Crossword: Oct. 17

1. longest living insect
4. electron gun tv tubes, abbr
7. summer month bugs
11. nameless sign-off
12. miraculous medicinal plant
13. to be blindingly angry
15. relax places
17. joint
18. beer
19. completes cooperatively
21. holds the balls
22. sleepy bug
23. four chapter book of Christian Bible
24. where a casual soldier is at
27. he’s got superpowers he’s no ordinary kid (alt caption: 10)
28. to access online media
30. producers of Reba
33. famously extinct bird
36. the largest science fiction collection
38. boots, flip flops, sneakers
39. referred to as Sister
40. self-referential in a mind-bending way
41. Columbus’ nautical beans
43. worst thing to step on
45. of the remains of a fire
46. frigid adverb
48. pig, writing, female swan
50. to surrender or yield
51. a mixed-breed dog
53. to ruin or blemish, -ket
56. 2016 term of endearment, but an Ottoman governor
58. in a way contrary to what is expected, causing wry amusement
60. abaya, abbr
61. host for an event or show
64. someone who struggles with liquor
66. identity of e^(i*pi)+1=0
67. to immobilise for a short period of time
68. counterpart to a lord
69. plural of serum
70. Vassar time zone
71. pigment for transferring colour
1. to anoint someone as part of Christian rite
2. nudged with your olfactory appendage
3. explosive
4. sport shoe
5. bugs that never die
6. exam
7. to be unwilling to do or accept something
8. website address
9. makes one sick to their stomach
10. volcano named from Greek aithÅ•, ‘I burn’
11. person from Arabian peninsula or surrounding areas
12. preposition,- the world in 80 days
14. indicates continuation not necessary to be explicitly said
16. unit of measurement of land
20. the fictional environment an actor works on
25. is, plural
26. antonym of land animal
27. Volkswagen, -juice, dung
28. what is sung
29. bug that is attracted to flames
30. another term for Egyptian cobra
31. cool, contemporary, and fashionable
32. a bike with one wheel
34. one and
35. when something must be turned in
37. a horse’s refusal
42. not even
44. a possible choice
47. a necklace of flowers
49. -a-sketch
51. Mr. Krabs did this in an episode when he shed his shell
52. uncircumcised, unrevised
53. a person inhabiting Malaysia or Indonesia
54. to accept or act in accordance with
55. promiscuous or unchaste
56. buzz buzz, they’re all dying from climate change
57. large flightless birds
59. to completely destroy or level (Brit spelling)
62. literary form of ever
63. a period of time associated w/ a particular distinctive, arbitrary phenomenon
65. not young

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