The Miscellany Crossword: March 26


1. look forward to consuming this tasty sustenance

5. divisions of theatrical acts

9. tennis game

14. Hawaiian party

15. driving direction

16. WWII Normandy Beach/city in Nevada

17. first Holy Roman Emperor

18. liquid precipitation

19. all over the internet

20. of utmost importance to deal with ASAP

22. to close off an artery or vessel

23. one hundredth of a yen

24. most common food allergy

25. very long period of time, alternate spelling

26. leg

27. Electric Point of Sale, abbr

29. opposite of a bottom

32. someone outside of social environments

35. not yours

36. swollen lymph node in armpit

37. small ovum

38. mineral or metal rock

39. serf in ancient Sparta

40. animal doctors

41. to buy things

42. steep Scottish hillside

43. to make a mistake

44. to move by

45. ominous mist

46. country and A Flock of Seagulls song

48. upper limbs of bipedal vertebrates 

49. alien spaceship

52. spreads substance across a surface

54. court of justice

56. meanders or winds

57. Phineas who survived a grave head injury

58. to protect one’s loins

59. deknot

60. object, idea, person, or place

61. a theater box

62. an art form consisting of tunes, melodies

63. employed, utilized 

64. privy to


1. shoes that flip

2. unusual and startling, French

3. made with or containing oats

4. name better ones, we’ll wait

5. large, open, skylit room

6. to repeatedly yell as a group

7. mathematics of triangles

8. radiates light and warmth

9. watch these to get out of your head 

10. Spanish word for ‘friend’

11. big hairy spider

12. little talk

13. strong and healthy elderly person 

21. kind of drum

22. shares borders with Thailand, Vietnam, & Cambodia

26. slightly sticky hair products

27. monetary unit of the EU

28. to make ready, abbr

30. what Hailey plays in Mozart in the Jungle

31. stored with pans

32. devotion and sacrifice

33. walkie talkie sign-off

34. substances that provide nourishment

35. and aahs

36. ice lettuce

39. developed after atomic bomb 

41. without, French

44. unit of distance in astronomy 

45. someone who is there for you 

47. diameter halves

48. quarrel, debate

49. student or labor

50. largest city in North Dakota

51. “yee ancient days”

52. past participle of swim

53. book of food options

54. North American people native to New Mexico

55. Jamaican tangelo fruit

57. wildebeest

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