Misc Quiz: Test your Vassar Mental Map!

Can your inner compass point you the right way?

1) Straight ahead due east, Vassar’s central building looms in the distance. To my right is the entrance to collections of diverse artworks. To my left is a place of study and books exemplifying Gothic architecture. Behind me is a roundabout. Where am I?

2) Looking due south, Chicago Hall squats to the right of two dormitories. Another dormitory flanks me from behind. The grass beneath me has felt its fair share of picnic blankets and Quidditch players. Where am I?

3) I look out a window facing east. On the far left of my field of vision lies the dance studios, volleyball gyms and squash courts. On the far right lies the building home to departments like Economics, Anthropology, and Science, Technology and Society. In the middle stands the Wimpfheimer Nursery School. Where am I?

4) I turn back to face westward, knowing that beyond the hill I just climbed, a large body of water rests peacefully. Sloping roof lines lurk behind. If I were energetic enough to climb the hill to my left, I might have the chance to stargaze with some cutting-edge technology. Where am I?

5) Looking northeast down a set of stone steps and across a small bridge spanning a stream, I see the sunlight shine on various potted plants. Adjacent, the home of bird taxidermies. Connected to the left of that, a many-paned building boasts one of Meryl Streep’s alumni contributions. Where am I?

6) Standing on grass and looking past a two-pronged goal post, I admire the neat rows of crops ahead of me to the east. Snaking in front of it, off to my right, is a gravel road leading to Collin’s Field Station. In the distance behind me is the entrance to the North Trail, marked by a couple of benches and a sign. It is designated in a red color on the trail map. Where am I?


  1. Main Gate
  2. Joss Beach
  3. Cushing House
  4. Ballentine Field
  5. Lower entrance to Skinner Hall
  6. Rugby Field (on the Vassar College Farm and Ecological Preserve)

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