Warmer weather warrants top-notch tunes: A playlist

“Holy”- Jamila Woods. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

After what has seemed like an endless winter, I finally feel confident in declaring that spring has sprung—notwithstanding that it snowed just a few days ago. As we all acclimate to the warmer weather, it’s time to trade our desolate winter playlists for some sunnier songs. Here are a few suggested tracks to play in the background of finals study sessions, through light-hearted afternoons on the quad and during all the other joys my favorite season has to offer.

“Holy”- Jamila Woods

As we approach the gradual increase in work leading up to finals, it’s more important now than ever to remember to practice self-care. “Holy” is the ultimate self-adoration anthem: When Woods proclaims “Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me,” her power and positivity are infectious. Like spring, this song feels like a rebirth.

“At the Bottom of Everything”- Bright Eyes

This track is the opener of “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning,” which will always be one of my favorite albums to listen to during the spring- time. Despite the gloominess of much of Bright Eyes’ discography, this record perfectly balances hopefulness with cynicism. When singer Conor Oberst quavers “Oh my morning’s coming back/The whole world’s waking up,” the result is both energizing and inspirational.

“First Love/Late Spring”- Mitski

Although a fairly obvious choice due to its title, Mitski’s breakout
song is also one of her most masterful. Imagery of night breezes and
peach trees, along with Mitski’s distinctive and poignant vocals, give
the song an atmosphere that is both dreamy and sentimental. She uses
the often difficult transition from spring to summer as a metaphor for
the dismantling of a tempestuous and naive relationship, and her seasonal anxiety relates to the apprehension many college students face as we all approach the end of the semester.

“Sunny Duet”- Noname featuring TheMIND

As the title suggests, this track is luminous. Rapper Noname and singer TheMIND vibrantly and cofidently croon of the elation that comes from all-consuming love; TheMIND professes, “[D]on’t call me crazy/Rain don’t feel like rain/It’s been so calming lately.” The song captures a certain joy that applies not only to an infatuating new ro- mance, but also to the magic of a rejuvenating spring day.

“Somewhere a Judge”- Hop Along

Like many of Hop Along frontwoman Frances Quinlan’s lyrics,
“Somewhere a Judge” features cryptic yet evocative imagery. The line
“Afternoon vanilla sun crawls away across the lawn” in particular re-
minds me of the long, languid days that are a hallmark of spring and
summer. The song also conveys the certain angst that can come with
seasonal changes, as Quinlan explores the complexities of relationships, death and regret.

“Reflections After Jane”- The Clientele

With spring comes an increase in rainy days, and The Clientele’s album “Suburban Light” is tailor-made for cozy afternoons spent look- ing out the window. “Reflections After Jane” is particularly enchanting, with vivid lyrics such as “Butterflies with gilded wings this morning/ Touched the red sun and the rain.” The song is melancholy, romantic and calming—like rain, its tranquility has the effect of a lullaby.

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