “straight”.
          The problem is, that was 20 years ago.
          I watched for the first time I years today, and I couldn’t work out why I used to like the show,.and why it just all seemed wrong now?
          I figured it out: 20 years ago, I was young, insecure and not that happy with my life…now, I am.secure, accomplished and happy in my life. That is,I don’t base my happiness on comparisons to others or make myself feel better by judging and condemning the behaviour of others to makeme feel better about myself.
          All these blind supporters, are doing just that- watching to make sure their are people worse than them!

          • Why Don, do you not mean “fucking self-righteous” dummy? Does this also point to a decrease in YOUR credibility here? ? Not to mention there was NOTHING in her statement even close to resembling such….so perhaps you could borrow a dictionary? Maybe?? ?

        • Yes im so glad you said that! Her plastic surgery, her poses, her speech impediment….she is a coattail rider using this show as a platform as a way to promote the skin care products she doesnt use. Her #1 on speed dial is her plastic surgeon. When the camera gets close to her, lord her face and makeup look melted.

          • Let’s not forget her wardrobe either. She thinks she is 40 again. I wonder who picks out her clothing?? However, I guess she has a different mirror than we do because she obviously thinks she looks good lol.

          • Oui merci je pense comme vous elle est affreuse en plus ce sont des profiteurs. Quand es ce la TV vont les foutres dehors au plus vite ????

        • Lmao at Krista T about Don Wilson where he’s bitching about someone not being able to spell. Then turn around and spell something wrong themselves.
          I can see both sides of this. Yes, Phil has made money off people, and yes, he HAS pissed off a lot of people. BUT, ask yourself this, how many people has he really helped over the years??
          We all have our bad days and make bad decisions sometimes. He’s only human just like the rest of us. Why do people always go after people when something bad happens but don’t get a pat on the back when they help someone? Like I said, I can see both sides of this. Stop and really think about it. How many has he hurt over the years versus how many has he helped?
          Just voicing my opinion because something bad happened to me once, and I was harassed by people just because of what was put on the news. They didn’t want to hear the truth and some still don’t to this day. I never even got to clear my name for the BS. I just hate to see this happen to someone else because I know how it feels.

          • The most sensible response found in this comment section! ? Many seem to thrive on kicking others when they are down….AND when they become successful. That is just pitiful. I could NEVER be a follower, which is what it takes in order for topics like this to rise, I pride myself on having the strength and ability to stand against the mass. Hope things turned around for you….I would hate to think the “bad guy” prevailed.

          • Teresa, I am sorry that happened to you. Try to ignore the trolls who just want to slam you without evidence and focus on the folks who are in your corner.

            I appreciate that you are trying to look at things from multiple perspectives…it is so rare that we see that these days!! As for answering the question of how many has he hurt vs how many has he helped, that question cannot truly be answered. It is exceedingly rare that we ever see any kind of follow-up with his guests. So, we just don’t know. Additionally, speaking as a licensed clinician, I don’t believe that is a good way to measure this. Allow me to share an analogy. For argument’s sake, let’s say he has a 75/25 success rate…he helps 75% of his guests and harms 25%. Great, the scales are solidly tipped in the helpful column, right?! He helps 3X as many people as he harms. Now let’s suppose we use the same stats for a neurosurgeon. Our fictitious neurosurgeon has a 75/25 success rate when it comes to NOT paralyzing a patient during delicate back surgery. If he does your surgery, you have a 1 in 4 chance of waking up paralyzed after surgery. Still think that is a good/acceptable ratio? Since 3 out of 4 people come out of surgery having been helped and only 1 has been harmed, do we simply decide to overlook the 1 he harmed b/c he helped 3? Personally, I don’t think so. We have a professional responsibility to ‘first, do no harm.’ Nobody is perfect and it is unrealistic to expect that EVERY guest is going to be helped but, in my opinion, HARMING even a handful (while pocketing big bucks for doing so!) of guests is unacceptable.

        • Marian, I concur with you. Dr Phil tells people exactly what they need to hear. The truth does hurt. Whether his guests accepts his advice depends on if they’re ready to turn their life around. In my opinion, those who are talking smack about Dr. Phil have some serious issues & won’t admit that they do & believe they’re perfectly okay or haters of people who are out there helping those willing to bear their challenges on National TV. I believe Dr. phil has helped hundreds of people over the years his show have been aired. If he was a fake, joke or whatever his. haters have said about bim. He wouldn’t have been on TV all these years. I’m not perfect. I admit that I too have some issues of my own, but I am not gonna air it out on National TV. I know that with every action comes a reaction. Good or bad, I accept the consequences.

          • I should’ve proof read my post with my glasses. I spelt him wrong. At least the letter h & b are next to each other. So you spelling haters can comment all you want & what I say to those who do. “Get a fucking life”

        • That is why it’s tv – because it looks real. When real, licensed professionals distance themselves from him that speaks volumes. I find he is a bully and I hate when his wife peddles her products – gag.

      • Look in the mirror, you don’t even know how to spell “fucking”… one “I”, not two.
        Now who’s the self-righteous dummy??

      • Why Don, do you not mean “fucking self-righteous” dummy? Does this also point to a decrease in YOUR credibility here? ? Not to mention there was NOTHING in her statement even close to resembling such….so perhaps you could borrow a dictionary? Maybe?? ?

      • C’mon, now! So what? You knew what was meant. “Liget” is obviously either a typo or misspelling. Who cares?YOU sound like Dr. P now! Everyone here has a right to their opinion whether it matches yours or not. To call people names like “dummy,”(really?!!) and “not a smart man..” suggests that you may be having issues with anger and control. Be civil, please.

      • I had the very same reaction to that comment! It’s the same reaction I have to most of the comments posted on today’s message boards. When did the public schools quit teaching not only spelling, but grammar? The all too frequent usage of ”there” as a possessive pronoun is the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

        • When people have nothing to say, they attack your spelling. Lame. Get a better defense and actually say something!

    • Sherry you are why the Dr show still survives. Ligit isn’t correct..it’s legit …trailer park trash that continually watch his show while soaking up his garbage is why this show has success…ya know, I’m just being “ligit” about it…not a LIAR!!!!!

      • Well, since we’re critiquing spelling and grammar, and the latter includes punctuation, your usage of ellipses (…) is redundant and useless.

      • Kim, you’re implying that Sherry resides in a trailer park. Do you know that she does? Do you really believe that Dr Phil’s show is a success is because his followers are “Trailer Trash”. How did you come to that conclusion? News Flash. Not all trailer parks are trashy. Yes, i live in a trailer park, but it’s far from what you think. Columbia River RV Park is a classy & an impressive place to live. There are many six figure motorhomes & dozens of high end 5th wheel trailers, travel trailers as well as the trucks that tows them here. People coming thru here for the first time are awed & spellbound by the size & beauty of the RV’s here. I understand that your belief stems from your experience of what you have seen. I just wanted you to know that not all people who lives in a trailer park are trailer trash. For you to,believe that we are is shallow minded

    • I have a friend who worked briefly for Dr. Phil, and these stories are true. And another entire article could be written about how he treats—or rather, mistreats—his staff!

    • Watching his show it is clear he has an underlying anger toward women. He belittles women on almost every episode and then backpeddals to try and keep everyone happy. He doesn’t fool me. And when walking out with Robyn, she keeps her eyes down focused most of the time. That’s a sign of low self esteem. He’s a jerk. And he isn’t the only educated, experienced person concerning human interactions. He’s an asshole. Right now he is arguing with hate in his voice toward a young woman. Yep, an asshole. I would make mince meat if his opinions and that’s ALL he has to offer, an opinion.

      • Yes! The fact that Robyn is there for every show like she has no life of her own is creepy in itself. And then her domestic violence apps make me think she protesteth too much. I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see any scenario where Phil isn’t massively cruel when the cameras are off. On Halloween, he dressed up as a prisoner with a “ball & chain” sign with Robyn, who dressed as a happy bride.

        He has a way of making domestic abuse look like an equal dynamic, as if the victim is equally responsible & the abuser just needs to be “helped through their anger”. He never EVER advises the victim to leave or offers a safe way out. If kids are involved, he lectures the victim about ‘neglect’ instead of focusing on the active abuser or building a case against them in the legal system with the hard evidence presented to him. Total victim-blaming without a workable solution. Sends a terrible message to everyone–men & women alike.

        You’re 100% right: he’s a misogynist who hides behind tropes like “you never put your hands on a woman in anger” & thinks he’s pulling one over on us.

      • I agree. He seems to especially like to make teenage girls and young women look stupid. This is his specialty. One time I saw a young woman, I think she was 19, on his show. She said something like, “I’ll be your laughing spectacle!” to the audience while in tears. He immediately kicked her off the show. Then he went on to talk to her birth mother, who she didn’t even want on the show, behind her back. He didn’t like that this young woman reminded the audience that she was a real live person and he saw an opportunity to manipulate his audience into thinking he’s decent by saying “That’s not what this is about!” Of course he was still okay with doing the rest of the show about this young woman as long as she wasn’t there to defend herself or worse make the audience remember that they are helping “Dr.” Phil humiliate a young woman with mental problems. I don’t understand how people can watch this show regularly and still think that this man has good intentions or that he’s helping people. People need to stop justifying the humiliation of mentally ill people for the sake of entertainment.

    • I dont know where this is coming from. I watch Dr. Phil and I dont see him laughing and humiliating mentally ill people. It seems to me he does his best to help. He gave a patient a job, not okay, but not the crime of the century.

      • He had a sexual relationship with a patient ( patient then employee after they had entered the relationship )when he was practicing and was forced to jump through hurdles to regain his rights to practice in CA. He did not follow through with said hurdle jumping. He picks sides and allows illegal activity ( slander/death threats/blackmail ) to occur and be televised…. hes actually ( if he went to a practicing psychologist ) a sociopath with severe control tendencies and a narcissistic/grandiose idea of what hes actually doing.

    • I feel like this is literally Dr. Phil himself responding to this article with how dumb you sound. Wake up and smell the bullshit sweetheart. This man needs to be stopped, profiting off of others for their own issues and acting like a god attempting to martyr each situation (that he basically creates himself) is fucking disgusting. I’m planning on doing more and more research into the nasty narratives he creates. TIME IS UP PHIL. WATCH OUT.

    • Man you show how easily people are manipulated into believing this guy cares…its so obvious to anyone in the mental health field that he does more harm than good. Your comments are undeserved and a show of ignorance.

    • “Dr.” Phil IS Not a license doctor legally. Haven’t you noticed he always has some other doctor “provide ” the help to the patient? For all I know Mr. Phil could be the sweetest man in the world. But one has to admit the facts are the facts! And if nothing else his actions are nothing short of questional.

      • Dr Phil is not a medical doctor and never said he was. Only a medical doctor can prescribe meds such as a psychiatrist. Dr. Phil is a psychologist.

