The Miscellany Crossword: April 23


1. official currency of Sweden

6. curved line describing character growth

9. breathing organ

13. super stellar explosions

14. milk’s favorite cookie

15. oblong circle

16. thoughts or concepts

17. basic monetary unit of Cambodia 

18. a spiritual teacher, especially Hindu and Buddhist

19. bouncy green spherical rubber item, 2 words

21. show about high school acapella club

22. car fuel

23. regions, spaces

25. to ask insistently

29. more wise

31. title of various aristocrats/rulers in Islamic nations, plural

32. boundary, entrance to a building

36. singer Simone

37. poops

38. this French word keeps showing up in the crosswords, it’s étui

39. smaller stream that joins a bigger river

41. to uplift or elevate

42. furious, enraged

43. in the middle of, among, plural

44. grows in the ground

46. chain or ornament associated with watches

47. past participle of lie

48. eventually, in the end, essentially 

55. intended trajectories

56. largest urban area in Germany

57. plural of logion

58. leg joint

59. test

60. sipped, imbibed

61. active Sicilian volcano

62. crafting activity, involves a needle and thread

63. what one takes in an argument


1. crafting activity that involves needles and yarn

2. how they went off into the sunset

3. it was Hansel and Gretel, in the kitchen, with an —-

4. circular flatbread originating from Western/ South Asia

5. delegates responsibility to complete a task

6. solo operatic song

7. to draw in (especially in fishing)

8. crafts that composes snippets of other materials and mediums

9. someone who cuts down trees + skull/mind

10. dangly bit in back of throat 

11. zoological term for nostrils 

12. basic craft adhesive

14. spherical mysterious objects 

20. unhappy

24. —life, oversees living situations on campus

25. slight deformity in a hard surface caused by pressure

26. singular form of 31 across

27. smaller version

28. a northern region of Indian Ocean, 2 words

29. home to the hobbits

30. nickname for Arthur, descriptor of a crafty person

32. this or

33. singer Redding

34. sexual desire

35. stops living

37. frames or heights

40. case for ashes

41. indecent, rude, racy, plural

43. biological maternal figure

44. craft that involves brushes and pigments

45. Latin for 32 across

46. hard or unyielding

47. the US boasts 5 Great ones

49. expensive or of high quality

50. defrost

51. female singer Kelly

52. archaic exclamation of surprise, anger, or affirmation

53. a queue, may be in the sand

54. a domesticated oxen that pukes aggressively

Answers to last week’s puzzle

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