Campus Climate: What’s one of the most important issues to you as we look ahead to the 2020 presidential elections?

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“I’m focusing on women’s issues specifically, especially birth control and its accessibility. I’d like to see an increase in its availability. Stances on abortion need to be reworked.”

–Kelsie Milburn ’21

“Criminal justice reform. A lot of the Democratic can- didates have a bad record of criminal justice reform, including Biden and Harris. It’s concerning because this is supposed to be the liberal side of politics, not the law and order side.”

–Jonas Trostle ’21

“Health care and the environment. I am interested in supporting can- didates who support single-payer health care because people should have health care always. And we should take radical actions to fight climate change.”

–Sam Cibula ’20

“Women’s rights because I’m a woman, and I deserve to be heard in this world.” –Heidi Zahnleuter ’22

“Asian-American representation in elected government positions—Congress, Senate, governors.”
–Matthew Au ’19

“I’m not a U.S. citizen, so I’m looking to see if they’ll issue more visas for employment. That’s my number one issue.” –Wang Yunqiao ’20

“Health care, because they’re trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving billions without health care, and that’s bullshit.” –Derek Sonntag ’19

“Getting back the legitimacy of what a U.S. president should be. I feel like Trump is abusing his power in multiple ways and ruining the role of the president.” –Naveen Chowdhury ’22

“Something that’s lately been in the news is the crisis in Puerto Rico. Trump has de- creased funding. Having someone to take up the reins would be very important to me personally.”

–Gabriela Mandeville ’19

“Gun legislation. Coming from a community that has experienced gun violence, it’s a tragedy that affects individuals, families and communities. It needs immediate action in order to make schools a safe place.”

–Sami Hodes ’20

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