    • This fake brags about his ability to help people and encourages his audience to lambast them. What an ahole. He’s not only arrogant but a narcissist too. PuLl you head out of the sand snowflake. Lj

    • Sherry-Bullshit to you! Are actually worked at one point for a university that trains psychologists and they have a good reputation. The psychology professors at this university considered Dr. Phil a total quack.

    • My thing is,if you haven’t done anything wrong and your not guilty of anything,then fight and face the accusations against you.Quitting is not just giving up and cowardly,it makes him and his wife look guilty as sin,suspicious,and suspect smh.

    • You’re stupid. You can only be exploited if you’re exploitive. 2,000 + episodes… I think the secret woulda been out and he wouldn’t STILL be helping the damaged and confronting the culprits. I’ve seen plenty of people walk out and NEVER once has anyone left because they were being exploited and abused. They left because he called them on their shit and nobody likes their lies challenged

    • Sherry, you are so blind! I find it hard to believe that you think this phony is a good person. Watch some of his shows and you will see that this article is truth.

    • I agree with you! I’ve had thoughts on being on the show I read one of his books bought to read another

    • Anybody that calls human beings a idiot on national TV is what you say is what you are ,therefore Dr. Phil is not only a fraud but the biggest idiot of them all. I have no degree but sure would like to go on national TV and tell him exactly that. IDIOT, Fraudster and a un-American.

    • I was addicted to Dr.Phil show for years and really took to heart his advice and concern for others. Recently, however, I no longer watch the show only because I get weary how often he promotes his son’s book store, his wife’s facial creams and now touting Dr. on Demand. We all want to earn money, we all need money but try calling Dr.On Demand and see what you get. Nothing like what you are told on the air you will receive. Domestic violence? Try calling the site you are referred to and see what happens. I am disappointed.

    • Dr. Phil is an educated man he’s also a businessman and a show is for entertainment purposes that’s why he no longer to carry his license is not obligated to no ethics boards probably lets his guest know this is brand of entertainment his guest stars got a lot of BS also just as he does they’re all out the one thing you make a few bucks . He has helped some every means of therapy helpful to all there’s no one set pattern so he mixes them up but he’s making a billion unethical as a psychiatrist or a psychologist or mental health profession yes he does seem to cross that line is probably why he no longer practices in any state he does have a doctorate degree in Psychology so yes he is a doctor not an MD but he is a doctor he has a degree in it uses it to his advantage he does give out sound good advice sometimes dramatize the situation for the effect of ratings yes he’s a businessman entertainment show but thanks for all the good advice sure you helped out many.

    • No he is not. I was on the show. He lied to me and made up my sentences. I knew I was in trouble when he did a sound check. I had to say he he he they they they you you you don’t don’t don’t want want want what what what . Dr. phil changed my sentences and then broadcasted them. His staff told me my daughters boyfriend had bruised knuckles had punch something. The staff also told me they didn’t see bruises on my daughter they weren’t sure about my granddaughter. Just before I got on stage they put drops of something in my eyes. I have no idea what that was.
      PS my daughter is still three years later being pimped out by your boyfriend. And I haven’t seen my granddaughter. The boyfriend has threatened to kill her if she leaves.
      Dr Phil is a money grab an asshole who has a special place waiting for him in hell. He has tormented more people than he has helped over the years. The only person he helps himself. Surprise surprise he’s a friend of Donald Trump‘s

    • Omg…why are you do enraged? Its as if someone attacked Jesus Christ himself, instead of some 2 bit fake shrink who let fame go to his big fat bald head! Chill. Phil ain’t God. He ain’t even much of a man. Smh. His claim to fame? He made millions off of laughing at and getting others to laugh at the sickest and most vulnerable. Just look at his shows! There’s the proof in front of your eyes. Stop idolizing humans because they make horrible errors in judgement, morality and ethics. When money is the motivation then evil has gained a hold. Phil is evil because that’s what he chose to be. Money is the root of ALL evil.

    • Get your head out his ass, this dude is a self righteous scum bag,who wants to sit here and judge people who are abusive or defend themselves from a abusive person, when in fact he is abusive himself, let me tell you something i don’t care if your a man or a woman you put your hands on me it’s on, your not going to think you are just going to put your hands on me and get away with it, abusive man and weman are alike but this punk ass is going to tell a man don’t do it because she is a woman ??? yeah right that’s not how the world works and he knows it,again a punk ass coward is a punk ass you don’t get special treatment because your a woman, woman like that are no different than man and they are the types to beat up on children, yeah he had a episode of 2 mothers who was abusing their children, one lady was bullying her 2 year old daughter, and this one bitching was worse on her 2 little children, yeah i guarantee you people wanted to kick their ass man and weman,2 grown ass weman doing that to little kids need more than just their ass kicked, i wanted kicked those 2 punk asses in their face real talk.

    • This article says that Dr. Phil was the one trying to make money, by exploiting people whom he victimized and who were left substantially worse off by his actions.

    • I used to think he had sage advice when I started watching the show 20 odd years ago. However, I haven’t watched the show for at least 8 years, but recently watched some episodes.
      This guy is a fraud, who has not moved with the times. While basic values and ethics should remain a constant- health, medicine, and science and constantly evolving as we learn more.
      I work in health and it is a requirement of practitioners to continue and update their learning. I would like to know the last time Phil participated in any kind of education.
      As a young person I thought his philosophy made sense, but as an adult with life experience, my own family and an extensive knowledge of mental health, I am absolutely appalled at Dr Phil’s pseudo-psychology and I feel devastated for the innumerable people to whom he has done more harm than good.

    • I believe he did well with this little girl who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. They seemed to be getting along well. He showed nothing but empathy. He did not make a fool of her. He treated her like she was much like everyone else. I wish people could see what a nice guy he is. I guess he visited her to stop the stigma. Another famous person visited the same girl. She didn’t seem so happy because she seemed sensitive. Phil McGraw is a married man. He leads a good life. He is known for being a runner.

    • Do some research, DR. PHRAUD is not a Doctor and doesn’t have a license whatsoever. The number of people he has hurt, and his use of fame, fortune, and power to manipulate and use vulnerable, ill, and innocent people is disgusting and deplorable. He should be charged for impersonation of a physician and psychologist, in additionto many other negligent false practices causing harm. Is it really any different then impersonating an officer? In fact it’s far worse, he has people’s well being literally in his hands. Very dangerous individual in my opinion ??‍♀️?

    • You also need to learn how to type sis, btw have an open mind stand-up for what’s right. Dr. Phil would’ve exploited you for being so gullible. ??

    • With writers as unskilled and inarticulate as this one providing content for this website, its credibility as a professional news outlet is destroyed. If they want to be taken seriously in this field, they need to hire writers who can stand up to the task.

    • I was a le in the US Army for most of and help people ba lot more than him. He is a my 20 years. I am also a combat vet. I could run circles around Mcgraw. He is a fake and could”nt tell tell the difference between a terd and a Baby Ruth. I do watch him everyday since he is so trite and boring that I’m asleep in 5 minutes. I could fake PTSD and he would”nt know the difference. I’m waiting for the day that Robbins face snaps like a rubber band. She reminds me of an old comic book character that could stretch himself….

    • I totally agree! The writer hasn’t even done basic research into what he’s saying. Dr. Phil has a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has held it for a very long time . And that’s pretty easy to find out. And don’t lose your doctorate just because you’re not practising. Once you have it, you always have it. So to say he’s not a doctor anymore because he doesn’t practice or have a license to practice is a complete lie. It’s not a mistake, it’s the writers attempt at maligning Dr. Phil. I could not care less whether the writer likes the man or not, but at least put in the work to get your facts straight. It continually blows my mind at the amount of people that think that somebody’s not a doctor because they’re not a medical doctor/general practitioner or because they’re not in actual practice anymore. That’s simply not how it works. The story above basically starts with saying Dr. Phil is not a doctor. If you can’t even get basic information correct then how can anyone believe anything you write past that point? Transparency and truth are the touchstones of journalism. The writer of the above narrative doesn’t seem to have the basic knowledge of what a doctor is, or what a doctorate is, or how it’s earned and applied. What’s the point of reading anything past that point? It’s clear the writer doesn’t know what he/she is talking about nor cares to find out. Here’s a bit of advice for the writer: if you want people to believe your narrative put in the effort required to get basic facts straight. And no one is forced to participate on the show, it’s voluntary. And most times takes a lot of effort on the part of the guest(s) to even be invited on the show. If you don’t like the show what is a simple answer to that. Stop watching.

    • This is the most biased show that even suggest that it’s run by a psychiatrist. Dr phil is 2 faced and agenda driven and his wife is useless. Only ignorant idiots , demonrat welfare bums , criminals and brain dead people would waste their 15 minutes that there is actually a show,after ads and glorifying his plastic wife,on this old geezer.

    • Dr Phil is a sexist POS. Do your research. A man was beaten by his ex-military wife, and he hit her back to defend her, and Dr Phil called him chicken-**** coward over it and blackmailed him with 1 year in prison if he left the stage

    • Psychologist here. He is harmful and is not allowed to practice as a psychologist, yet presents himself as credible. He does exploit the most vulnerable for ratings and $.

    • So you find the truth about this asshole a bit too hard to stomach? Any fool would see what a creep Phil McGraw is simply by watching a couple of episodes of his show so why don’t you calm down and see the situation objectively.


    • It’s pitiful to read all of these lies about dr Phil! hes a very respectable upstanding man and prides himself as so.

      • Actually he’s being sued by many. Also 3 of his treatment facilities are shut down and we’re found to abuse children and sexual abuse as well as human trafficking.

    • We all know that Phil has an “advisory board” that tells him what, when and how to say just about everything that comes out of his mouth and thank the heavens for that one.
      All anyone needs to do if you’d like to see first hand how truly uneducated the man really is would need to watch the celebrity edition of Family Feud. In the absence of that advisory board, it was clear that Phil had none of the answers to very simple questions such as, “We asked 100 ppl, name something you use to sweeten lemonade” and right b4 the buzzer sounded indicating time was up, what you did hear were the chirping of crickets. Now, how do you suppose he’s got all the answers to life’s big issues? And let’s not forget folks. there’d be no “Dr. Phil Show” if the farmers that had sued Oprah in 1997 for defamation had won their case. Phil helped select the jury members, utilizing what training he does have in profiling. Lucky lucky dog… Otherwise, he’d be fortunate to become Oprah’s dog walker and poop scooper today.

    • If you look up the Dr Phil show to watch, it’s listed under ” entertainment” not ” this is a real life working psychology show” , this just sounds like a bunch of hateful people that are jealous of what this couple have. People have the right to move forward to go on his show or not, mentally disturbed or not, and everyone also has the right to deal with the outcome accordingly. Of course Robin isn’t a scientist who makes her own products and apps, she has a buisness with EMPLOYEES just like everyone else who owns a buisness to make an idea come to life. Because she’s the wife, she should stay home and do nothing? I’ve watched Dr Phil, some of his words I agree and have used myself and some I have laughed at and only wished it could be true and some I’ve disagreed with completely but regardless of who he is, was or ever was doesn’t change the fact that if you’re wronged by him or his staff, it’s your place to take charge and call him out not with opinion but facts and proof,, then get what your owed like you would from anyone else. Seems to me he’s been around long enough to be a benefit to folk’s than a harm, it’s easier to sue a scandal than something that will go nowhere. If you continue to watch, take from it what benefits, not what fuel’s negativity, or just don’t watch…
      Only an opinion

    • OMG. You can’t really be that naive.

