The Miscellany Crossword: “Beach Trip”


1. examination

5. what the sun does to pale skin

9. Snooki’s big break; Jersey-

14. von Bismarck

15. milk’s favorite cookie

16. [archaic] a lover or sweetheart 

17. Indiana Jones’ tool

18. Welsh equivalent of Jane

19. to revise or heal

20. relating to natural surroundings 

23. fib

24. loneliest number

25. Virgil’s Trojan epic

28. skedaddle, bugger off, vamoose 

30. simple past tense of chide

32. 2000 lbs

33. relating to the head of a city

36. Sicilian active stratovolcano

37. quality of being well-meaning or kind

39. to slowly remove and decrease dependence on

41. candelabra commonly associated with Hanukkah

42. decorative vine or poisonous plant

43. to contradict or refuse

44. map book

48. an apple fell on this man’s head and he invented physics and calculus thanks Isaac

50. screen, tan, shine

52. beer

53. CD precursor

57. to attach audio to

59. tic cousin

60. legally, to state as a fact

61. host of an event or show

62. to mix

63. car wheels

64. phoenix ashes

65. Barbie’s boyfriend, plural

66. beach dirt


1. beach mattresses

2. relating to national and cultural origins

3. one twentieth of a guilder

4. safari hat name

5. complement of the fermion 

6. piss

7. unit of paper quantity

8. homonym of nun

9. scheduled

10. “and I say HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA” main character

11. egg taco

12. The Seagulls’ preferred exercise, past tense

13. finis

21. Republic and Empire

22. someone who nails

26. atom with a net electrical charge 

27. deoxyribonucleic acid

29. prayer sign-off

30. henchman

31. angel hat

34. from Yemen

35. where the buns are

36. authentic and typical

37. 80s beach show

38. bread commonly dipped in curry, plural

39. antonym of lose

40. Adam’s rib

43. famously extinct bird, plural

45. Baltic Sea country with capital of Riga

46. [archaic] acting by turns

47. idiom describing eyesight-impinging fury

49. tutor counterpart

50. similar to silk

51. people with accounts

54. Russia’s third largest city

55. to officially reference

56. consumes food

57. body of water associated with shells

58. emergency medical service

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