Never-Biden stand down: Trump has to go

I was worried this was going to happen. I was scared that as soon as progressives lost Bernie Sanders to the inevitability of electoral math we would fracture away from what is at stake: Donald Trump cannot remain in office for another four years. I am a supporter of both Warren and Sanders, and even fought back against the push for Sanders to drop out of the race before the odds against him were absolute. I too think the two party system is one of the great flaws of this country. But now is not the time for a never-Biden movement. The disunity of progressives is the exact same mistake that gave us President Bush in 2000 when Al Gore clearly lost the election after Ralph Nader siphoned off progressive votes because progressives claimed that there was no difference between democratic nominee Al Gore and Bush. And this lack of unity is exactly how we went wrong with President Trump in 2016. One of the key skills in making progress in politics is knowing when to push for change and when to acknowledge the necessity of compromise. Bernie Sanders himself acknowledges this necessary strategy. Despite going on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” in 2009 and expressing his severe disapproval of the Affordable Care Act for its “lack of ‘a strong public option’ to compete with private plans and control premiums,” Sanders voted for the bill two weeks later acknowledging that even if it wasn’t as much progress as he would like, it was still a step in the right direction. If Sanders acknowledges the necessity for this compromise, his devoted supporters should do so as well.

As much as I fought for either Warren or Sanders to have become our Democratic nominee, the only option Democrats are left with is former Vice President Joe Biden. Now, as much as I resent the fact that he’s the last one standing, it is incontestable that we’re no longer talking about which nominee would be best; we’re talking about who here would be the least bad. At the very least, Biden is a step in the right direction (in this case, perhaps even a step away from the wrong direction). Even Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his support for Biden, and has directly endorsed him. Sanders understands that at this point there is something greater at stake. 

The women of this country cannot afford another four years of President Trump. The working class of this country cannot afford another four years of President Trump. People of color of this country cannot afford another four years of President Trump. And just about every single person impacted by a progressive issue won in any Supreme Court case cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump. After three years, the president has managed to appoint two very conservative justices to the Supreme Court. Unless we get a Democrat into the White House in November, we very likely might lose another Supreme Court seat, turning the tide to six conservatives and three progressives in the Supreme Court, for sadly as much as we love her, there is a very real possibility that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may not be able to sit on the bench for another four years. The reproductive rights afforded by Roe v. Wade are on the line here. The Center for Reproductive Rights produced a report in 2017 which clearly states that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, 33 states would not permit legal access to safe abortions. If you dug just a little below the surface, you would see that the 2020 election is so much more than an ideological fight for the most progressive values; there is an incredibly harmful possibility of a Trump victory. We cannot afford to lose another seat on the Supreme Court, not if we would like to see the people of this country continue to maintain control over their reproductive rights and their own bodies.

If we want to end the toxic regime of colorblind ideology in our courts that holds us back from remedying the racial injustices of our past, we must remove Donald Trump from the White House. Republicans have historically put emphasis on packing the courts with judges with conservative values, judges who believe that true racial equality equates to colorblindness. Democrats must focus on getting progressive minded judges onto benches across the country in order to give people of color their long overdue equal status in our society. We lose all hope of doing this if we allow President Trump to reside in office for another four years and continue to install conservative judges and justices who assert that all in this country are similarly situated despite race and that we owe nothing to those we have subjugated and continue to subjugate. 

You ask me not to beg you to vote for Joe Biden. But that is exactly what I am going to do, not because I am particularly fond of his past or even in love with his policies, but because there is something so much greater at stake. Think about women across this country who would likely lose their right to an abortion and reproductive rights; people of color across this country who are continuously harmed by the colorblind regime of the court system; and those who have the most to fear from the novel coronavirus, from the elderly in nursing homes to all those with preexisting conditions. Empathize for just a minute: With all of these people in mind, I beg you, vote for Joe Biden. Let’s not repeat 2000. Let’s not repeat 2016. We cannot afford it. Let’s take on the two party system, but not now. Millions of Americans less fortunate than yourself can no longer afford to have an incompetent tyrant in office.


  1. this is right in every way. people who don’t vote in this incoming election are ignorant and do not understand our government.

    thank you for this

    I really hope Alice Woo read this along with the other articles on the matter

    • No this article is not correct. To vote or not to vote for a particular candidate is a right of all US citizens. If no candidate for president fits your bill, then to vote for someone out of ‘hatred’ will just get you more ‘hatred’ on the streets as we have seen by the ignorant poor people of America.
      If Biden is all the Dems have to offer up, they deserve to lose just as they have 4 out of the last 7 administrations. They have had no one interesting enough since Bill Clinton to bring forward.
      If you vote against someone you are ignorant.
      Vote for someone or don’t vote.
      You still have the congress and state positions to vote in and be heard.

  2. The idea that Al Gore lost the 2000 election because of people voting for Ralph Nader in Florida is a lie spread by establishment corporatist Democrats.

    Al Gore couldn’t win his home state of Tennessee that year.

    In Florida, there was widespread voter disenfranchisement of felons who had served their time, almost 100,000 could not vote in the 2000 election.

    Also, it was the Supreme Court intervention, Bush v. Gore, that stopped a recount that would have actually given Florida to Gore, the New York Times synopsis of the whole election buries this fact deep in their story. This 5-4 decision was also a consequence of JOE BIDEN helping to push through Clarence Thomas ten years prior by throwing Anita Hill under the bus in the most misogynistic way possible.

    Get your facts straight and learn some history.

    • There is one – and only one – reason that Trump is in office and that is the stupidity of the Democratic party. And that is the same reason that he will be re-elected and it really has little to
      do with Trump or anything that he does or does not do between now and November.

      The Democratic Party suffer from an apparently ‘terminal’ case of all of the following political
      ————strategic cluelessness
      ———— abysmal lack of committment to or passion toward positions on any issue and a resultant history of ‘caving’ on virtually anything and everything
      ———— complete/total inability to follow through on anything
      ———— excuses for every failure with no subsequent move to correct the situation which has led to even the gravest failure
      ————- lying about everything and believing that those outside their internal circle of one are fooled.

      So this year, when its clear from the CA primary that things are getting ‘out of control’ from the Old (old, old)
      guard’s point of view, the ancients in the party make whatever deals they made to try to force the barely
      coherent, much surgically-enhanced old man Go Along to Get Along O’Biden in as the Party’s answer to
      the post 70 year old child.

      No, none this year. And not any future year in which the Democratic Party trashes what the people want and need because they could frankly care less what Trump does to the country, but are well and truly paralyzed with fear that anyone in their ‘midst’ would dare rise up and try to give it to them.

      and who, like his presumed opponent

      • Old men are ruining America.
        We need younger blood, not children ignorant about government, but 50 year olds that still have their senses running strong.

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