      Dr Phil and others like him are exploitative and make millions of dollars off of individual stricken with problems. I could not even turn on his show without being disgusted at the exploitation.

      Haven’t you ever wondered about how he stares so directly and never blinks? There is something extremely wrong with an individual that does not engage as a normal human. HE is the one that really needs psychological help but the others are the ones that need psychological help and the monetary help. HE just happened to be at the right place at the right time to make it big.

      His wife is less impressive than he. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered in my entire life a person even almost as close as stuck up to as she is. She exudes superiority to others. It’s almost like she pours it out of every pore that she has that she believes that she’s superior to everybody else.

      She sells those products that she sells for such a high command price that nobody with a normal means of purchase could possibly purchase them to start with. I cannot say that they actually do much for her either. I don’t judge people on individual trait says certain wrinkles or whatever but the whole package and she does not look pretty at all to me. Not even a little bit. She speaks in a very stuck up lisp at the end type of way. She walks like she’s trying to scramble away from somebody. Her eyes staring in all kinds of different directions and I have often wondered what kind of drugs she’s on.

      That show is probably at the very armpit of society. Everybody knew that Jerry Springer was a joke show but Dr Phil was sold as the real thing. It is a greater armpit because it was disgustingly oversold and really took people down.

      I think Dr Phil and his wife are the most unattractive couple both as a couple and individuals, that I have ever seen. When a person is evil it eventually shows through in their looks. They can’t hide it and neither of those can hide it no matter how much money and makeup artists they have.

  2. Dr. Phil reminds us on his show that the notion that we should give other people the “benefit of the doubt” is outdated and naive. I am a big fan of Dr. Phil’s but I only know him by what’s portrayed on his show. The suggestion of ethical misconduct is not without merit. I am familiar with the episodes featuring the guests that are described and I have to admit that “anything is possible.” But I for one will be crushed if allegations are proven and made public.

  3. Dr. Phil can not take it if any guest on his show has a voice or questions what he is saying. He expects everyone to sit down and shut up and take what he is saying without question. If someone is seeking to get better, no matter what issue they have, there is nothing wrong with asking questions about the advice being given, in fact, they should ask questions if need be. The woman on the show on April 19, 2019
    “I Treat My Pet Pigs Better Than My Noisy-Eating Fiancé” was trying to explain herself in a very civil way and Dr. Phil kept making her into a villain while also encouraging the audience to side with him…watch his facial expressions. I can’t imagine making a client who has come to me asking for help feel bad, they are there for help, so maybe try focusing on that. He also shamelessly plugs his wife’s skin care line, who is so full of injectibles, it’s hard to believe her products work.

    • I thought the same thing (4/19/2019) as he treated that woman with no respect but only venom. I will not be watching Dr. Phil anymore. It is not only sickening but don’t think there is any room for more commercials, podcasts, Dr. on Demand, The P and P Center, Skincare by his wife, His book, and now stuck on the lifecoach of Demi Lavado who just relapsed and almost died?? He is on almost every other day. He treats his guests terrible and seems to always challenge them lately with all of his credentials while lecturing them. “I have been doing this for 40 years”… as he ( I have noticed especially lately), name drops all of the celebrities he is “good” friends with. Now he has that stupid Podcast! He is so rude! Too bad he can’t get back to the basics although I think at this point..way too late. Former viewer!

      • I always loved dr phil amd his show but o too have become aware of how he treats people sometimes and i have never herd of any of the things i Are you at in this article today but I’m going to try to do some research and find out if he done all of these things starting with the first one heaven being accused of sexual misconduct and I don’t wanna have anything to do with him but I don’t believe in those psychics I do believe that they are frauds and I always wonder why he had them on. Its a shame he is like the doctors show Are used to watch them because they seem so smart and then every time I turn on the damn TV one of them bastards is trying to sell some bullshit product so the doctors show is bullshit also everyone on here on TV is all for sales they trying to promote products and i cant trust anyone trying to sell me something for they are all for self gain

  4. I‘ve gone from watching every episode per season, when he started in 2002 to only watching 5 episodes of his 2016-2017 season, and haven‘t watched a single episode in two years. As for exploiting guests, his staff actually put an alcoholic guest in a hotel room with a minibar! “Dr” Phil is nothing but an exploitative ratings-whore

    • I have stopped watching and was so sick of his eye rolling and negative ! And all the pushing of his wife and son, Jay’s products or companies!!! He’s abusive and abrasive and trys to justify it by, “getting” real. He’s just not someone I would want helping me or any person I even know! I just don’t know why so many of his followers don’t see him for what he is!!! I say stop drinking the koolaid folks. But then again, “I might just be a good ole country girl!!!”

      • I totally agree with you with you. I can’t even recall his other son’s name.It’s always my son Jay’s company.. Me and my son Jay.. Or Robin’s skin care line .. Now Phil and Robin have podcasts.. My God the show is only about 15 minutes after all the bullshit plugs they push.. How can Robin now so much about skin care?? Is she a dermatologist??? No she just wants to sell her product!!!!! And coach Mike Bauer pushing his book!!!! Is is available on Jay’s publishing company?? Or Jay’s baby products or Jay’s food line or Phil and Jay’s show “Bull”. I don’t hear that much about Jordan!!!! Hopefully he escaped and didn’t drink the Dr. Phil kool-aid.. Now it’s Phil and Jay’s show Daily Mail!!! When is enough,enough..????? And Robin looks like she is anorexic .. Why doesn’t he treat her???? I’ve noticed that her face looks like shit when they do a close-up .. They try to show her more from a distance.. I’m sure that she paid a lot for her face to look like it does!!!!!! She looks ill being as skinny as she is!! It doesn’t look good!!! I don’t understand how Phil “I don’t want to give him the false title of Dr.” is on this long!!! I just watched the episode with Todd Hertzog from survivor and it was pitiful watching them carry him out!!! How can that be right!!! How can he make decisions if he is smashed?? I feel so badly for him!! How is he going to feel when he sobers up and watches himself??? Is he going to drink again after seeing it??? I would!!! He was embarrassed on national television!!! How is that in itself not a trigger????? Please, everyone stop watching the train wrecks he brings on his show!!! He has enough money to live 5 lifetimes..!! Stop feeding into his bullshit!!!!!!

      • you don’t have to be a doctor to give a prognosis plus most of those people on that show are meth and heroin addicts and they acting out of their own negative behavior ambulance Chasers not only Chase cars they chase people with money

        • You do have to be a doctor to give a proper diagnosis and treatment… Duuuuhhh, another gullible into the pits?

        • What? Why would you think that?
          A psychologist can’t diagnosis you.
          Only doctors are allowed (not the PhD kind Phil has) and only a psychiatrist can give mental health diagnosis. Same with any other medical eras. For example, Only neurologist can diagnose you with a neurologist disease.
          If you’ve been diagnosed by someone who is not a doctor you should sue them

          • He does NOT HAVE a doctorate of degree! Never did!

            You need to be awake and to the fact that many people, medical professionals, can figure out what is wrong with the person and treat accordingly.

            Unfortunately American medicine has become so specialized that if somebody gets a pimple they are forced to go to a specialist if somebody gets an ingrown hair a different specialist if somebody gets a bruise a different specialist.

            It’s all become a money making operation.

            Dr Phil is a my numbing staring creepily individual that I have never been able to stand to look at for very long. I have never been able to figure out why the guy doesn’t blink and stares so strangely at people nor why his wife is so strangely talkative with her mouth except that I’ve seen people on cocaine do that. I am not making that up.. people on coke do what she does with her mouth.. precisely what she does with her mouth.

            I hate that show and I really feel terrible that so many people have probably found their graves because they trusted him and that crazy Network and that crazy bitch of a wife of his.

  5. And why doesn’t he look his guests in the eye when he’s telling them what’s wrong with them and what they need to do about it? I was always told you can’t trust a person that won’t look you in the eye when they’re talking to you.

    • I wonder the same thing!. He stares at the floor and gropes for words which is annoying and makes me wonder if the teleprompter is there on the floor. And the most amazing thing is the hundreds of commercials that fill up his show. No time for real content, only ads. Every 40 seconds he us saying we’ll be right back or “right after the break” IRRITATING TO THE MAX!

    • HMcGraw’s dismissively looking away from his guests, especially at his own feet is bad enough, but even more egregriously disrespectful is how he rarely lets them answer the questions he asks. My hearing and listening comprehension are good enough (apparently his isn’t) to know from the few words the guests manage to get out before he butts in with his false accusations of not answering the question that he WAS answering it! It makes me suspect that he wants his quests to follow a script know only to him and cuts them of when they don’t. I want to hear what his guests have to say. If I wanted to hear him doing all the talking, I’d check one of his audiobooks out of the library.

    • I agree he’s a fraud let me start with that. But on the eye contact thing, some people just have a very difficult time looking other people in the eyes, especially if they have social anxiety (which I know he clearly doesn’t) or some other metal health issue. Some people also just feel very uncomfortable with eye contact and feel vulnerable when making it during stressful conversations. More so what I’m getting at is don’t distrust people in general (not including Dr.Phil) if they don’t make eye contact when talking to you because there may be an underlying issue. Just food for thought ☺️ But yeah Dr. Phil is a scam and needs to be exposed for it and if he’s not I hope everyone can find some sort of closure in the end.

      • Thank you. I am autistic, and will NEVER look into anyone’s eyes. Forehead, yes. Mouth, yes. Nose, yes. Pupils, no. It’s not because I’m dishonest – Aspies are some of the most honest people you will ever meet. It’s because it’s uncomfortable to me. Plus, if eyes are the “window to the soul” I have no right to violate your soul by making eye contact.

    • I agree with you on that!!! Never trust any one who can’t look at you when they are talking to you!! That is a pet peeve of mine!!! What’s worse is that he looks in the camera!!!

      • I have noticed that Dr.Phil seems to have difficulty turning his head from side to side. He turns his whole body toward the guest he is addressing. I read that he was in an accident a few years ago that left him
        with this permanent disability. Perhaps it is unfair to judge him for this as he clearly cannot help it. He is also getting older and nothing is as easy as it once was. Just thought I would share. A little understanding goes a long way.

  6. I googled “Does Dr Phil really help people ? “ And got this site. I’ve watched every episode (yes, really!) and recently, have begun to wonder about the results. Perhaps some are helped post show and that is a good thing.

