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Veteran’s Day: a day to remember and acknowledge those who have served. But what does it mean to have served? Is military service a boastful memory that we all look back on with pride? Is it a bloodstained blemish on our conscience? Is it recounted in medals and ribbons? Or perhaps in scars? Well, that depends.

Every veteran has their own story. We are composed of a wide range of people from all walks of life who enlisted for all sorts of reasons. Some of us were chasing collegiate opportunity, some felt a familial obligation. Others wanted money, felt patriotism or just needed to get away from a bad situation.

Vassar’s veteran population is also complex. Vassar boasts a large veteran population, with over 30 vets currently attending campus, as well as claiming the spot for No. 1 Liberal Arts School for Veterans (U.S News, “Best Colleges For Veterans,” 2019). This is largely in part due to Posse, a scholarship program that assists vets into getting into this institution, though Vassar does have non-Posse veterans as well. 

So for Veteran’s Day, to showcase some of the various voices of veterans on campus, The Miscellany News is transforming the Humor Section to allow Vassar Vets to speak up about their own service. The stories included in this section are individual experiences and therefore do not speak for all veterans. Some may be light-hearted, while others can include difficult topics that will always be difficult to talk about. But we hope they can show our individual and group voices to a non-veteran audience. 

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  1. What a grand idea — and the Misc might well continue a monthly “Veterans’ Voices” column, to air their very different & personal takes on the College, campus life, their own struggles and memories. Thank you for these pieces, hope for more to come. // I am retired from the Grants Office, where I worked with Colleen on veterans’ matters and could not have been more proud and admiring of her wonderful work as major mentor to the Vassar Vets. A wonderful person, with great common sense.

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