The Miscellany Crossword: April 29


1. green lemon

5. greed veggie paired with carrots

9. grows on a green lawn

14. usually highest cards in deck

15. ‘it will’ conjunction

16. permitted by law

17. attractive, neat, perky

18. a story

19. a proverb or short truth

20. a receipt

22. rid of illness

23. to apply force or make an effort

24. German for ‘stone’

26. utilize

29. French title for addressing women 

33. to be from Sudan

38. one who places

39. resting on, preposition

40. on or toward the left side of a ship 

42. leavened bread from Western/South Asia, Myanmar, and the Caribbean

43. action of an animal to drink up, past tense

45. 12:00 p.m. + pattern of ocean waves 

47. having to do with heat energy, prefix

48. endearment originally used between the guys

49. the protection or support of a particular person/organization

52. oust, overthrow, depose

57. manual escalator

60. ring of muscle surrounding an opening

63. Oil Capital of the World, formerly 

64. to burn or scorch

65. name of world’s oldest dog

66. heavenly entity

67. ‘do ____ others as you would have them do ____ you’

68. green plant with no flowers and leafy fronds

69. facial hair on jaw

70. first garden, biblically

71. green amphibian


1. gap or failure of judgement

2. hiking tool used in frozen conditions (two words)

3. Haggard, country singer

4. chemical compound responsible for aroma of apples, pears, bananas

5. underarm regions

6. ‘and others’ citation

7. an old US machinery manufacturer, ‘_____-Chalmers’

8. hibernated

9. relating to the presence of large bodies of ice

10. needlessly repetitive

11. gelatin obtained from red seaweed 

12. wise or intelligent

13. object used for riding down snow-covered hills

21. to startle, daze, stupefy

25. Latin for ‘buyer’

27. ocean+pup

28. extrasensory perception, abbr

30. berries popularized by smoothie bowls

31. alcoholic beverage with honey

32. sea eagle

33. partner to pepper

34. half of this state is populated by Mormons

35. very good, a drug, or an idiot

36. someone who evaluates the value of homes

37. long period of time

41. to steal from

44. green gem

46. an object, person, place, or idea 

50. a problem or an edition of a magazine

51. to pay money

53. mock or ridicule

54. to emit sound or express

55. vintage

56. forks tend to have 3 or 4

57. to poke violently with a sharp object

58. a melody or song

59. singular form of algae

61. loathe or abhor

62. metal associated with Tony Stark

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