Administration prepares for class of 2024 admittance day

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This past weekend marked another successful Admitted Students Day here at Vassar. This yearly event is where soon-to-be high school graduates can come and decide once and for all if this school is truly The One. Prospective students were showered in the petals of informational pamphlets, dined and grape-juiced on the finest Bon Appetit offerings and led through the gardens by tour guides. This weekend marks a major, life-long decision for both the college and its accepted students. It’s a tumultuous, emotional time for faculty, administration and students alike, as the wave of the future decides which to which college to give their rose.

This year’s event brought hordes of 18-year-olds and their parents to wander around, somewhat aimlessly, on the paths of this campus, the library and—for some reason—right outside the door to my dorm, making it difficult to get quickly from the Deece to my room and back after forgetting my VCard without being rude to a kind and very lost family looking for the chemistry labs.

The success of the event this year was followed by a press release—the grand unveiling of the college’s intentions to woo the future incoming Class of 2024. Fans of past admitted students days will not be disappointed. The administration left no rock unturned, starting with the style and look of all faculty and staff members.

“Following the splash made by the large stickers [welcoming the Class of 2023] all employees wore this year, VC employees working on that day will receive our brand new, state of the art, cutting-edge cotton short sleeved t-shirts, each printed with the face, name and high school of a different admitted student. All staff must also accessorize with at least three pieces of college swag, purchased from the bookstore, including but not limited to: socks, cardigans, earrings, cufflinks, formal pants, hats and/or a bumper sticker stuck neatly to the forehead. These stylish statement pieces are sure to let every single visitor know how much we value what they could pay us in tuition,” read the College’s official press release.

Staff won’t be the only ones decked out in Vassar gear for the day. The press release only hints at what will come, but the College plans a welcome ceremony for the ages.

“All Vassar students, faculty and weekday staff are required to line the sidewalks for the whole day, demonstrating their school spirit to the fullest for the arriving families. Among other ceremonial duties, students, faculty and staff will be required to participate in the ceremonial balloon drop and listen to a four-hour-long speech on the history and greatness of this Hallowed Institution,” the press release hinted coyly.

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the event for the following year, but this press release sure has piqued our interest! Gossip continues to circulate over who will lead such stimulating informational panels, such as Residential Life and On-Campus Mental Health Resources. But based off of what they’ve told us, we’re all just holding our breath and waiting for the next Admitted Students Day in 2020.

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