Zooming through the semester in more ways than one

Some recurring Vassar sightings include: chicken nuggets in The Retreat, skunks waddling across Noyes Circle, and a miniature pink Lamborghini speeding all over campus. Courtesy of Xia Lai '24.

For those who could have sworn they saw a miniature pink Lamborghini traversing the quad, rest assured that your sleep-deprived mind was not playing tricks on you. Xia Lai ’24 has been zooming around campus in her new wheels since mid-September. Shipped straight from Amazon to Vassar College, this mini machine has been leaving students awestruck. Adrianna Guarino ’24 said of her first lambo sighting: “I felt inadequate as a student because I’m not pulling up with the drip.” 

As for what prompted her to suddenly splurge on this fresh set of wheels, it all stems back to years of joking with her dad about getting a Lamborghini and Ferrari. Lai decided to beat her dad to the punch, or in other words, “When in Rome, ride around on your pink Lambo like the Romans did,” she exclaimed. She added, “I love riding in it, not just because it’s a power move, but also because it puts a smile on every person I pass.”

Lamborghina (the full name of the legendary pink automobile) was met with nothing but support from Lai’s family, fellow students, faculty and even security guards. “My grandma even insisted on pictures to flex on her friends,” Lai proudly stated. Lai, who was originally nervous about flaunting her new wheels around campus, has been the subject of numerous compliments, Instagram features and Snapchat stories. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little famous,” she admitted.

So when can you see this bad boy out on the streets? Lai, who rides Lamborghina almost daily to swimming and fencing practice, also takes her for some quick spins around Sunset Lake or occasionally to Central Receiving. One of her reasons for getting it was simply to shave time off her frequent trips to and from Walker for practices. Lai’s next destination is most likely the Farm, or over to Skinner Hall for her own personal drive-in concert experience. 

Lai is pretty particular about who gets to ride her new wheels. “I really don’t want her to break in less than a semester… I didn’t get her just to flex,” she affirmed. Additionally, she reminds students that the car was not cheap, and to keep in mind it was made for three to five-year olds. However, if you happen to live on the seventh floor of Jewett with Lai, you are most likely to have special privileges for driving Lamborghina. If you are not one of the lucky few, but are still looking for a chance to take her out for a spin, “I’m definitely not above being bribed with a drink and some snacks,” Lai noted. 

As a car with an ON button, two speeds, and a gear shift, it is extremely easy to drive, whether a five-year-old or a college student is in the driver’s seat. In addition to an AUX cord and built-in jams, it also has a safety feature. “Parental mode engages a remote that came with it, so if you have an intoxicated friend, one could always zoom ‘em back home,” she explained. As for exactly how fast one can zoom around campus, Lai said, “People ask me if it’s effective, and to that I’d say ask the fencing team. When we go to dinner, I leave them in my slightly-faster-than-walking-bougie-lambo-dust!” One anonymous fencer jokingly stated, “As if our social status couldn’t get any worse. We don’t need any more bad PR.”

At the end of the day, Lamborghina is housed in Jewett’s common room to charge. Lai usually drives to the back of Jewett, pops out the handle and mini-wheels and swiftly rolls it into the elevator. She added, “But if I’m feeling extra spicy, sometimes I’ll drive it down the ramp and all the way into the elevator and up to our floor.”
For those interested in their own fresh set of wheels to ride from class to class or even just to the Deece for a late lunch, this model includes a portable handle, storage space, an LED light and an AUX cord. We could all take a lesson from Lai’s book and learn to make the most of an otherwise complicated and stressful year. “Honestly sometimes you just gotta say f*** it—I’m buying a pink Lambo and I’m going to have an amazing time.”

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