Day: April 30, 2020

My progressive case for Joe Biden

By Madeline Dean – 3 years ago

In this primary election, like many others, moderate Democrats chose the nominee. I understand why this makes many progressives feel left behind—however, Joe Biden himself has said he knows he…

April 27: How to Use Your Lungs

By Allison Deutsch – 3 years ago

[TW: This article describes illness of a family member and discusses death.] With some homework, it’s easy enough: Just hand it in. Use your compulsory—no, compulsive—daily survey of the news…

The Miscellany Crossword: April 29

By – 3 years ago

ACROSS 1. green lemon 5. greed veggie paired with carrots 9. grows on a green lawn 14. usually highest cards in deck 15. ‘it will’ conjunction 16. permitted by law…