Day: September 26, 2019

Heated campus strikes on climate

By and – 5 years ago

Scattered across the grass on the Chapel Lawn, Vassar students gathered for exchanges in cross-legged semicircles, listening to live performances at the makeshift stage nearby and painting signs bearing slogans…

Marc Indigo delivers mellow grooves and Lo-fi moods

By Rayan El Amine – 5 years ago

He is posted quietly in his bedroom with an oversized gold chain wrapped around his neck. As we weave between intimate conversations about his music tastes and small talk surrounding…

Elite consulting firm comes to Vassar

By – 5 years ago

The room teemed with black blazers, sweaty palms and briefcases in hands of rushing, fervent Vassar students, anxiously waiting on the chance to meet with the alumnae/i of McKinsey &…

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