Campus Climate: Sept. 12

Over the summer, Vassar’s campus underwent extensive renovations, the most controversial of which have taken place in the Rose Parlor, Shakespeare Garden and Raymond house. What do students think of the renovations all over campus? To find out, we asked around! 

“The renovations [in Raymond] are still not done. I don’t know what’s up in the printer room. They also said they would finish the basement. There’s still things going on. I really like the paint and the windows. The floors are really good. It’s a major upgrade from last year. Overall I’m happy with the changes, and Raymond needed a lot of the things that they did do.” 

–Miguel Nazario ’21 

“I was told the windows [in Raymond] used to fall out, and that the floorboards were really creaky. Living here is nice actually. Everything is good, but I don’t like the bathrooms. You still have to shower with other people, like in Main. The basement is still very scary. Otherwise very nice, very homey.” 

–Leila Barnes ’23 

“I’m overall pretty happy in [Raymond]. The new floors are an improvement. I’m a bit disappointed that the bathrooms didn’t get any improvements. I’m not sure they’re done with the renovations, but we’ll see.” 

–Jordi Martinez ’21 

“I have relatively low standards, but I do like Raymond. I think the floors got sturdier. I know they made a few renovations to the bathrooms, plus they added a motion sensor light. The paint honestly didn’t bother me for the last two years, but it’s nice to have a different color for a change.” 

–Jonathan Fong ’21 

“Things are definitely better [in Raymond]. I don’t know if there’s a list of changes, but I know that they fixed the floors and reupholstered the furniture. I wish they had gotten us new desks. They haven’t really changed the character of the house (in a good way).” 

–Griffin Trayner ’22 

“The hallways [in Raymond] look nice and normal, but the bathrooms aren’t all that great. I still have to switch staircases to get to my room. No horror stories so far, and the floor in my room is fantastic.” 

–Samson Dorfman ’23 

“The Rose Parlor looks fantastic. The Shakespeare Garden should be burned down now though.” 

–Jemison Tipler ’20 

“[The changes in the Rose Parlor] are interesting. I don’t really know if it’s good, but I think it’s interesting.” 

–Dylan Smith ’20 

All photos courtesy of Yumeng Li

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