VSA Updates

Updates from the VSA meeting of April 14, 2019

Consensus Agenda – Passed

  • Pre-Approved Allocations:
    • 93.95/93.95 from Capital to Big Night In for horseshoe game set and water guns for Founder’s Day
    • 75/75 from Discretionary to The Listening Center for finals week stress-buster
    • 1000/1000 from Conference to ASA for Association for Asian American Studies Conference (AAAS Conference)
  • Allocations:
    • 100/100 from Discretionary to Burlesque for security costs for Burlesque Elements Show
    • 265/265 from Administrative Fund to Big Night In for laser tag
    • 500/500 from Speakers to On Tap for tap master class with Bill Coates
    • 250/250 from Social Consciousness to Vassar Asian American Studies Working Group for food for the event called “Envisioning Horizons: the Future of Critical Ethnic Studies at Vassar”

VSA Elections

Due to technical difficulties with balloting software used in the recent VSA Spring elections, the Senate voted on Sunday to vacate the results for house team officers and all class-based representatives (including VSA Senators and Senior Class Council) and to hold new elections for these positions. Details regarding these new elections will be released this week as the Board of Elections and Appointments (BoEA) and the VSA work to resolve the technical issues.

Forum with Director of SAVP Nicole Wong

The forum with Director of Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention (SAVP) Nicole Wong, scheduled for last Sunday’s Senate meeting, was postponed to make time for Senate to discuss the spring election results.

Finance Committee

Annual budgeting meetings were held over the past weekend; initial allocations were distributed to student orgs, and appeals will be held in the coming weeks.

Academics Committee

The Committee on Curricular Policies (CCP) met and made final approvals of courses and intensives to be offered next year.

VSA Academics will be sponsoring an information session regarding the rebalanced curriculum on April 22 from 5:00–7:00 pm.

Organizations Committee

The committee has been continuing to hear pre-org and full org applications and will present final recommendations to Senate next week.

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