  7. I wrote to Dr. Phil about the disorder misophonia that I know I suffer from and actually got a response but I didnt end up responding bcuz I watched an episode where this woman felt she had it too and he was suck a dick about it. I personally get very emotional when I talk about my disorder bcuz it has made my life so horrible and I wouldve died if I went on to be treated the way she was. I mean she was sort of a bitch about it and acted as if it was everyone else that just ate gross or made weird noises so I can see why he was a dick but I’m not like that at all. I feel bad for my family having to deal with me that i try so hard to just suck it up and a part of me feels Dr.Phil is only an ass if the person is acting all high and mighty BUT unfortunately I’m not a 100% sure he wouldnt be an ass to me and its not worth the risk to find out.

  8. Just watched him for the last time. An episode on people who fall prey to romance scams. Then he has a sponsor saying all her years of knee pain went away with a topical ointment. Then he put a middle aged guest on that is self conscious of the bags, wrinkles, and sagging jaw line. So he invites a salesman for No.7 craftily saying the guest will see a noticeable difference in one week. While the salesman never said her wrinkles and jowls would go away, she cleverly and intentionally misled her. Not ethical especially after the theme of watching out for scams. Why is he using his audience to sell products? Why does his show only have 8minutes of subject matter, and 52 minutes of advertising, and repeated parts? Why don’t more people kick him to the curb? Because he lures you in with sensational exploitive personal situations. The guests are victims and so are we! Duped in the name of entertainment

    • McGraw is as sick as the guests on his show!
      Watching him enable that 28 yr old crazy daughter and attack the Mother tells all!
      I guess its ok to physically attack her mother
      You idiot McGraw, you are exactly what you accuse your guests of Smug. Narcisistic. cocky sarcastic attitude!
      Get over yourself McGraw, you are not even qualified to give advice!!

      • I just watched that episode. Horrible. We all love our children. And I don’t think the mom did anything out of the norm. We all try and help our kids. She did not deserve that treatment. And her face told it all that she knew that too.

        • Yes! He was horrible to the mother! Treated her like a total asshole and dismissed everything she was saying. Even made little quips to get the audience to laugh at her. It pissed me off so much that I actually gave the finger to my TV while he was talking. Despicable. I just posted a comment about this episode before seeing your comment. I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this way!

      • Thank you Patricia…your comments give me a little more hope that not all people are completely blind followers

  9. After watching today and saying,” This is the absolute last time I will EVER watch this garbage”, I come across this article. I was looking because I thought maybe it was just me! How does this show stay on???

    • The same way Povich, Springer and Wilkos stayed on the air, by catering to the demographic that feasts on this exploitative rubbish.

  10. His wife is Anorexic. They both make me sick.
    Wonder how the children react to him?

    • I know Robin looks terrible and remember the cameras put on 5 lbs. She is false also. It looks like she has had plastic surgery. I don’t think there is anything wrong with plastic surgery l. But my problem is that she acts like she takes care of her skin and that she would never do surgery! She use to be pretty. You can recover the years that she was not happy with her looks!

  11. Dear Dr. Phil,

    I’m writing you because my mother is addicted to your television program and doesn’t realize that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing… That you’ve pulled the wool over her eyes by manipulating her like so many into believing that the nonsense you shove down their throats is informative and helpful.

    She believes you are a saint and doesn’t notice that you are just preying on her with your garbage peddling infomercials that serve only to make you, your wife, your friends and your network money.

    Let’s face it, your only expertise is exploitation. Your only goal is to capitalize on the messed up, ill-minded, and/or naive masses. It’s a fantastic con, you are obviously super successful you remind me a lot of another egomaniac, our sitting President Donald Trump the biggest difference being that he’s more honest. How incredibly sad is that?

    • Very well said! To me one thing and one thing alone confirms that what I have heard and read negative about Dr. Phil is accurate. That is his superior, “I am never wrong” attitude. I don’t care how educated, famous or rich you are. NO ONE is always right. Has anyone here? Anyone anywhere? Ever heard Dr. Phil admit he was wrong publicaly? Or even seen it in print? Of course by saying so he puts himself at risk for being sued. But even so no humility. I really think he believes with his whole heart that he is never wrong! He looks down his nose at everyone unless it does not benefit his ego or his bottom line. This alone tells me everything I need to know about him.

      • Joel Burgard: Although I do not agree with your Trump comparison (Dr. Phil is a fraud on to himself) what you said about Dr. Phil is very well said and I thank you.

  12. Did you really just use the Kaden Mahaffa episode as a way to help prove your point about Dr.Phil? That lady is a con artist, and is brainwashing her boyfriend.

    For people that don’t know the story, it basically goes like this:

    Kaden claims to have died 7 times, and after she died in 2002, she came back to life and woke up with psychic abilities. She claims to have came back from the dead being able to speak French, and read ancient texts. She also claims to have x-ray vision, can see broken bones, and previous broken bones, in people, can see footsteps from other people, and can see spirits. She can bend metal, and can hear people’s thoughts before they speak them. She claims to be a retired ICU nurse, and a counselor.

    Because of all these things, she decided to write a book, and start a project called “Mama Trauma.”

    One day, she put an add on Craigslist for people to help her move. Matthew (her now boyfriend) was one of the guys that showed up. I don’t know how they began their relationship, but this is how they met.

    Sometime after they started dating, she convinced Matthew that she was psychic and could see all these things, and then convinced him that he was molested by several people when he was a young boy. She then diagnosed him with what she claims as a disorder that she created called, “Homie In the House Of Mirrors Executive Syndrome.” She claims that this disorder manifests in a suicide attempt, and that people with this disorder are granted savant abilities.

    When Kaden met Matthew’s mom and grandma, she told them all about the issues she discovered that Matthew has using her psychic powers, and how Matthew was molested as a child, and how she’s treating him for his conditions since she’s a counselor. The mom and grandma got suspicious about her claims, and started asking questions about her certifications as a counselor. Kaden got upset and started threatening them, and out of nowhere, Kaden and Matthew packed up an RV and left the state.

    Kaden doesn’t let Matthew speak to his family, because Kaden made him believe that the grandma and mom are abusive to him, and don’t care about him; mainly because they don’t believe in her powers and the stuff she claims, and because the family won’t send them money. She tells the mom to send them money, but when the mom refuses because Matthew is an adult and is perfectly healthy to work, Kaden starts threatening the family. She even told his mom to go commit suicide. Kaden then makes Matthew panhandle for money, and takes pictures of him doing it so she can send them to his mom. She also claims to speak to Matthew’s deceased grandpa, and claims that he loves her, and is guiding her.

    The reason why Dr. Phil questioned her even though the family is there to help Matthew is because Dr. Phil is trying to find out if there really is something wrong with Matthew, or if Kaden is making all this up because she’s mentally unhealthy. When everything that the boyfriend says is wrong with him, is coming from what the girlfriend is telling him, then he’s, Dr. Phil is going question her. When she claims to have all these credentials in the mental health field and have psychic powers, he’s going to find out if she’s legit or a fake. The episode flipped from the boyfriend to her, because the problem isn’t the boyfriend; it’s the girlfriend. Dr. Phil also gave her every opportunity to prove that she is actually legit, but she couldn’t prove anything.

    The truth is, Kaden found somebody that believed all the stuff she was talking about, so she wanted to keep him to herself so she could practice all her stuff on him. He was her science experiment, and almost like her personal slave, and she was his master, so she didn’t want to lose him.

    This show was about helping Matthew, and the only way to get him help was to expose Kaden as being a fake and a fraud. Kaden was destroying his life, and he needed to get away from her ASAP. She is no different than all these people that say they have a cure for cancer, and then scam a desperate victim out of all their money.

    Anyone can prove me wrong if they want.

    And yes, she does need help, but she’s not the victim. Lastly, Dr. Phil didn’t force her to go on his show.

    • Ok cool but dr.phill is still in the wrong about everything else and if you disagree your just a fan boy who cant see the truth

      • That is ridiculous to say someone is a fan boy (or fan girl) because they have a differing viewpoint. Probably the most close minded comment I ever heard. If you disagree with me…who cares.

  13. Dr.Plil was my favorite show. I started feeling that the way he would be looking at the floor or the bottom of the chair that his guest we’re sitting in, but not looking them in the eyes when he is addressing the advice he’s giving them.
    I thought this was not right.
    As I was looking at my phone this morning, wow, Dr.Phil was all over my news alerts . Started reading it, and ended up saying what all of your comments are saying.
    I just can’t believe it.
    Opera must be proud of his progress, NOT!! IF it wasn’t for her I wonder where he would be today?

    • Opera (sic) and Phil had a little war of rights before he found his was and then they buried the hatchet. Now he’s on her OWN channel. Its all show business. Money is only thing that matters. She doesn’t care, i doubt.

      • Who the heck is “Opera”? Last I new Opera was a story sung in Italian. If your IQ can’t handle watching “Dr. Phil Show” try Sesame Street. Otherwise, you might look it up… “Oprah Winfrey” actually discovered Dr. Phil Mcgraw! I can only imagine how many individuals & families have been helped by his show. God bless him for helping so many people.

        • If anyone is helped by the Dr. Phil show, it’s not because of his efforts or expertise, it’s a by product of the show itself. Dr. Phil, and I use that title very loosely, only helps himself, his family and his network. He exploits and humiliates his guests, he panders to celebrities and audiences, he peddles his useless items, and he belittles anyone that dares to question his genius level intelligence! His eye rolling arrogance is beyond infuriating! My all time favorite is how he will use his condescending comments to garner laughs and snickers from the audience, then when the guest says they don’t appreciate being laughed at by everyone, he then says they aren’t laughing at you, they are just concerned and don’t know what else to do. Really?!

        • It’s so pathetic to say that if someone doesn’t like what you like or if someone disagrees with you then it’s because they just aren’t smart enough to understand. Why do people say this?! It’s ridiculous and condescending. Here’s a fun fact for you. Most people believe that their IQ is higher than average but obviously most people have an average IQ. Being wrong feels just like being right. Humble yourself a little and you just might learn something.

  14. I personally enjoy watching his show. It’s Television people! Entertainment like the rest of today’s crap television. Don’t like him, turn the channel and watch the fake news!

