The ramblings of a girl robbed of wisdom…and solid foods

As I write this, I am experiencing excruciating pain—you know, as you do. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday, and to be honest, I was not expecting much beyond the ordinary discomfort of dentistry. But boy oh boy, was I hit with a lot of pain, tears and smoothies. I assumed I’d be back to normal by Friday. Ready to sink my (almost full set of) teeth into the college experience. This was not the case.

While I vastly underestimated the recovery time, the days leading up to the surgery went pretty smoothly. I wasn’t too scared (honestly, just looking forward to some funny home videos), but I also did not fully grasp that I would not be eating any solid foods for a week. The surgery went…fine, I guess. I woke up with a headache, a mouthful of cotton swabs and a strong desire to eat a plate of french fries right up until someone said it would have to come from a blender. As someone who loves food more than the Vassar wasps do, I did not take this change in my diet lightly. It has only been three days, and there are eyewitness accounts of me crying over cake at the Deece.

To be fair, nobody thought to tell me that the third day is the worst. I mean, as a barely-17-year-old, I have never had to deal with this much pain, so this was a wake-up call. I have some perspective now. Ergo, I am a lady of many experiences and am almost an adult. Key word being almost.

Back to the food.

Like any other person, I enjoy smoothies. Portable, tasty, look cute in a mason jar. I’m somewhat bad at making them, but I usually just go with frozen strawberries, some cottage cheese and yogurt or milk. My proportions are always wrong in the beginning, resulting in that horrible sound the blender makes when there isn’t enough liquid, but it eventually tastes pretty much like a smoothie, which gets a thumbs up from me. This week has been smoothie central. I haven’t started hating them…yet. They are definitely convenient when you can only open your mouth like half a centimeter to gently stick a spoonful of smoothie in. The flavor options are as follows: strawberry, strawberry and banana, pineapple, strawberry, PB & J (which is just strawberry with a glob of peanut butter) and more strawberry. Quite the variety.

And then there’s applesauce. Ya know? Applesauce is like a show that you completely forget about most of the time, but when the new season airs you are back to being utterly obsessed with it. I go months without thinking about applesauce, and then one week goes by where I eat two industrial-sized jars from Costco. This week is definitely one of those weeks, although I’m not sure if it is truly me rediscovering my love for it, because I don’t really have a choice in the matter. Applesauce is just adult baby food, so it’s just kind of what one eats when you need to feel like a baby. It’s pretty good, too. I have now gone through a number of the snack-sized cups in order to have some food in my stomach before taking some meds, and I’m not too mad about it. It is, in general, a delightful little snack to have.

I am now going to end these musings, leaving you with some spicy thoughts to think about. Smoothies: Are they actually unhateable, or are they simply the true neutral food? And is applesauce always in season? Hopefully next time will be an ode to cake and the many textures food can come in, but for now I am going to suffer slurping down my lukewarm soup. Have a good one, folks.

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