Day: October 3, 2019

Campus Climate: Oct. 3

By – 3 years ago

We wanted to know how much Vassar students knew about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. To find out, we asked around! I know about it, but I don’t know…

Why we play

By Cristina Lopez – 3 years ago

[CW: This article mentions death and cancer.] I first started playing field hockey when I was eight years old. My mother had played field hockey at Middlebury College, and she…

Quite Frankly

By – 3 years ago

Hey Frankie, Recently, two of my friends expressed sexual interest in each other and presumably started having casual sex. That’s fine. The problem: I’m really interested in one of them.…

Kaepernick is face of a movement, history in the making

By Ryan El Amine – 3 years ago

Knee bent and unwavering, staring deep into the face of centuries of unchanging oppression, serenaded by the same “Star Spangled Banner” built on the backs of chains and shackles, Colin…

Horoscopes: Oct. 3

By Francisco Andrade – 3 years ago

This week is your week! No matter what happens throughout the week, just know that it ends exactly how you’ve been hoping it would: alien abduction. Taurus, I know you’ve…

Campus Canvas: Oct. 3

By Lucy Ackman – 3 years ago

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