Horoscopes: September 10

March 21 | April 19

Enthusiasm will take you far, but don’t confuse energy for optimism. Allow yourself to experience all emotions, even the ugly ones. Without anger, sadness and jealousy, what kind of humans would we be?

April 20 | May 20

Go on an adventure and explore new worlds. Create when you’re tired. Exist in this moment, and then the next, and then the next, and so on forever. Remember, doubtlessly, who knows you, and why.

May 21 | June 20

Existentialists think that because life has no meaning, we give it meaning. I want to take pictures of trees and love my friends. Maybe you’d like watching every movie, or caring for animals. Or trains.

June 21 | July 22

Say what you mean! No use waffling, unless you use “waffling” as a synonym for “making and/or consuming waffles,” in which case, do that. Regardless, knowing what you want is never a bad thing.

July 23 | August 22

Fruit is good because it has Vitamin C and prevents scurvy. That means you’ll keep your teeth, at least for now. Your brain needs healthy things, too. Be kind to your mind, or else your teeth will fall out.

August 23 | September 22

Resist the urge to lash out on those who you perceive are telling you how to feel. The way to combat it isn’t to internalize. There’s a line between confiding in friends and your private Twitter. Walk it.

September 23 | October 22

Are you grateful for bugs? I am. Most of the ones we don’t like eat all the ones that actually cause problems. Like how spiders eat mosquitoes. Even wasps and hornets make honey. Catch my drift? 

October 23 | November 21

So you don’t know who you are. Nor do I or anyone I know! I know that I like rocks and the color yellow, but little else. Draw a picture of the moon and remember that nobody has all the answers.

November 22 | December 21

This is a time of learning restraint. We have all been denied at one point or another, so now is a reminder of what it’s like to live without. Be like a monk: wake up, pray, copy down ancient texts, repeat.

December 22 | January 19

I love sunrises but I never get to see them because I wake up too late. I know that the feeling of not getting enough sleep is worse than the feeling of not seeing something beautiful. Make sense?

January 20 | February 18

Discussion questions: If you were a superhero, who would you tell your secret identity to, and why? Have you ever been on the roof of a building at night? Do you know who loves you? Do you know who doesn’t?

February 19 | March 20

Being kind is never the wrong thing to do, and there isn’t one easy way to do it. But remember: A friend to all is a true friend to none. Where do your loyalties lie? With whom can you sit in the water?

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