The Miscellany Crossword: April 16


1. area for competitions and performances

6. someone who writes computer programs

11. vicious jaw or mouth

14. bowling alley isles

15. to combine or bring together

16. plural form of ‘is’

17. diligent, hard-working

19. nothing, zero, nada

20. no win outcome

21. three sounds

23. sergeants, informal

26. Uber Eats but door

27. contemplated again

32. fairy tale preposition

33. USSR labor camp

34. broadcaster/channel of NCIS, Survivor and Big Brother

37. historically male version of ma’am 

38. fancy word for freckle

40. long-handled gardening tool

41. Solo who made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs

42. upright or straight

43. head of academic administrative branch

44. climate + plank, compound word 

47. what a superhero wears

50. viscous sweet dressings, alternate spelling

51. apprehended by the law

56. second month of the year, abbr 

57. 2011 animated bird movie set in Brazil

58. pretentious display intended to garner attention

63. hallucinogenic drug

64. a sword on a stick for jousts

65. Parisian river

66. affirmative answer

67. Josh’s brother

68. attempted


1. “The Greatest” American boxer 

2. jogged, sprinted

3. finis

4. Nick show featuring Jimmy, Boy Genius

5. to appoint a task to

6. mutt, insult

7. taking care of it, two words

8. Christian —-, luxury goods company 

9. small ornamental case, French

10. relaxation

11. miraculous sustenance supplied to Israelites

12. current zodiac season

13. relating to Wales

18. golf ball pedestals

22. descriptor of Timmy Turner’s fairy godparents

23. classic tan camera filter

24. squirrel’s snack

25. authenticating seal on a ring

27. show about the boy band that went Big Time

28. double jump ropes

29. select few who are deemed superior 

30. a small dingy towel

31. sense of self-confidence

34. inexpensive

35. wild hogs or pigs

36. to deliver or transmit

38. Bruce, famous martial artist and actor

39. time period

43. someone who has qualms or suspicions

44. small or early

45. a fissure or break that separates

46. boob

47. she hosts an internet show with Freddie and Sam

48. to stand up or emerge

49. pokes

52. to have transferred ownership for a price

53. title of the ruler of Russia, formerly 

54. active volcano off coast of Sicily

55. Tech, of cards, to punch

59. French for “originally called”

60. WWI, WWII, WW—

61. “He [Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen] was Number —!”

62. single-handedly declassified the school survival guide

Answers to last week’s puzzle

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