Campus Canvas Sept. 3

Juliette Pope/The Miscellany News

I seek complexity in the mundane. I am interested in the mass-produced everyday objects that look no more than one of a billion identicals and I believe they are more than merely their functionality. By working with mass-produced objects in sculpture, printmaking and other forms I deem relevant, I question the impact of mass production and consumerism on our lifestyle and the way we value or devalue things. I create a liminal space between reality and ridicule for the subject matters by dramatizing the materiality of the objects. I deconstruct, take away substantial functionality, or add irrelevant qualities. Presenting these everyday objects in a recognizable but ridiculed form, I attempt to slow down modern people from their mindlessly quick consumption and draw their attention to what is usually overlooked about these mundane —beauty, the evil, the inequality, the hope, the expensiveness, the cheapness, the past or the present.

Laura Yang ’21

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