Day: March 27, 2019

Art students say WTF

By – 1 year ago

Great artists have insightful words for future creatives to meditate on. Matisse boldly said that “Creativity takes courage.” Bob Ross encouraged audiences with, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little…

Class of ’19 has been held back

By – 1 year ago

“Vassar will not be holding Commencement this year,” Registrar Colleen Mallet announced on March 27, “as all but one member of the Class of 2019 has unfortunately been held back.”…

Should I skip class? Profs say yes

By – 1 year ago

A study by Fictional State University (FSU) shed light on a question that plagues all students: Should I be skipping class? Professors chanted horrifically, “Sure, who cares? They’re the ones…

Curried cauliflower captivates tastebuds

By – 1 year ago

My home has always sincerely welcomed vegetables, but my sister’s full-on vegetarianism required making some adjustments. Instrumental to these dietary modifications has been the “Cooked Veg” section of the “Ottolenghi…

Quite Frankly

By – 1 year ago

Have a question you want answered? Submit your quandaries at Hey Frankie, Sometimes I run into people at the Deece that I haven’t spoken to in a while, and…

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