Lath Luv celebrates house pride

Guest Columnist Carissa Clough writes, “The phrase ‘Lath Luv’ encapsulates what it feels like to call yourself a Lathropian.”

With iconic party songs such as “Like a G6,” lively blacklights and jubilant Lathrop residents, 2019’s annual Lath Luv was a memorable night full of house pride. Students dressed in pink, Lathrop’s house color, filled the Villard room the evening of Friday, Nov. 15 to de-stress from their mountainous workloads and celebrate the titular motto of Lathrop house: Lath Luv.

Lathrop’s highly anticipated house event was a collaboration between Lathrop House Team, Vassar College Sound System (VCSS) and Vice Weekly. Per tradition, Lath Luv was a blacklight party featuring performances from DJ Dirty South Joe and other student DJs. Spirited attendees flowed between the dance floor and photo booth, laughing with friends and making memories.

The night was particularly memorable for Lathrop residents.“[Lath Luv] was a blast mainly due to the fact that I’m from Lathrop myself and I felt proud to have my house represented for all of Vassar,” Tim Nguyen ‘23 enthused.

VCSS’ self-taught DJs’ music selections were impressive and intuitive to the well-loved bops of our generation. Lathrop resident and attendee Celeste Weidemann ‘23 raved about the setlist: “They had great music, from Tyler the Creator to The Chainsmokers. There was a large variety.”

Lathrop House Team had been working since August to ensure this yearly event would be a success. Lathrop Program Director Chloe Richards ‘22 elaborated on Lathrop’s side of the process: “At times [it could] be stressful, but it’s also nice to know that the responsibility I feel is just because I love Lathrop so much. I really want to see our house community thrive, and with events like Lath Luv, I feel a lot of pride in both our house and in seeing the bigger Vassar community come together.”

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