Day: September 16, 2020

Horoscopes: September 17

By – 3 years ago

You feel caged in right now, but remember: That cursed amulet I gave you should get you out of any bind. Wait, you…you lost it? You lost the cursed amulet?…

Easy-to-make pasta for Zoom breaks

By Lukas Johnson – 3 years ago

So, you haven’t thought about food at all during the long hours of Zoom classes in your bedroom. But when the day is done, and you’re sitting there doing nothing,…

Vassar may be changing, but the climate is too

By Monika Sweeney – 3 years ago

Every day without fail, trash bins across campus reach maximum capacity. It is impossible to miss the omnipresent, ever-growing piles of Deece grab-and-go plastic containers and single use utensils filling…