Day: September 19, 2019

Coming climate strike heats up campus

By Alysa Chen – 5 years ago

Young people have had enough of dire climate predictions and presidential candidates saying they have a “comprehensive” plan for dealing with climate change. Young people have had enough of bipartisanship…

Superstitious squad shows superiority at Scramble

By Alessandra Fable and Jackie Molloy – 5 years ago

Every athlete has their own set of superstitions: putting on your right shoe before your left, always wearing the same headband or sitting on the same side of the bench…

Humans of Poughkeepsie: Tree Arrington

By – 5 years ago

Humans of Poughkeepsie is an ongoing project seeking to highlight Poughkeepsie residents and community members. Each featured member will share a collection of stories—connected or not—that reveal the multifaceted nature…

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