Horoscopes: April 23

This week’s horoscopes inspired by Co-Star’s terrifying notifications.


It’s okay to not always do what is asked of you. / Ask yourself what your weaknesses are, and how they can become your strengths. / Wear blue. You will be surprised by what is revealed to you.


Teach yourself how to get out of bed. / Climb on rocks, or pretend to climb on rocks. / The world is made of love, but only once you can take yourself out of the picture long enough to look at it. 


I don’t know the stars any better than you do. / Fall over in front of someone who intimidates you. / Listen to the birds for lessons in chattering. / Pick a flower, but only one. Choose wisely. 


Pretend that nobody is forcing you to do the things you love. / Does it really matter which side you pick, or just that you picked a side? / “Want” has never been a forbidden word. / Do the work.


If you don’t have eggs, you can make a cake with mayonnaise. / The list of who wants you around is long, so write it out to kill time. / Be alive. / When was the last time you made yourself laugh?


Stop pretending to be in love—or not in love. / You’re not old, just sick of pressing buttons. / Say “I miss you” out loud. It won’t kill anybody. / Are you keeping track of your memories? / Sleep in.


Ground yourself. Become one with the earth. / Trust the solid foundation of science. / Fight cruelty in all its forms. / Have faith in yourself, and believe in justice. / When in doubt, shut up.


When are you least yourself? / Crying over love is not strong or weak, just painstakingly human. / Lucky numbers are fake, but pick one anyway and find it in the strangest places. / Wait for a beginning.


Calm is not silent, but you knew that. / The sun rises, still. / Are you ready to slow down? / There’s a chance you’re using a word wrong; exalt in the joy of being corrected. Love and attention are the same.


Are you afraid of the future, or are you afraid that it won’t be like you’d imagined? / Finish your plate and come back for seconds. / Paint every available wall. / Waiting is impossible, but so is love.


Do not mistake the shaky hands for home. / Are you holding back? / Stretch your legs if they start to hurt. / You can only blame yourself for your feeling shut out. Open the door––but just a crack.

Pisces  Giving doesn’t make you God. / Can simple contentment hold you over? / You are more powerful even than people let on. / Life isn’t much besides air, but the Universe cares little about more than that.

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