      • While the only reason I usually watch a nationally syndicated talk show is to rip the idiocy ,It’s a comedic gold mine and I’m entertained as hell .but while I get this many don’t and that’s the danger .hes charming ,can have quick wit and great one liners and has a knack for slapping down morons that need a slap so it can seem legit at times .Not long ago he had a woman on that was a supposed ADDERALL ADDICT ,now this is a push to drum up the good ol days of opiate pushing doctors and the crashing wrecks paitients become ,As a former abuser of opiates and eventually dope thanks to our national antidote of banning things that never once had a positive result ,I have had a very successful recovery and since the day I stopped I not once considered a slip,so I’m a certain type of addict that fell into a dark hole ,I was in treatment and a lot of my issues came from my undiagnosed ADHD (that I was aware of but never addressed)when I took adderall it took a bit to get the right dose but once I did ,I felt like I was putting on glasses after a life of blurry vision ,NOT ONCE WOULD HE ACKNOWLEDGE THERE IS ANY SUCCESSFUL ADDERALL MEDICATED PAITENTS EVEN WHEN HE WAS ASKED FLAT OUT HE LOOKED DOWN AND MADE A WISE REMARK,ALL THIS WAS SOOO OBVIOUS A PLOY TO DRUM UP A NEW CRISIS TO RIDE FOR A BIT .ADDERALL CAN BE DANGEROUS PEOPLE ABUSE IT THEY DRINK HAIRSPRAY TOO ..and he acted as if that is as good for u as adderall .I. Have the second most dangerous trade as my sole employment and I don’t know why I was not killed in my 30 years of work I had near misses a few times a week bc I was going 1000mph after a few weeks I didn’t even come close the world slowed down and I was amazed at how stupid I was to not address this before .Now my wife sees this show and the person took a similar dose as me ,adderall is difficult to pinpoint dose as everyone is different,plus I’m larger than the woman but I could Feel my wife thinking HERE WE GO AGAIn bc THE WISE PHIL SAID NOBODY SHOULD TAKE 40 mgs a day ,they will be speed freaks and it’s like cocaine …that’s when I knew he was not only a quack but clueless as to what dosing people responded to or he knows and is flaming a fire to stigmatize adderall users that see legit doctors or not bc that’s some humorous T. V SHOWING A WOMAN TWEAKING WITH A PUPPET ,this woman was manic to a dangerous degree and he didn’t touch that at all or she was acting bc In three min he got her to go from ,I’m ok to YES YES I NEED HELP…..well any addict out there knows we don’t give up that easy not even close I. Fact I’d avoid his show like it was a fire bc if I was on dope again my brain made damn sure I won’t expose myself to anyone let alone the world .I had this creepy feeling it was staged from the start;I’m not sure it’s my gut and my knowledge of how addicts do things and no addict would make a clown of herself and rattle pills and dance on tv then deny ..no she would prob skip a dose or two even out to prove she’s good I’m positive of this I know many many addicts and spent years as one .But now my wife is definitely nervous and believed the whole SPRINGER STYLE SHOW .and a few years ago I would have said ,oh really fine I’m dumping therapy and meds bc I’m sick of being judged by my meds ,and who knows where that goes for me but I know that the end would be ugly so yeah I turn it off but damage done,and my wife is still watching her wise PHIL ….thanks Ophra as he is one of her kings she created from her crazy cult like talk show …don’t belive tv or any media do your own research on anything that is going on with you ,I know the answers to questions I ask drs now bc I trust no one till it’s earned and it’s not rocket science to educate yourself on a script your given it is very possible you save your own life ..FUCK PHIL JUST AS BAD AS A DEALER

        • Wow!

          Really good for you! Takes people their whole lives to fight an addiction. Weed worked for me, which a lot of people compare it to be as bad a cocaine. However I live in Canada and it’s legal here now…

          Your wife should be happy that you’re off that horrible drug!

    • It’s “entertainment” that harms vulnerable people. There are plenty of stuff on tv that isn’t exploitive or harmful to others.

  15. I I don’t know what’s true and what’s not but I don’t watch the show anymore and haven’t for over 4 years. The reason I don’t watch the show is because of the way he treats his guests and the way he promotes himself and his products and his books over and over again. Everything that he is involved in is promoted on that show. On today’s show it was mixes for drinks that his son along with some other people are selling. I just couldn’t believe it, I don’t watch the show I just happened to wake up and it was on the TV and I was too tired to look for the remote. It was nothing but a 10-minute advertisement.

  16. Excellent article. I just watched an episode where a mother is trying to get help for her 28-year-old daughter who lives with her and she suspects that she has a serious mental illness. The mother, in obvious anguish and pain, tries to convey what her daughter says and does on a daily basis, and Dr. Phil was SO condescending towards her and treated her like a total asshole. It just bothered me so much, that’s how I found this article. This dude needs a serious reality check and his show needs to be taken off the air. Will that ever happen? Doubt it! It’s all about $$$, nothing more.

  17. Today, Phil explained that “innocent people don’t confess to crimes they didn’t commit! You see it on TV all the time but it just doesn’t happen in real life!”

    I have three simple words for the good “Doctor”:

    Central Park Five

  18. I applied to be a guest on his show and then I read on about his exploitation of guess and his behavior towards staff members I realize if you don’t have a license to practice medicine isn’t that against the law? My question is how can that be? I also read he makes $80 million dollars a year. I don’t believe anybody in the medical profession make that kind of money especially an unlicensed


    • He has a PhD which is a “Doctorate” degree, and while some people will use the Doctorate title and call him Dr Phil, he is not a medical doctor. He can not prescribe medications as a psychologist.
      Pharmacists now are required to get a doctorate in Pharmacy, but I will not call my pharmacist “Dr Smith”. PharmD’s also can not prescribe medications.
      Remember who got Dr Phil and Dr Oz their start on tv… Oprah Winfrey. Enough said.

  19. I just love Dr. Phil! He is like a saint in my eyes! The only one better that has ever walked this earth is Our Lord and Savior! And oh, what it must be like for Robin to married to him! She must just be in total awe of him each and every day! And his sons must feel like the luckiest kids that ever lived to have such a wonderful father! God Bless you and Thank God for all that you do Dr. Phil!

  20. He is a complete charlatan. He “voluntarily” surrendered his license in 2006 is “board speak” that means he was not given a choice or he would face prosecution and board sanctions. As a physician, I am appalled that anyone would take advice from him. He is not licensed (for 13 years) and I see him as protected by the almighty “Oprah”. He should be ousted. He claims his show is entertainment only, but he’s practicing without a license and the California libs that love money are allowing it and turning their face away from a grievous wrong.

    • Why are only the California libs allowing it? Anyone who watches the show is allowing it, and I’m sure not all of them are libs. Stop name calling.

    • He’s certainly NOT a charlatan! And he chooses to not practice under a licenced capacity as he has no desire to go with the softly, softly approach on a clinical setting. Why take a year to get someone to have an “ah ha” moment themselves when you can just shorten the time for them to get there and “put it straight between their eyes”, as Dr Phil says?!?! As for Oprah…you’ll only “get her” when you reach the next level in your spiritual development!! ?‍♀️

      • “you’ll only “get her” when you reach the next level in your spiritual development”…

        I truly hope you are being sarcastic or drunk when you posted this… I think that she is quite possibly the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard, honestly. She is quite possibly the fakest, greediest, and most morally bankrupt person on the planet.

  21. You people are so stupid. A doctorate in Psychology is called “doctor” Yes, it is real. I have a doctorate in psychology, am not licenced because I don’t treat patients. But I still have the title of “doctor”. That is NOT a fake doctor.
    The licensing is an entirely different topic. You need a licence to treat patients, but what Dr Phil does is considered entertainment.
    As for his manipulation, as a psychologist I have not been offended by his “so-called” mistakes. He does his best but the guests bear much of the responsibility. If only he could have perfect guests, but that would have to be scripted. Maybe you’all would like that better.
    In the meantime, get your facts straight, Dr Wells.

    • Sorry I’m not really replying to your post but didn’t see how to make my own . Anyways I don’t watch Dr. Phil & honestly don’t care what the hell the guy does. His show is for entertainment, he is not treating people or anything like that . He is there to entertain the millions of ppl who watch his show & that’s it . You have to sign a waiver when you go on that basically states this & now after shit comes back on ppl they want to start crying & blame Dr Phil for ruining the lives they’re already ruining before they met him. They did reach out for a reason , it’s not like they were all doing great with perfect lives then met him & it’s complete hell for them now. Bottom line is Dr. Phil owes nobody so much as a explanation about anything & these ppl need to use their heads & realize his show provides entertainment & is not any kind of treatment or whatever for their self made issues.

    • Absolutely. Thanks for clearing that up. Licensing is not required to be dubbed doctor if you have a doctorate. I’m surprised to see that too. However, I still think he’s no better than Jerry springer and his show is a disgrace to the helping profession. He does little to help and despite all the claims of follow up…. Well, I personally doubt it. Any show who has the wife of the host and other family members hawking their products rubs me the wrong way. Also, allowing his wife get up and claim, HUNGRR HURTS MORE DURING THE HOLIDAYS, is way beyond what I can stomach.

  22. Dr.Phil is no more then a Jerry springer, just less tits and dumb shit that comes out of his mouth, and is just piggy backing off the gullible ones that seek help, sorry to break your hearts.

  23. Great article. But there is so much MORE.

    The “wilderness retreats” he sends the rebellious kids to are rampant with abuse of all kinds; he talks down to addicts like he’s some kind of God (he’s not even an addiction specialist!); he makes patently false claims about marijuana causing violence/brain damage/low IQ.

    Every episode contains a mini-infomercial for some unrelated product his family is pushing. He sells weight loss books when he’s a Type II diabetic in the overweight/obese range himself. He cheated on his first wife & told her it was “just a part of life” while acting like the perfect husband. He “campaigns against online bullying” while grabbing a majority of his topics straight from forums like Kiwi Farms & Reddit, the former of which literally exists to bully people & dox them.

    …and that’s just scratching the surface. His show is one of my VERY guilty pleasures, but I have no illusions about how awful he is. We’re all gonna look back on this show in a few decades as a horrific abuse of power/trust. It’s worse than Jerry Springer by every measure.

    • Nup, you’ve misinterpreted him, I’m afraid. He only uses evidence based information. Perhaps you’d like him to say that marijuana is the answer and the cure but that’s not what the research and evidence says. He correctly states that it demotivates! That’s all!! And that’s clearly evidenced through those who go on the show with ritual of smoking cannabis!!

      The retreats, Wilderness based programs are not for “rebellious” children and young people, they are for those who need to break the cycle of the misfortune they are faced with in their lives, and allows them to take stock and get in touch with nature and become their “own best friend”.

      Dr Phil and I have something in common, he is the least judgemental person we both know ?‍♀️?.

      • So the fact that he like the to use whenever possible the lie detector machine has anything to do with “evidence based information”? He definintly present it as the ultimate way to find the truth. The real “evidence based information” about those machines are far from he makes it seem. There is a reason they don’t use it in court. It doesn’t work very well and it has yet to proven it is reliable or anything close to that. Aka no evidence. But it can make a good TV. So why wouldn’t he use it?

  24. I cannot believe that Phil tells Rae Nov 25th 2019 that “ She is not important”!She has been through much sadness as a child!! Unbelievable!!! I thought you were there to help not put them down!! Sick Phil and shame on you!!!’?

  25. Pay special attention to his eyes he is receiving cues and being told what to say through his ear piece. He looks to the camera on his left a lot, at the chair legs or the floor. A real psychologist would never have consented to put half of his guests on stage to start with. Some victims he will put on stage and show their face while others he will point out that he doesn’t put victims in that very situation. He always goes with bandwagon views. He knows what the popular opinion is and he wants to be popular. He always persequtes the teenage boy and forfeits the fact that he is speaking with a CHILD. He found that making quips makes the viewers laugh so he increases this. He found that having outbursts of ‘putting a guest in their place’ developed strong backing from viewers, so he does it on every show. He is an entertainer and does his job very well at all costs. He did not do 1 thing wrong. He did many things wrong and somehow keeps them low profile. He is a forensics specialist in one show and in the next he may be a family court specialist. Pay attention folks. I probably mispelled and had a few run on sentences, etc. I apologise, what can I say, I’m a dislexic writer and we all know that writers are notorious mispellers.

