The Miscellany Crossword: “Cereal in a Surreal Time”


1. frosted, Tony the Tiger mascot 

7. program available on phone or computer

10. nickname for Salvatore

13. hostile to the point of harm

14. rage, fury

15. good thing or established expert abbr

16. home of Dwight D. Eisenhower

17. “… the four nations lived together in harmony”

19. monetary unit of Cambodia and Indonesia

20. traditional Hawaiian party

22. to remain awake after bedtime

23. -while, meaning formerly

25. small devil or goblin

26. ‘cups’ in French

27. fertile, water-rich spot in desert 

29. between Much and About Nothing 

30. division or dagger symbol, plural 

33. relax, sleep

35. to make acquaintance

39. over-equipped for battle idiom

42. show someone around a place 

43. preposition from the ‘Golden Rule’ 

44. sensation from poison ivy/mosquito bites

45. appropriate, or having a tendency towards

47. furious, enraged

49. Princess’s home

52. court division or tool for catching 

53. krispies, ‘snap crackle pop’

57. relating to bone or skeleton

58. gelatinous chunk

60. to artificially change color

61. not a brand new vehicle

63. beginning of or first letter

65. mid-day short sleep

66. sense of dignity or confidence

67. countries or people groups

68. ‘… but a scratch’ or ‘… the season’ 

69. car insurance higher for this color 

70. appoints to office by vote


1. strand of material

2. gird them!

3. in totality, everyone

4. capsize or collapse

5. French disinterest or boredom

6. hot water tool used to get rid of wrinkles

7. trouble or afflict in mind or body

8. rectal g-spot

9. group of five

10. sterilizes animal by removing ovaries

11. to debate, quarrel, or bicker

12. multi-color Fruit cereal

13. holds flowers

18. large container of natural or town gas

21. frustrating, distressing

24. permitted or allowed despite negative feelings

28. help, especially in monetary form 

30. honey bunches of them

31. stereotypical form of address between jocks

32. big running bird

34. where water meets land on beach 

36. European Economic Community, abbr

37. archaic verb suffix

38. ‘… will be done’

40. under the instruction of

41. bird or boob

46. person who positions or arranges 

48. sound without a key

49. title of the mascot of chocolate cereal

50. used in tempo directions, ‘very much’

51. increments of stairs

54. dumbass, fool

55. green-blue color, plural

56. electric fish

59. chomp, nibble

62. spare this to spoil

64. tiny parasitic blood-sucker

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