Horoscopes: April 9


Being inside can give you the blues. Go online shopping and buy some new shoes. Your birthday is marked by a social distance, so solving your problems by spending makes sense.


Sleeping is great, but try to get dressed. The outlook it gives you might make you less stressed. Go outside if you can for a nice change of scene; say hi to the birds, and the spring trees of green.


Not seeing your friends has been quite hard for you. I know you’re debating a brand new hairdo. Are bangs the best choice? Well, that’s for you to find. Give it two days; you still want them? Then fine.


You swing introverted, but still this is hard. Try writing a poem in the style of the Bard. A sonnet, perchance? I know you’ve got skill. And if anything, it’s some more time you can kill.


Zoom is the most fortunate of new trends. Have you tried virtual cocktail hour with friends? (Only if you’re of age! Otherwise it’s a crime.) Use your school Zoom account to get more video time.


It’s been a hot sec since you’ve read a good book. It’s the same thing for me; I don’t know where to look. I think Oprah has lists from her monthly book club; maybe start there and download an ePub.


Amidst all this madness, the stars have the gall to make you start very slowly to fall… In love’s what I mean. Make sure to be smart: You’re careful with germs, be the same with your heart.


Staying cooped up inside has you back in your shell. Go back to a hobby you know you do well. Draw a picture or two; stay creative at least. Bake a loaf of good bread with some active dry yeast.


You’re bright and you know it, so flex all your smarts! Pick up a new language; break it into parts. Just make sure you continue with it every day, lest the Duolingo owl have some mean words to say.


Not knowing the end is a definite stressor, but comedic vids make anxiety lesser. Escape for a while into YouTube’s unknown; with autoplay on, you’ll be glued to your phone.


It can be very hard, but your pals wanna talk! Try answering texts or the socials they stalk. You think reaching out doesn’t add but subtracts, but who else but your buds wants to hear your fun facts?

Pisces Your first instinct in these times is to escape––to a fantasy world with a much kinder shape. Try to find the best parts of the world that is real, and maybe even the bad will be easier to feel.

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