Pick a Deece dessert and we’ll give you a major!

A quiz for the vacillating Vassarian.


1. Cider donut? Art history. You might be niche, but you’re scrumptious anyway. Majoring in art history isn’t just sweet and sensational, but as fulfilling as a yummy breakfast donut. 

2. Crumb cake? Econ. @deece_reviewed describes this as a “meh mushy mess”—just like you, future Econ major. In this department, you’ll be so stressed out that you can’t even present yourself. Also, y’all are sloppy on weekends. Hold it together, Econ majors. 

3. Nilda? Earth science. I hate to be rude, but you’re just bland if you eat these. Major in our blandest department. 

4. Vanilla Pudding Tarte? International Studies. Look, this dessert is just as indecisive as you are! It’s clearly having an identity crisis, trying to exist in too many spheres. You know you like political science, you want to look as erudite as the philosophy students, and so you go ahead and smash them together. Hopefully your thesis won’t be as incongruous as this piece of pie/tart/pudding. (By the way you’re just a poli sci major, and you just want pudding). 

5. Poundcake? Biology. This is a dry, yet sensible choice in dessert and major. Sure, it’s not the sweetest, and it’s a lot to tackle, but it’ll surely fill your tummy and life. 

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie? Poli Sci. Ubiquitously loved across campus, this popular, reliable, yet under-supplied dessert captures the soul of political science courses. You won’t be disappointed, if you can get one. 

7. Strawberry Jam Cake? STS. This dessert indicates a strong affinity with many different, rich areas of study. As a multidisciplinary major, STS will satisfy your urge to enjoy more than one flavor at the same time. 

All photos courtesy of deece_reviewed via Instagram

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