Special thanks to Colleen Mallet

On behalf of the Vassar Veterans, I would like to give a special thanks to Vassar Registrar Colleen Mallet. On top of her responsibilities as Registrar, Colleen is also the Advisor for Veterans and Military Affiliated students, a position that tasks her to assist vets with funding, grants and overall betterment of life at Vassar. 

Colleen, the following is addressed to you. Do you remember when you helped us find out where to get clothing and furniture donations after moving 1,700 miles by ourselves? Or the information you found for us regarding the Middlebury Language School when we needed help? Do you recall how you provided us with everything we needed for our campus visit to relieve any stress? Or all of those times you offered guidance and counsel when we felt we had nowhere else to turn? What about the dozens of other memories not mentioned here? I don’t know if you remember, but we certainly do. 

It’s nowhere near enough, but thank you, Colleen, for your dedication to veterans. Your work is truly appreciated, and your positive impact and commitment is felt unanimously. 

Yours truly, 

Francisco Andrade, Tiffany Trumble and all Vassar Veterans 


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