Ode to…poetry

I have seen the bee movie 
you know the one with Jerry Seinfeld 
playing a talking bee
At least 100 times
I find the whole movie upsetting 
Barry Benson gets more pussy than me
and he is a fucking bee
A bee 
That's right
This movie is communist propaganda 
that's right,
Forget about the birds
It's Barry Benson 
is fighting the bourgeoisie 
I would never show my children this movie
I have only watched it in such great detail for research purposes
In an effort to undermine the homosexual agenda
Please email me at fck69bees@gmail.com for more information on how big honey actually benefits bees
— G. Keller
I Promise I’ll Come To The Next One
This play has taken 
Five hundred hours of your life
In the last six weeks.
You have sweat and wept
Done everything else but slept
To make the show live.
It sounds really great.
I don’t think I can make it.
I have plans to watch Netflix.
— Blair Webber
An Ode to My College Roommate
Oh Roommate,
Who listens to me complain about my courses
And who tells me to hold my horses!
I would not make it without you 
Or your constant reminders that my mess is quite enormous.
Oh Roommate,
I will surely miss you when we graduate. 
I don’t think I’ll ever find such a mate, 
Who doesn’t mind that I am a self centered roommate
That I’ve made this ode to you all about my constant state of disarray. 
Oh Roommate, 
I apologize for not being quite poetic, 
and for ruining this ode to you.
All I really have to say is that I will always admire your athletic aesthetic. 
— Ivanna Guerra
Above, “Sexy Bee,” a self-portrait. Ciara Murray-Jordan/The Miscellany News

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