    • You appear to be delusional. Dr. Phil looks directly at his guests and not chair legs. What an asinine comment. And, if Dr. Phil were being told what to say through an ear piece, there would be lapses in his responses to guest comments, which there aren’t.

      Example…two people conversing. Neither speak the other’s language and there is an interpreter to translate. There is a lapse in both speaking as the translator interprets what is being said to the other. If Dr. Phil were receiving cues (being told what to say), the conversations between him and guests wouldn’t flow as fluid as they do. His show would be a two hour vs a one hour as he awaits all the cues.

      You are correct in using the word ‘popular’. He is extremely popular because most people understand the concept of his show. This leaves a forum such as this as a very minuscule population.

      Dr. Phil isn’t a ‘real’ psychologist. Not sure why you would state that. He’s made that very clear.

  26. Has the show ever done ANY follow-up to see if any of his referrals to friends, treatment centers, ever actually helped a single guests or is he just a shill for these treatment centers?

    Is not follow up the true measure of helping or not helping guests from the show?

    • You haven’t watched enough shows…clearly!! He does follow ups allllll the time!!! He does an excellent job!! He’s simply amazing!! ??You need to watch more!! ?

  27. Phil McGraw is a self righteous pompous ass and if people can’t see that then they are the very people who believe he can help them. He drags out an hour show talking about stuff that is just plain bullshit and in the end, as in the case of drug or alcohol addiction, offers to place the person in rehab. I can’t believe that I heard his wife say, on December 19, 2019, HUNGER HURTS MORE DURING THE HOLIDAYS. If that isn’t the most idiotic statement, then I can’t imagine what could be more idiotic. Indicative of where their heads are. Our society is so screwed up that this show is another reminder of our sorry human existence.

    • Right on, Mary…puts his guests down and degrades them. He is, like you said, a pompous ass!!! I have to say though is when Oprah had Dr. Phil on her program back in the day I did like him. But not now…he has an inflated opinion of himself and needs an excessive amount of attention/admiration. Because of that, he lacks empathy for others. Yes sir, a pompous ass!

  28. If Phil is the cure for what ails the human condition then we all should just shoot ourselves. What a liar and a fraud. He makes me dislike Oprah for promoting him. What a toad. His wife is no better. He has done more harm than good

  29. Dr. Phill is so full of shit. He’s got my mom brainwashed into kissing his sorry ass. I wish he would go away. He’s hogging our oxygen and needs to give it back. I can’t believe people see this parasite as a hero.

  30. This guy turned into the biggest marketing tool for his self, his family and friends. Years ago it was a fairly decent program. Watch it today if you have the stomach to do so. What he does with his guess is abhorrent. I’m surprised that the guess, which in many cases already have problems, walk out of that studio in one piece. This is not intervention. It’s making public people’s problems and airing their dirty laundry so he can make money. That’s what he knows how to do. Ratings. It’s all about ratings.

    • You know that he doesn’t track people down to go on the show, right? They apply, sometimes writing five, six, ten times, wanting to go on the show, knowing that he’s going to be straight with them and “tell it like it is”!! ?

  31. I went on the Dr. Phil show. I have PTSD but didn’t know it yet. I basically had a mental breakdown the entire time. The staff lied to me, used me, took advantage of me to get me to say things in my interview. They told me the episode was going to be about my mental illness and abuse. Instead it was about humiliating me on national tv and my family played right into it. they literally cut a portion of my episode to make it seem like I had been sobbing and then immediately not sobbing. It was traumatizing. I’ve never experienced worse bullying in my life. The episode went around social media and everyone I ever knew saw it. I could say so much more. I fucking hate his show. And nobody ever understands why.

    • Hi, It’s my first time commenting here~
      My heart goes out to you! You are already brave to seek treatment! I have greatest empathy for you.

      He is NOT providing therapy. The fact that he labels himself as entertainer instead of ‘providing therapy’ speaks volumes. He tries to escape any responsibility. Real psychotherapy, to my understanding, is a one-to-one thing and consists of weeks of appointment to build understanding, rapport and trust, not a 40 min show. You are also allowed to disagree with the psychologist with respect. (I am always interested in psychology and took an introductory to psychology elective in my university.) So I watched him when stumbled on youtube clips. I have only known him for two days (I not in US) and one episodes led me to search ‘is dr phil appropriate’.

      Here is a video I watched by Dr. Todd Grande, Associate professor of College of Social and Behavioral Sciences of a university in England (still not a psychologist) says about the show… It’s the first video I watched from him and I like his attitude. He says he tries his best to be fair. https://youtu.be/qSSXSYV7cFQ with conclutions at 5:50-6:10, then went on to pros and cons and final conclusion in last few mins.
      And also I know medical practitioners (family doctors who can prescribe medications), their No. 1 most important ethic is DO NO HARM by Hippocratic Oath.

      Here is a follow-up article of this article https://vclive.miscellanynews.org/2019/07/07/a-man-beyond-morals-how-i-came-to-hate-dr-phil/

      Again, I reiterate that it is the show, not you. If you can, find a real psychotherapist (I haven’t seen a therapist so I can’t speak much) :) I sometimes have anxiety, and find meditation and self-acceptance helps :) It’s okay to be not okay :)

      • Thanks for your reply. I found this article again just to check and see if anyone had said anything. I’m very interested in the video you linked and will be checking all of that out. I would never recommend anyone going on the show. They did set me up with a therapist that’s been paid for indefinitely and it s helped me more than I can even express but it’s really got nothing to do with Phil. I saw him for yes only 40min and he only knew about me what he had heard about me. The show was a disaster. Thank you again for this response it was very kind of you.

    • I would like to add that I sometime experience social anxiety because I was gossiped about behind my back (well but I heard them) by my peers for 6 years. It’s hard. So what I want to say is we can’t control our environment, there are these people out there with judgement. What they think about you isn’t always right: they are not God or anyone. They just don’t know what we have been through. :) Not all people are the same so you might find loving people and not-so-friendly people.

  32. Phil McGraw’s behavior on the Dr. Phil show brazenly, appallingly showcases a Narcissists’ self in the manner of a bull in full rut. It’s injudiciously exploitive to the vulnerabilities of mankind.
    Audience members sit perched gobbling the pathetic story lines with supportive clapping and laughter, lauding this unscrupulous and sanctimonious jerks’ methods. He props himself as a king disemboweling his unwitting guests in a ring of fire that few have the fortitude to prevail against. They sit, like deer in headlights, with the details of their disparaged lives being further shredded while the number one ‘right finder’ in all of America satiates himself to a wrongly found oblivious high! Hey folks ..ADDICT COME TO MIND!? Addicted to the spotlight at any cost, in my opinion! The twists, he seemingly adds, to many-a-stated history casts shadows where none appear to be. He points and lays blame at the feet of those trying their best and giving their all. These are people at their wits end, reaching out for help and risking much to go public for it, in support of their loved ones.
    I watch… and feel for his guests. I sit in my own seat wishing there was a genuine way to receive support for troubling circumstances in a family without creating the need for intensive therapy by the means I chose as help! I feel the shows methods are trickery used by a story telling craftsmen practicing his art.
    And there you have it.. my disgusted opinion.

  33. Initially I was attracted to the show due to the fact that most guests haven’t the means to afford the all encompassing medical treatment the show provides. After watching over the course of time I personally have come to believe that phil should indeed start taking his own advice. I understand the title of the show is Dr. Phil, and indeed this show has morphed into Dr Phil himself. Between phils never ending Texas witticisms, being reminded 30 times a week that he’s been doing this for 35 years along with his specialty graduate courses, his dr on demand app, his New York bestseller books that he never lets you forget, the constant references of said books being his son as publisher. I have to stop now I’m having severe flashbacks. Let’s not forget ms phil also. Her constant air time of her miracle cosmetics, She insists that she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery, only the use of her products. Well now she’s went too far with the procedures. She now has the dead nerve ending on her mouth and looks like a stroke victim. I also find it unethical that a show that’s foundation is based on truth, while all the while phil knows full well what ms phil is doing behind the scene but backed the lie with no compunction. Somethings very wrong with that picture. phil is someone who is certainly not what you see is what you get. I cut the whole bs session loose. Good luck to those that worship at his altar..

    • You are so right. Is there a link to the claim that Phil was reprimanded by Texas psychology Board, or licensing bureau, of any kind?

  34. There are different cults in society and Entertainment and Media is one of them. Within E tertainment and Media we have subcategories: Sports, Magazine, Actuality, Talk…etc. Within these subcategories there isbeven more market differentiation. This is where all the “Dr” shows come in. The equivalent of “Dr” shows in the publishing cult would be the Agony Aunt section in your typical print magazine or newspaper. Its usually 1 or 2 pages out of an entire magazine. I encourage you to think of “Dr” shows as the same 1 or 2 pages out of a plethora of content in Entertainment and Media.

    Just because “Dr” shows represent such a little slice of the entire sector, doesn’t mean its not important. Dr Phil is a wildly successful show and so of course the host will come under scrutiny more than other shows. Popular cults are always polarizing. Its more obvious in Sports Entertainment for example (where its even encouraged) but its more subtle in “Dr” shows. While Sports Entertainment focuses on strength and physicality, Music focuses on charts and sales, “Dr” shows seem to focus on morals and ethics. One side thinks Dr Phil is unethical, another side thinks that half a loaf of bread is better than nothing. Some people think that putting people with mental issues on TV is exploitation, other people think that the benefits of having these kinds of people on a public stage outweigh the negatives. One of the commentors in this thread stated that she hated her experience on the Dr Phil show, but that the show also paid for her therapy indefinitely. So she’s getting treated for free (which she says she really appreciates and that its helped her immensely) but in order to get that free treatment, she had to be “bullied” for 40 minutes — as she puts it.

    At the end of the day, Dr Phil represents a very small aspect of a larger subcategory within a larger industry which only a certain portion of the population are interested in. More than 300 million people on the African continent live on less than $2 a day. They aren’t even aware of the minutiae of this discussion. That’s not to say that First World niche experiences aren’t valid, its just to put Dr Phil into perspective: its just a TV show. Not real life. Its a great testament to the quality of programming that you all actually believe that all of this is real and that you’re engaging with the material. Remember, Phil McGraw used to be a trial sciences director so he knows how to give people what they want. And for his market segment, his demographic, he’s dilivering exactly whatbthey want. As a viewer, don’t forget that you have the power to focus your eyeballs on content that you do like and ignore what you don’t. That’s the only way for that content to get funded. The more you write about content you don’t like, the more money you’re pouring into it because that content will still get funded because you’re talking about it. Your eyeballs are on the brand.

