VSA Updates

Senate Notes for Sept. 22, 2019
Start Time: 2:01 PM
End Time: 3:03 PM

Consensus Agenda
Conference Fund was not given full amount because they asked for $50 from each matter
600/1200 from Capital Fund for Chabad Jewish Community (Prayer Books)
Look at Financial Minutes, application to Capital Fund for $1200
Decision rested on…
Things have not happened on this scale in the past, not sure there is enough demonstrated need
Other alternative versions available through digital or photocopy
Didn’t seek out other funding first, VSA traditionally hasn’t allocated for prayer books (like from RSL)
Timing of Rosh Hashanah, means timing is tight
Speaker from Chabad…
Have previously only offered evening services, not the evening and daytime, meaning students have had to walk to another synagogue for daytime services. Hoping this year to offer both services

Executive Board Updates
Carlos will send email of timeline, no need to vote
By Sunday Oct. 15, should have complete Senate, afterwards will speak with PB and Dean Alamo.
5-7 year plan for the College, will present once there is complete Senate
Committee Updates: meetings, lack of meetings, updated meeting times; pre-org application will open by end of the week; Dining Committee is open to everyone; working on small operational things; making more goals
Social Media Presence…
Each of us (possibly) on our Instagrams posting about the meeting
Carlos the only one with access of social media, probably not his first priority
We are not uniform in our conduits for communication, need some kind of standard person who we can go to for advertising, consolidate social media
Intern will be running the social media pages, still working on how it will work; each Intern will have PR responsibilities; any Intern will be able to do whatever a VSA member needs
Using personal pages to publicize VSA’s social media Need to update the VSA Board with flyers Potential of hosting town hall events

Committee Chair Updates
Planning—reflect on last week’s Senate. If students had known about Chance Theater, they would have attended meeting. Find more student voices
Discussion time points set in order to keep the meetings efficient
Disagree—should not be set times because everything should be talked about to its full extent
Sustainability Committee…
Coordinate to be talking about the same thing
Planning Committee offers their help
General advertisements or more targeted for heated topics
Do both flyers and write specific lines in the email about what heated topics are being discussed
People don’t always read the agenda: Label the topics

General VSA conversation
Set goals for this year
Full Senate soon. President Bradley and Dean Alamo will present their ideas about the College

Open Discussion
Finance and BoRA is closed, everything else is open
From now on, Senate moving to Rocky 112.

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