The Miscellany Crossword: “Meat that Meat Eaters Eat”


1. what a money-earner brings home 

6. “i smell like”, Wendy’s is looking for it as well

10. wild animals hunted for food

14. by oneself

15. iridescent mineral/gem

16. graduates of an institution

17. estranged planet

18. hair bugs

19. prefix meaning around or enclosing

20. without machinery

23. decay

25. Aang’s natural element

26. joint above foot

27. what one whispers into an ear

32. surrounds chorus

33. enormous legendary birds of prey in Middle Eastern mythology

34. sound to quietly catch attention 

35. to act in accordance with

37. puke, vom, upchuck, spew, blow chunks

41. Eastern part of this world is known as the Mashriq

42. raw fish wrap

43. small restaurant serving light lunches

47. an allotted period of work

49. French cocktail with white wine 

50. accompany ooh’s

51. one who only believes in ideas 

56. Jason’s boat

57. lofty nest of a bird of prey

58. whereabouts at the time of a crime

61. one who has a name and a password

62. wise herb

63. relating to the moon

64. oink oink meat

65. recreational snow vehicle

66. t-bone, ribeye, sirloin, filet mignon


1. superlative K-pop group

2. including everyone and everything

3. kitchen surfaces

4. preposition for projecting

5. newborn mammal

6. refers to slow-tempo Latin music and dances

7. a grand tale

8. to refer to individual items one at a time

9. animal version of 18 across

10. wide open

11. cocky know-it-all kids, “smart -” 

12. large wall painting

13. Remy’s older brother (we’re talking about the rats here)

21. opposite of max

22. grandmas

23. response to invite

24. is in debt to

28. time zone of NYC

29. a distinct social group characterized by familial and cultural ties

30. brick shovel

31. frozen water

35. curve or soar

36. what a sheep says

37. contradictory conjunction

38. element number 85

39. mother of the Greek pantheon 

40. plenty of these in the sea

41. preceding prefix

42. fictions installed in episodes with continuing plots

43. hover, stay behind

44. open wine bottle

45. casually approved

46. zero

47. greater and lesser North American ducks

48. upper half of body

52. forbade by Gandalf

53. blue green

54. a sudden desire

55. whore, floozie

59. variation of 36

60. to annoy

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