    But you won’t stop arguing over Dr Phil’s morals and ethics, because you enjoy it. And thatsbhow the show has been designed — to keep you engaged in a polarizing discussion. So have at it.


  35. Dr Shill…

    Shill defined: “an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.”

  36. I was watching Dr today (4/29/2020)
    He had a poor lady with family I. Turmoil.
    I had to stop watching because it was so hard to watch how he was belittling that poor disturbed lady. She came to seek help and he trashed her. She desperately needs help with anger and such. It was so hard to witness how this grown man who claims to be a psychologist was acting and talking towards this poor lady! He needs some therapy. God help these poor people who seek help from such arrogant self righteousness moron. He is disgraced to the psychology field and I can phathom why they keeping him on the air all these years explorating vulnerable people who think he can help them.

  37. Why does he feel the need to sell his books, his wife’s face creams and his son’s dr on demand app. This guy is taking in so much money annually. OWN show’s the same episodes days in a row despite having 18 years of content to choose from. He must be making a killing in syndication. He was better when he was just on oprah. Time to retire. How much more money does this guy need?

  38. As far as I’m concerned some of you who believe this arrogant, conceited person is for real are some of the same people who believe what Trump says is real. Just sayin’

  39. The fact that this man offers anyone top care from any number of places is only to look like a great caring person to gain ratings. If he truly was that kind of man, the exploitation would not happen from the beginning. The show would be completely steered toward getting the person help. Not ripping apart delusions or actions of guests.

    • So you watch his show often, do you? ? obviously not, if you did, you would have heard him say thousands of times over the years, “We don’t do eight minute cures up here. The work begins after guests leave the show, when they are in therapy”!!!

  40. There is a reason Phil McGraw did not renew his license to practice psychology. It has nothing to do with what happened with him and his patient in Texas, although he was reprimanded by psychology board of Texas. If he was a licensed psychologist he couldn’t do what does on TV . He is a TV personality with psychology training and no longer licensed anywhere. In my view he just another Jerry Springer. I personally know someone who worked for him. She was paid well was not aloud to talk about up coming shows but was treated well. If he helps you great or if just for entertainment even better. But if you just don’t like him turn the channel.

    • I watched all the shows mentioned above and those are all lies.. the winner of survivor was not carried out and placed in a chair . He walked out .. and the woman with a heron addiction was not left vodka in her room she went to a package store to buy it, shoes her on camera leaving the set and going to buy liquor…
      Stop bad mouthing Dr Phil.. if you don’t like him don’t WATCH THE SHOW…..

      • The woman with the heroine addiction went to get heroine

        It was the guy with alcoholism who they left the vodka for.

  41. I do not believe anyone should “practice” psychology under the guise of a talk show and claim to help people. I believe he is an opportuist fueled by Oprah. He has a good mouthpiece but hurts people on the show. Henshould be canceled for the goog of everyone.

  42. Yes Dr. Phil (in my opinion) is a fraud and what about Dr. Charles Sofie. Dr. Phil acts like he’s some sort of ‘God’. He thinks he knows it all and so unprofessional. His wife is a ding-a-ling. I refuse to watch the show if Dr. Sofie is on. I find it very odd that he never has previous guests on. A follow up program . I bet 75% of his guests don’t change their ways. Dr. Sofie seems to love himself. Good heavens…what a mess huh. Besides all of this is concerned, I do like Mike Bayer.

  43. I watched the show daily, until a few weeks ago. The show was about racisms, Phil had several black guest present on the show. The show was also about bashing White people. The black guest show who the real raises were, {them} he had on line a white reporter who tried to state the facts about Black Lives Matter group. And before he could finish his explanation Phil cut him off and allowed the Black guest to again denounce all whites as did this Dr. Phil. I turned off the show and have not tuned it in since.

  44. DR PHIL IS ALWAYS SELLING, SELLING..HIS BOOKS, PODCAST, SHOWS, SON – but never as much as Robyn, who has no education in skin care. Look at her face! It’s turned into another person, and not a good ad for “her” skin care. He pulls his family into businesses, then promotes the heck outta them. THIS NEPOTISM IS SO SICKENING!

    • I was actually snookered into purchasing the No. 7 skin care products. Need I tell you they did not remove any wrinkles. The promise is 4 weeks you will see a difference. The only difference was I was out the money I spent. Robins face looks blurred to
      me and we all know she’s had extensive plastic surgery. She’s also extremely annoyingly up Phil’s arse 24/7 on the show. The whole family except perhaps the musical son are a bunch of money grubbers.

  45. If you watch the show called “cancel culture” which aired in Canada on November 6, 2020, you will notice two small bumps about four inches apart on the front of his forehead. I kid you not, he is growing horns. Phil McGraw is a conservative pretender, and sadly he shows his real face when he regularly promotes his wife’s skin care line, his son’s and his (he is co-owner) tele-medicine app, his wife’s pod-cast, etc. He is simply a greedy guy who self promotes.

    If you watch the show and fast forward to 52:56 (minutes/seconds) in the show you will see the horns.

  46. I was very disappointed on the recent episode of the pregnant women who was a heroin addict needing help and Dr Phil stated that the only reason he was “helping” was because of the unborn child and that if the girl wasnt pregnant then he wouldnt be helping at all. How sad! Addiction is the worst. Couldnt imagine being pregnant on top of being addicted but either way Dr. Phil should want to help anyone fighting addiction period!!!

  47. I can not believe how different Robin looks. She looks like a doll. She is pale, plastic, CAN NOT close her mouth due to surgery. She speaks from the left side of her mouth. It is hard to take her advice seriously when you look at what she did to herself. My Husband happened to watch the program with me one day and, asked me “what is wrong with her face?” I told him she had a new face cream line and, I ordered it (kidding) He asked me why I would want to look like that. I didn’t realize how vain she is and, to sell her cosmetic line with a clear conscious. come on Robin, as your husband states “GET REAL”

  48. “Come on Robin, “get real” “I am giving up on you” “you should have listened to your good oh boy from Texas” “you can’t acknowledge the problem until you acknowledge the truth” are you listening to your husband?

  49. I have been wondering for some time how to make complaints about Dr. Phil Show episodes for the reasons in this article. Perhaps, the only solution is to complain to his sponsors. Does anyone know how to do complain in a way that would have any impact?

    • Complain to the network. If you go to the Dr Phil site scroll way down to contact us, or better yet go to the network itself and do the same, there is a drop-down for all shows, click on Dr. Phil. All voices matter because we are the customers(or not) of the ads.

      • ‘Dr.’ Phil is not on a network; his show’s syndicated by CBS Media Ventures. If you really want to complain to somebody, I suggest you complain to the FCC, and get the FCC to put pressure on Viacom/CBS to make McGraw change, or just to get Viacom/CBS to end this program (if the federal government [Nixon administration] was able to force the CBS network to cancel The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, they can force CBS/Viacom [CBS Studios/CBS Media Ventures] to cancel this show.)

  50. I don’t like Dr. Phil BUT… he doesn’t search for people, maybe in the beginning but now they have so many requests to come on the show from everyday people. So if you want to say he’s not there to help people, well people send letters to him begging to be on since more than a few of his guests have become famous either singing (Bhad Baby sp) or become Youtubers and try to make money that way. So most of his guests are out to make money off of being on his show, so I really don’t feel sorry for them.

  51. As a professional Therapist of nearly 40 years, I can agree that this guy Phil McGraw uses some very poor and exploitative techniques. His ego drives his process. A peer contacted me a while ago to tell me to view one of his shows which focused on a teenage girl who recounted some shocking sexual abuse that she had encountered through a cult. These are the type of terrible stories I have heard over the years. The same methods, processes and tortures. He point blank said to the girl and her mother that it never happened. End of story. The mother was relieved and the girl sat blank. We were all shocked. He’s manipulative and Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood !

  52. How much money is enough for this man? His old shows are on OWN just about all day long. What is on today will be rerun tomorrow and most likely the next day. What genius thought it was a good idea to air a show three days in a row that has a part two that never is aired in the same timeframe.
    Now he sells hus wifes face cream. Pushes hus sons publishing company. Pushes Dr on demand which he owns with his son. Pushes his books he apparantley writes in his free time. Free commercials in almost every show for whatever he is selling. The original dr Phil shows were great but he’s lost his wAy and now just embraces fame and fortune

  53. yet another detractor peddling poorly “researched” claims & re-regurgitated ridiculousness. it’s pathetic.

    what’s more pathetic is all the people who go through Life believing everything they see, hear & read without doing what it takes to inform themselves accurately.

    well…good on you, “writer”…climb a step on the backs of the ignorant masses. i’m certain you’ll sleep just fine at nite… until you don’t! ?

  54. I tried to read all the comments here, but I just wanted to say I was thinking the same thing for a very long time about “Dr.” Phil. It always bothered me he was always trying to promote something. Whatever it may be whether it be him and his sons app ‘Doctor on Demand’ or whatever skin care Robin happened to, ‘create’ this month or last.

    I myself did not see any of the abuse as my eyes were obviously closed on this, however looking back on the few episodes I did see I can honestly see how it can come across as abuse. And just like he says himself It doesnt really matter what you say if it comes across as abuse, it usually is considered abuse. Of course I am paraphrasing here.

    Anyways, I want to thank everyone for their input. Like I said I myself have had certain feelings come to mind about him, though I did not know there would be a forum on the subject. Also to note as I do not go online and read alot (Which after this eye opener I should) I did not realize he was not an actual Dr. lol

  55. I have seen some of Dr. Phil’s shows on one of which Dr. Phil said he was is a Christian butI have never seen or heard him mention the name Jesus. If Christianity is about anything it’s about lifting up the name of Jesus! Instead his wife is advertising her podcast with a picture of herself wherein glasses with lenses that each are the “peace sign”. This is a symbol alleged by Christians and satanists to be a satanic symbol representing a satanic ritual where upon joining a satanic cult a new member must stand naked in front of a cross and break the arms of the cross to point down while blaspheming God. The actual satanic meaning of the “peace symbol” is man can make peace without God. There is no way Dr. Phil’s wife is not aware of this and I even told her myself. So why would a Christian knowing that this symbol is a satanic symbol (or even if disputable at least knowing it is believed to be by many knowledgeable Christians) chose to be by millions of people seen using it as a promotional gimmick for her podcast?

  56. I am SO happy to see this group of people who aren’t afraid to post the truth about this misogynist creep Dr. Phil. Thank you for all the references. I am sure he is being watched and will one day we will see his downfall like all creeps eventually get exposed. And as to Robyn, it is so obvious she is an abused woman. She says yes to everything he says, looks to him for confirmation about every word, follows him around like she can’t stand up (which I have seen her stagger on more than one occasion, hmmmm), and the list goes on. Typical tyrannical control freak making huge bundles of money in addition to that stupid Dr on Demand that is his business among all the other advertising he does to make money off lots of people who cannot afford it. And the humiliation and taking sides he does is just unconscionable. Anyone remember years ago that preacher Jim and his big-eyed wife Tammy Faye? This is the kind of couple Phil and Robyn are. Both sucking off each other for fame and fortune. So disgusting.

