The Miscellany Crossword: Sept. 19

[Correction: An erroneous grid was printed with this week’s puzzle. The correct one is below].



l. Mickey’s silly dog friend 

6. a cowboy’s shoe 

10. Wes Anderson’s canine land form 

14. to quarrel 

15. Kuzco’s civilization 

16. step necessary to upload a physical copy 

17. untrue 

18. two cheeks 

19. more than ‘more’ 

20. (of a person or body part), plump 

22. to leak into 

24. to utilize 

25. compensated for labor 

27. farming vehicle 

29. to grant authority or increase pride 

33. site of the cucumber eyes 

34. the Old direction 

35. to walk with a hurt leg 

37. antonym of ‘subtract from’ 

41. Vassar medical superheroes 

42. someone who believes in a supreme being or a creator 

44. hearing hole 

45. the rotating assembly of a turbine 

48. to sketch 

49. ‘or —-’, vague threat 

50. artificial hair 

52. Greek dish of the Klepht’s 

54. cleft lip 

58. word used to emphasize smallness or insignificance 

59. a glorifying lyrical stanza 

60. dark brown or black 

62. Mother known for good deeds 

66. by any other name 

68. a nonsense word used for mockery 

70. slow-moving shell inhabitant 

71. to expel from the mouth 

72. a commonly fried veggie or ‘lady finger’ 

73. to etch into stone 

74. active Sicilian stratovolcano 

75. utterances of horses 

76. unglazed ceramic cooking or storage jars 


1. Irish slang for ‘house’ 

2. of the mouth 

3. to stare intensely 

4. an agitated person 

5. a cowboy’s exclamation 

6. baby neckwear 

7. a duty or responsibility 

8. a group of eight 

9. informal potatoes 

10. abbreviation for ‘interstellar medium’ 

11. nickname of To Kill A Mockingbird narrator 

12. a yeehaw rope 

13. to come in 

21. yellow traffic sign 

23. informal term for father or grandfather 

26. made to be without water 

28. abbreviation for Canadian dollar 

29. large jug with wide mouth for carrying water 

30. if you didn’t receive this, you’re out of the loop 

31. signal used to quietly gain attention 

32. a fan fiction smile 

36. longest book of the bible 

38. market of sandwiches and meats 

39. a job or goal 

40. milk’s favorite cookie 

43. bird word of social media 

46. to be in debt 

47. to make someone annoyed or irritated 

49. everlasting, without end 

51. a species of small, Southeast Asian apes 

53. a wall painting 

54. what you take to Old Town Rd 

55. to welcome an unrelated child into a family 

56. substance that protects plants from insects 

57. Jack Black was this type of king 

61. informal form of ‘not’ 

63. British royalty between marquess and viscount 

64. the Destroyer in Hindu trinity 

65. a type of beers 

67. estimated arrival time 

69. text laugh, plural 

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