Horoscopes: September 3

March 21 | April 19

DO get organized. DON’T fall in love, at least not right now. DO take some time for yourself. DON’T push down your problems just because you’ve seemingly got other things going on. DO wear a mask.

April 20 | May 20

DO relax. DON’T skimp on breakfast; take care of your body! DO drink tea, and often. DON’T hold grudges, now or ever. DO wear a mask.

May 21 | June 20

DO order your books early. DON’T be afraid to speak up in class. DO take advantage of the beautiful outdoors. DON’T let your imagination run wild; wait until the moon leaves Pisces. DO wear a mask.

June 21 | July 22

DO ground yourself. DON’T wallow, even if you’re bored. DO talk to your professors. DON’T flirt with classmates over Zoom, not even if they’re really, really, really, really cute. DO wear a mask.

July 23 | August 22

DO find non-electronic ways to relax. DON’T freak out if things aren’t going your way. DO take advantage of the Deece cereal. DON’T take too much Deece cereal at once. DO wear a mask.

August 23 | September 22

DO celebrate your birthday, safely. DON’T think you need to be perfect right now. DO tell your friends you love them, even if they already know. DON’T get stuck in your ways. DO wear a mask.

September 23 | October 22

DO lotion your hands; sanitizer is drying! DON’T feel bad if you’re sad and don’t know why. DO make friends with people you wouldn’t normally. DON’T forget to say thank you. DO wear a mask.

October 23 | November 21

DO something that calms you down. DON’T forget the hobbies that make you excited to be alive. DO wear your hair a little differently for fun. DON’T light candles in your room (sorry, I know). DO wear a mask.

November 22 | December 21

DO take deep breaths. DON’T feel bad about sleeping in. DO make your room as bright  as possible. DON’T pretend that things are what they aren’t, or aren’t what they are. DO wear a mask.

December 22 | January 19

DO look up some brand new music (as in, not “different flavors of the same genre”). DON’T worry about how you are perceived. DO take a break from social media. DON’T deny yourself. DO wear a mask.

January 20 | February 18

DO call your real mom, whatever that means to you. DON’T sit still. DO find some time to relax in the sunlight. DON’T give your friends advice when they really just want to vent. DO wear a mask.

February 19 | March 20

DO paint your nails sparkly colors. DON’T make therapists out of your friends. DO remember what it’s like to be friends with yourself. DON’T say anything you don’t absolutely mean. DO wear a mask.

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