Campus Climate: Oct. 10

We wanted to know how much Vassar students knew about the Vassar board of trustees. To find out, we asked around!

I don’t know anything about Vassar Trustees.

Shai Wexler ’23

I know that the board is building the Inn and Institute and demolishing Williams House, and making big decisions that the campus isn’t a part of.

Cassie Jain ’20

First time I’m hearing about them.

–Ella Nguyen ’23

I know Lisa Kudrow is on the Board of Trustees, but she doesn’t go by Lisa Kudrow.

Chloe Catoya ’20

They are a group of people who come to campus a couple times a year and give their input to what the campus needs and where the campus should go.

Sam Steeves ’21

Reporting courtesy of Emma Koolpe ’21

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