Want to get active? Check out four local fitness gems

Courtesy of Stonewave Yogo Poughkeepsie via Facebook

Walker Field House is a great place to get in a workout, whether on your own or in one of Vassar’s guided classes. But, sometimes getting off campus to get in touch with your physical self is exactly what you need to clear your head and work your body, be it just for fun or a serious commitment. Not to mention, you’re less likely to run into your professors.

Stonewave Yoga

This new yoga studio is within walking distance of campus, located at 2 LaGrange Avenue, Suite 206—you’ve probably seen the sign above Crafted Kup. The first class is free to all Vassar students with a flash of your ID, then two weeks of unlimited classes is $25. After these two weeks, students can participate in any of the membership options, including class packages and an unlimited program where you can pay to attend as many classes as you want on a monthly basis. Students also get a 10 percent discount for all packages. The space’s dimly lit studios and chill music help to create an aura of relaxation for the variety of yoga-based classes, including Vinyasa-style, restorative/gentle yoga and Yin, as well as more rigorous classes such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and a HIIT pilates combination. Many classes are taught both with and without heat.

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Precision Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Precision Boxing is located at 51 Burnett Blvd. in Poughkeepsie, about a 5-10 minute drive from campus. The gym offers a variety of membership options, and anyone can either register online or walk in for an initial appointment. At this appointment, trainers plan to discuss goals, give a tour of the facilities and provide a free one-on-one lesson to determine the best style of boxing or MMA for each potential member. One option is a 30-day free trial where members can try out any basic level class, from boxing to Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai. After the trial, participants can explore the different membership options. The studio’s manager, Oliver Swanson, promotes a culture of open-mindedness throughout the gym and believes that boxing, MMA and self defense can benefit people from all walks of life. While the studio does not currently have a student discount, it is planning to develop one.

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Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a chain fitness center with locations all around the country, one of which is a 15-minute drive away at 1895 South Road in Poughkeepsie. The first class is free for everyone, and participants should bring water and a towel with them. The studio’s coaches explain the class, discuss goals and give everyone a heart rate monitor. The classes are similar to a Crossfit style of workout, combining elements of both cardio and strength by using a variety of machines and techniques that work within five heart-rate “zones” of effort. According to their website, the zones range from “very light activity” to “uncomfortable” to “all out effort.” The zones are unique to each trainee’s individual heart rate. Additionally, Orangetheory places a focus on ensuring that everyone has the option to work at their own pace and comfort levels, as well as building a fitness community. After the free class, students have the options of unlimited classes, eight classes a month, or four classes a month.

Courtesy of Bibi Lorenzetti via Facebook.

Ashtanga Yoga Newburgh

This yoga studio focuses specifically on the “Ashtanga” style. Rather than the yoga “flow” that many people may be familiar with, this practice is based on a finite number of postures that participants learn and improve as they continue to practice. Beginners who have no previous knowledge of Ashtanga postures are welcome to the studio and should not be intimidated. This studio is further away from campus at 18 Norton Street in Newburgh—about a 40-minute drive—but is something new to try out if you’re interested in yoga, but Yin or Vinyasa aren’t your style. The studio is owner Bibi Lorenzetti’s converted garage, a warm and open space that invites openness of the mind and body as well. Students have a discounted $18 price for dropping in, as well as a discounted price of $60 for four classes. Make sure to RSVP in advance on the studio’s website.

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