Horoscopes: April 30


Say what’s on your mind while it still feels raw and natural. Resist the urge to shrug your shoulders, to contort yourself into a lie, because since when have you not known what you wanted?


To see the world is a gift for another time. Focus on creating, in the way only human hands can. Our species is far from perfect, but we can make bread from dough and really, what else is there?


There is little else to do but open the windows and feel the air recklessly. Resist the urge to parse every thought flickering across your mind; naming your emotions is scary and thus the only thing that matters.


It is a well-known fact that the wanting means nothing unless you say it. Opening yourself is difficult work, but it’s never done anyone good to be blinded with sunshine in the middle of a storm.


Find someone to count breaths and days with. This too shall pass, and soon you will help someone up from the floor by taking their outstretched hand. Until then, find a space to exist safely together.


It’s simple: Sleep when you’re tired; eat when you’re hungry; take back what’s yours, even when the person who took it from you loves you very very very much. The list of rules for being a human is short.


A desire to be vulnerable is a virtue, but get too close to someone and you’ll end up entwined. Two hearts don’t fit in one body, so in what world will burrowing yourself into somebody’s chest save you?


Can you stand it, the way the light falls? How it pulses and churns and refuses to settle? But then, wishing you could relish in the purple of twilight gets you nowhere. Open your eyes. You aren’t a vampire.


Take tweezers to your thoughts and think before you speak. Learn freedom from confinement, and recognize that the mind is more open than the body ever can be, whether or not you find yourself in a box.


Yes, people have noticed that you’ve gotten quiet. Can you allow yourself enough energy to tell them why? When they tell you they love you, they mean it. Say it back, and loudly, if you can.


The first step is to find someone that listens, and the second is to realize that in listening, people learn how to know you. Everything you say and do gives parts of you away. Let them beyond your mind.

Pisces  Nobody wants you off and away, so save your favorite daydream and give the others a rest. The world is already in color; your mind’s eye only curates what it already knows. Be obnoxiously present.

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