Brewer of the Week: Feb. 20

Frankie Knuckles/The Miscellany News

Jackie Cenan


Courtesy of Carlisle Stockton.

Jackie Cenan, senior guard of women’s basketball, is your Brewer of the week! Laguna Beach’s finest capped her final regular season homestand with a pair of stellar games. Over the weekend, Cenan averaged a team best 18 points per game and corralled three steals in each bout. The captain led her Brewers to dueling wins over Union College and William Smith. She was particularly on top of her game against the Herons of Geneva, shooting 10 of 17 from the field and picking the pockets of opponents thrice. Where the Brewers struggled from close range during the first half, Cenan plopped down her bankers box on her desk in the paint and went to work. Her four years in this hoop academy we call Vassar College were on display as she pulled off a slick fake pass for a lay-in that would’ve confused the baseline cameraman (if only we had one in the AFC). In the third quarter, she wove through a flock of Herons to get a tough, fading floater to go. This editor hopes her dominant play continues and leads the Brewers to more esteemed awards come playoff time.

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