    And I am quite sure he let his license go because then he cannot be sued as a professional, simple as that. He received his PhD and you can be a counselor/therapist with less of a degree than that, even an MA or BA. Each state has a different rule for practicing and most states require a license. This is to protect both Dr. and patient. So Phil has no license, therefore is NOT regulated by any state, hence all of his disclaimers about not diagnosing just to cover his sorry ass. I am absolutely so sorry that anyone has had to go through the s** you folks have had to endure about trying to get help from him. However, I am NOT surprised. He is a predator, his own tactics are coming full circle to cause a downfall. Dictators like him always fall down sooner or later.
    And those shows where he exploits addicts just make me sick. Sick. Thank you for posting these truths, I feel so validated.

  57. MISTER Phil is an uncouth, vulgar bully..He is an abusive man..I am a survivor of DA and I can spot one a mile away..Watching a program now and when the meek lady guest said she didn’t know if he could help her..He said DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??…then he said he would WHUP HER ASS..this seems to be a real popular catch phrase with his audience and it elicits many redneck guffaws…He is simply hideous.Makes me nostalgic for Phil Donahue..who a least had a sense of humor.

  58. So, on today’s show he has a woman who’s crazy as can be and thinks she’s had a relationship with Post Malone for over 2 years. Her daughter and granddaughters have tried to convince her otherwise. She goes on Dr. Phil and he coddles her instead of just telling her to get HELP! It’s all for his TV ratings, nothing more.

  59. Thank God there are people who see how manipulative and self-serving he is, making fun of people so the audience will laugh. What if they woke up and didn’t laugh? What if they walked out? What if his victims sued him hard enough, and publicly, to make a dent in his fortune? And will a backstage “helper” ever feel bad enough to go from either setting up or repairing damage to publicizing what he’s really all about? How can they stand to make money helping him?

    He’s done enough damage; it turns my stomach. Next question: how to get him off the air. A campaign against his sponsors? The above-mentioned publicity? Please help. He’s a menace.

    • I used to be a huge fan of Dr Phils show, until I started seeing, how he shames parents, exploits teenage girls & people seeking help for addiction.. I can’t get into specifics, but all these comments, are exactly my concerns, with why I don’t want to do this show. Someone on my behalf reached out to get help. I suffer from depression & self medicate to cope ( of course I can elaborate, but I won’t…

      I was excited to hear that we got contacted by the show, especially after seeing the type of treatment centers, he offers to his guest. My “loved one” didn’t think before writing the email to the show. This family member thought the whole show would be about me, so as someone who used to watch it daily, I let my family watch it… My family member, looked as if they wanted to cry, just after 5mins of watching. The opportunity to get treatment is great, but at what cost?
      The first thing the producer says to me, during our first time talking, in fairness, I did write an email on my own to him, being very open about when I first felt depressed, first time I smoked weed, how it progressed into pills, personal things that happened & so on, but after he introduces himself, he says, so there has to be animosity between you & family, I mean you guys are a broken family. I forget exactly what I said, maybe something along the lines of, well of course we bump heads at times, I’m well over the age of 18 & shouldn’t be living here, he responds “Don’t defend them” & when I described something a parent did, in a enabling way, he says “Exactly!! You gotta say stuff like that”
      I asked why Me, you guys get 100s-1000s of emails “oh it was random, more draw of luck” I asked what was next, we all had to do a 2min video for Dr Phils eyes only. It hasn’t been done yet, because of these concerns. Told my family member, I can get help anywhere, we shouldn’t need a tv show, to fix our family issues. This family member wasn’t aware of how he shames parents, makes them feel like they’re killing there child, granted every situation is different & I get he has to be brutally honest & only has X amount of time, to say what he has too. But the fact that I can’t say in that video for Dr Phil, THAT I JUST NEED/WANT HELP & the producer literally said that & said I need to say, we’re a broken family. That really rubbed me the wrong way.
      Look I get it, I know what addiction can do to a family, but for the whole world to see almost a WWE promo between me, my parents & Dr Phil, just to get his help, is not worth it.
      I’ve voiced my concerns to the producer & he won’t answer, unless I get on the phone, because he’s a talker, not a texter, but answers me, literally b4 I put my phone down.
      I went from excitement, to looking at my family different, even If there’s truth to what Dr Phil would say, to now, I won’t even watch the show. I used to record 2-6 shows per day.
      I’m sure he’s helped countless people, but I’ll save myself from the shame I’d deal with. I already deal with it, from battling addiction. No, I’m not a victim, I made the choice, but when people I grew up with aka got high with, judge me, because there functioning addicts & I’m not, I’m not down for millions of people, to see Dr Phil do the same.
      I do believe what everyone’s saying & I did see the episode, where that kid from Survivor was so drunk, he needed to be helped out on stage. Never mind the “13 year old, wanna be gangster, “catch me outside” girl”. Sad he can do shows like that, on Bitcoin, Nigerian scammers who claim to be in love with 60yr old woman ( cough cough just want a visa cough cough ) but a so called Mental Health advocate, can’t give help, without his narcissistic approach.. Yes I get it’s tv, but remember, I DIDNT REACH OUT.
      I have treatment set up & don’t understand, besides the $ factor, if he’s all about helping people, why does he need that stage/audience?

  60. ‘Dr.’ Phil was predicted in the movie Modern Problems as a character named Mark Winslow (Dabney Coleman), who acts, talks and dispenses advice just like ‘Dr’ Phil does. Of course, he pushes the main character of the movie, Max Fiedler (Chevy Chase)-who had asked him for help in dealing with his girlfriend-too far with insults, and so Max-who was given telekinetic powers in a freak accident-uses said telekinetic powers on Winslow during dinner at a friend’s place.

    I wish that somebody would do something similar to McGraw with powers like those used by Chase on Coleman in the movie, perhaps just embarrass him by doing long-distance telekinetic pranks on him while watching him on TV, Of course, it can’t happen in real life, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

  61. Hello Dr Phil.
    Just let all that publicity go away, don`t worry about it, I have a story, that will boost your program sky high.
    I claim to be the first human on earth, to stand beside, two live Aliens, in their UFO for 5 minutes.
    Read about Travis Walton in the USA, he was abducted into a UFO in front of his 4 work mates.
    What WALTON did, I did the opposite, now I want to give “”UFO Safety Lessons”, to Adults & children.
    I m quite happy & prepared to explain in detail, how I acted & avoided abduction, beside that UFO & Aliens.
    Look at thousands of people that get reported missing every year, HAVE UFO s been involved, who knows!
    I treat my amazing close up experience, of using this information to tell & explain, how to avoid abduction.
    I believe your viewers, would welcome this information= as “USA now agree “UFO s & Aliens” DO EXIST.

  62. I’ve had it with this sham of a show, he has turned it into one big commercial. Dr. Phil is now the spokesperson for a company called Sundae, something about home improvement for seniors and spent 15 minutes of his program today pushing it. So lets add this one to his Bingo type game, his and his wife’s pod casts, his sons Dr. on Demand, which he runs thru his show, his wife’s makeup company and some of the idiots that he calls professionals that he brings on to “help” convince his guests that they need their help. You will never be able to convince me that he isn’t getting a cut on that action. He’s lost all creditability as a professional, his greed for more and more money makes me wonder if he isn’t on something, maybe he is the one that needs a doctor???

    • He’s a PhD and that means he is a DR. Why would he need to pay for a current license from a state entity to practice when he is not in private practice? It makes no sense – neither does you comment.

      • Dr. Phil is the P. T. Barnum of human distress. As a Holy Spirit Filled Christian I can discern his methods of exploitation from the proverbial mile away. Provoking the wounded under the guise of healing. Placing traumatic emotional daggers in old wounds and twisting them to evoke the maximum viewer anguish and audience participation.

        Rather than helping cure and heal the hapless victims Phil sees to it that his methods bring additional stress and grief that will take even more efforts to make right and bring to God’s light. The whole thing can be see through by even the most innocent child.

  63. Phil McGraw is welcome in my home…I enjoy the show. I could chew the fat with him any day of the week. I feel he can help certain people. There is an exchange of experience that I enjoy. I’ve seen those uptight and straight laced psychologists…they are the scary ones…you can pick and choose Dr. Phil by not watching the segments you don’t like and just enjoy the ones you want to watch.

    So I will continue to watch his program. He will retire before too long!

  64. If you believe in phil watch 09/19/2022 and 09/20/2022 shows.he said gov should have not gave stemulus to people because thay have fat saving and checking account because of it . And then he says every one can barely get by these days.i am sure the average person that got stemulus cks did not build bank account.but we didnot get 7 million like he did.ours was more like 3,000 maybe good for 1 month of bills.may be people should look at that.but he thinks we got rich but he got 7 million and he is worth 400 million.something wrong with that our gov bad.

  65. Thankfully, every word that comes out of the mouth of Phil is put there by an educated advisory board. All of those clever quotes, profound sayings, the keys to life’sh happiness, all words from someone else’s mouth. Shit, all anyone needs to see is the Family Feud celeb edition featuring Phil and family. Talk about not having the answers, that show illuminated the fact that perhaps the only true statement to come from the brain of Phil is when he says, “I’m just an old country boy.” Correct. In fact, there’d be no Dr. Phil Show but for the fact that Phil, using his “profiling” training aided Oprah’s attorneys during the jury selection phase of the defamation lawsuit against her by American farmers in 1997. Whether or not his recommendations had anything to do with the outcome of the trial, one thing is certain. Had Oprah lost, and actually been held accountable for the shit that spills from her mouth, Phil would be lucky to have retained a position as Oprah’s dog walker and pooper scooper. As we know, when you have the $$ these people have, you can act in any way you choose, say whatever you’d like and do so with impunity. Isn’t this a great country, or what?

  66. Ok so I for one think Phil is nothing more then a piece of shit. But what I dont understand is why all of you would put your time and effort blowing smoke here and not do something about it like start a petition and pass it around the country, to take his show down, or a class action lawsuit for those that have been affected 1st hand. Do something about it, otherwise your all just talk. Gossiping amongst each other makes you no better then all those shows that that exploit and gain from drama because if you all dont get off your asses and do something about it this all just amounts to drama as well. Actions speak louder then words so stop talking and start doing.

  67. Dr Phil is rich and everyone wants a piece of that.
    Dr Phil has been doing his show for many years.
    Not every person is going to be satisfied that has been on his show. It’s a fact.
    Dr. Phil is very intelligent and has helped thousands of people and that is a fact. He was in the public limelight for many years and the probability of him ever jeopardizing his career by doing something foolish would simply not happen.
    He brings in experts in all variety of fields to help all kinds of people when they are ready to do the work.

  68. Your prodigious mastery of language and encyclopedic knowledge is unmistakable, as you artfully navigate the vast expanse of intellectual discourse, distilling complex ideas into palatable elixirs of wisdom that intoxicate the minds of your avid readers.

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